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OMG美语第21集:So Stuffed!

1)running late! 回来得晚

I decided to cab to work since I was running late.

2)play it by ear没有预定计划,随机应变

Its ok, we'll just play it by ear.


Our neighborhood has recently become a yuppie gathering place. 我们的附近最近变成了雅皮士的聚集场所。

4)less is more少就是多

Don't wear too much makeup, less is more! 别化太浓的妆,简单就是美。


I've never eaten so much in my life, I'm so stuffed!

6)Trendy! 流行的,赶时髦的

I don't care what's trendy, I just wanna be comfy!

OMG美语第22集:Text me!


BRB = be right back 马上回来

JK=just kidding 开玩笑

LOL = laugh out loud 听到或者看到搞笑的东西时

NVM = never mind 算了

THX = Thanks

2nite = tonight

BBL = be back later 一会儿回来

BFF = best friend forever 一辈子的好朋友

BF = boyfriend

GF = girlfriend

My BF is so cute!

BTW = by the way = BTDubs(更口语)

BTW, I wanna to go shopping today

G2G= got to go 我得走了

I'm here, G2G!

TTYL = talk to you later 一会儿再聊


OMG美语第23集:Go bananas!!


1)Butter someone up过分恭维

I've seen you buttering up the boss. 我看见你巴结老板了。

2)couch potato整天看电视,懒在家的人

He is a real couch potato, he just sits and watches TV at home all day!

3)The big cheese 非常有影响力的人

That'sBrandon, he is the big cheese around here, so you want to get on his good side.


4)Go bananas! / Go nuts! 发疯

My mom will go bananas when she finds out I crashed her car. 我妈要是发现我把车撞坏的话,她肯定会发疯的。

5)Spill the beans泄漏秘密

Come on! Tell me, spill the beans, what did he say?

6)Sharp cookie很聪明的人,不会被人骗

You can't fool Yuyang, she is a sharp cookie.

7)Cool as a cucumber非常冷静,镇定自若

She always stays cool as a cucumber when thing go wrong. 有问题发生时,他都会保持镇定自若的。

8)Butter wouldn't melt in your mouth. 看起来很天真,实际不是(美国南方人常说)

Peter the intern is rude to all the other interns, but when he talks to his supervisor, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. 实习生Peter对其他实习生都很粗鲁,但当他和主管说话时,就变成满口奉承话了。

OMG美语第24集:Fly away!

Air travel

carry-on bag 随身携带的包

checked baggage 托运的行李


After you check your bags at the check-in desk, you still have to go through airport security.


Security will ask you may I please see your passport?

Are you flying domestic or international?

The flight has been canceled due to bad weather.

Your flight is on time! It's leaving from Gate 8.

Can you please tell me the flight number and departure time?

to board a flight 上飞机

aisle seat靠走道的座位

window seat靠窗的座位

I prefer the aisle seat. I'd like a window seat, please.

arrivals 到达   departures 出发

There are fifty arrivals and departures every hour. 每小时有50班次的出发和到达。

Excuse me ma'am, where can I find the arrivals and departures? 请问在哪可以找到航班信息?

Those monitors show arrivals and departures. 显示屏上有航班信息。

Have a safe flight! 旅途愉快,一路平安。



1)If your friend is wearing a nice new piece of clothing, you can say this:

Nice suit! / Nice dress! / Nice jeans!

2)Your friend has a new hairdo:

I like your new hair style!

3)You're visiting your friend's apartment for the first time:

Your apartment is so cute, I like how you decorated it!

4)Your friend played piano for you:

That was wonderful, you're really talented.

5)Your friend helped you solve a difficult problem, like they helped you fix your bike:

That was a big help! Thanks so much.

6)You're going on a date with someone and you want to compliment him or her:

You look really nice tonight. / you're so fun to talk to. / Nice shoes! /You're so much fun! / This is cool. 你很好玩 / I really like this restaurant! Great choice! / You're so sweet, thank u so much for a fun date.谢谢你安排了这么好玩的约会

OMG美语第26集:head over heels!


1)head over heels 很爱上某人,为他神魂颠倒

He is head over heals for her.

2)wear your heart on your sleeve感情外露

It's better to not wear your heart on your sleeve. 不用轻易流露自己的感情。

3)have a good head for something对某件事很有头脑

She always suspected he had a good head for math.

4)lose face丢脸

If the teacher can't even answer this simple question, he will lose face with his class.

5)by the skin of one's teeth 勉强

I made the 5 o'clock train by the skin of my teeth.

6)a pain in the neck惹人讨厌的人或事

These mosquitoes are a pain in the neck.

7)put your heart into something用心去做事

Nothing is difficult if u put your heart into it! 世上无难事,只怕有心人。

OMG美语第27集:Sing in the shower!

Take a shower

1)shower gel沐浴露

I like to use vanilla scented shower gel. 我喜欢用香草香味的沐浴露。

2)shampoo and conditioner洗发精,护发素

When I wash my hair, first I shampoo and then condition it.

3)wash your face

I wash my face every morning and night.

4)loofa 洗澡海绵  lather泡沫

A loofa helps the shower gel lather up.

I like to sing in the shower!

5)face cream 面霜   body lotion 身体乳

After showering, I like to put on face cream and body lotion

6)hair dryer吹风机

OMG美语第28集:relationship gossip!


My boyfriend and I just started dating a few weeks ago. His name isBrandon. He's pretty cute! He has brown hair and blue eyes.

We met through mutual friends when we all went out to dinner one night, he said his parents are coming to town soon. I am so nervous to meet the parents!

We have so much in common, I think we're a match made in heaven. 天造地设的一对

Last week, we got in a fight, we were on the rocks for a bit. 出现了一点危机

He messed up! And he was in the dog house for a few days. 他把事情搞糟了,让我很生气。

We made up a few days later when he apologized 和好了

OMG美语第29集:my favorite music!

When I'm relaxing or studying, I like to listen to Beethoven. 贝多芬

When I'm getting ready in the morning or going dancing, I like to listen to Lady Gaga早上化妆或晚上跳舞时,喜欢听Lady Gaga的歌。

-What's your favorite band? 你最喜欢哪个乐队?

-My favorite band is Bon Iver, their music is so beautiful.

-Who is your favorite musician?

-My favorite musician is obviously Lady Gaga!

-Did you see Lady Gaga's new album dropped today, I just got it on iTunes. Gaga刚刚发行了一张专辑,我已经从iTunes上下载了。

I am Lady Gaga's "little monster". (Lady Gaga's fans are called "little monsters")Lady Gaga的粉丝叫“小怪兽”


Party! T.G.I.F = Thank goodness it's Friday.

1)throw a party / have a party开个派对

My friend Karen throws the best parties. 我的朋友Karen很会办派对。

2)life of the party 聚会中活跃气氛的中心人物

I'm so glad Brian is coming out with us tonight, he is the life of the party.

3)party pooper不合群的人

He's bringing his girlfriend? She is such a party pooper.

4)Party hard! 玩得很high

5)party animal 派对迷,喜欢社交活动的人

Bob parties really hard every weekend, he's a party animal.


He was being so shy at the party, he was being a wallflower and didn't talk to anybody.

7)social butterfly交际花

I talk to everybody when I go to party, I'm a social butterfly!


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