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(2010-07-09 21:01:46)




分类: Sports/体育


Puyol, a Star on Defense, Wins It With Offense


如果你要问卡尔斯·普约尔这样一个问题:有七名巴塞罗那队的球员在进入了世界杯决赛阶段的西班牙国家对踢球,他期望哪一个是踢进制胜一球的球员。他会把自己放到最后一位。If you were to ask Carles Puyol which of the seven Barcelona players on the Spanish team that has reached the World Cup final he would expect to score the winning goal, he would place himself last.


普约尔是西班牙队的基石。他粗犷豪放、他阻断对手得分、他在防守腹地辗转腾挪。这就是他过去十年在西班牙国家队和巴塞罗那所做的一切。正如星期三德班体育场之夜与德国队交战的两记头球,如果给他充分的机会,他会施展自己的才能至少命中一球。Puyol is Spain’s rock. He is rugged, he stops others from scoring and he puts in his shift in the heart of defense, which he has done for Spain and for Barcelona the last decade. But give him a chance in the air, as Germany twice did in Durban on Wednesday night, and he would back himself to at least hit the target once.


比赛进行到第73分钟时,他用铁匠锤头般的前额将球顶进,这种势大力沉的得分方式是他的典型代表作。德国人频繁地利用十人防守试图抑制西班牙人的进攻节奏。德国队让一个如此有攻击力、有运动天赋和有经验的有效头球得分队员在罚角球时得分也实属罕见。His thumping goal, the forehead used like a blacksmith’s hammer in the 73rd minute, was typical of the man. The Germans often used 10 men on defense to try to stifle the Spanish rhythm, and it was atypical of them to leave a man so forceful, so athletic and so experienced with a virtual free header from a corner kick.


然而当时,德国对阵型凌乱。在球场上无球可拿,是最令人身心俱疲的事情。西班牙人传接迅速,移动上占据优势。他们在上下半场几乎都比对手控球时间多5分钟。不断地追赶足球,然后又放弃追赶,不知道下一脚球传向何处和传递速度,这一切耗尽了德国队的信心和注意力。而这个德国队正是分别用四个进球敲打英格兰和阿根廷的德国队。But by then, Germany had been run ragged. It is the most mentally exhausting thing on a soccer field to play without the ball. Spain, its passing so swift, its movement so superior, had the ball for almost five minutes more in each half than its opponents. Chasing the ball, being denied it, and not knowing where and how fast the next pass will be sucked the confidence and concentration out of Germany, which had thrashed both England and Argentina with four goals.


经验教训1:控不了球就赢不了球。Lesson No. 1: You cannot win without the ball.

经验教训2:普约尔不是一个在禁区里就随便不去盯防的球员。Lesson No. 2: Puyol is not the player to leave unmarked in your penalty area.


如果德国队的米罗斯拉夫·克洛泽仅需要进一个球就平了世界杯生涯的进球纪录,别指望普约尔会给他一丝一毫的机会得这一分。If your man Miroslav Klose needs just one goal to equal the career World Cup record, do not expect Puyol to give him an inch to score it.


德国队实际上败给了一个俱乐部队。但是巴塞罗那队不是一个普通的俱乐部球队。 这只球队在西班牙北方一个名叫加泰罗尼亚的自治区比赛。即使来自马德里的西班牙国家队主教练维森特·德尔·博斯克也不得不挑选巴塞罗那队的球员——或者说他信赖这只球队的作风。Germany effectively lost this contest to a club team. But Barcelona is a special club. It plays in the autonomous region in the north known as Catalonia, and even if Vicente del Bosque, the national team coach, is from Madrid, he cannot resist selecting the Barcelona players — or trusting their style.


队员们彼此传球时,更像是在爱抚足球而不是在踢。进入巴塞罗那拉马西亚青训营的孩子们都学会了这样热爱主球。来到巴萨的孩子们很少有像哈维·埃尔南德斯、安德列斯·伊涅斯塔以及中卫格拉尔德·皮克这样极具天赋的天才,更不用说有过精挑细琢的球员了。The love of the ball, the passing from player to player, often just caressing rather than hitting the ball, is taught to all the boys who enter Barcelona’s academy, La Masia. It is a rare child who comes through it as nugget hard, rather than refined, like Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta and even the team’s other central defender, Gerard Piqué.


普约尔就是那种有着罕见天赋的球员。 实际上他开始踢球的时候是个门将,肩膀受伤后,他变成了前锋。当从巴塞罗那青年队成长起来后,他从中场防守到了右后卫的位置,后来担纲中后卫。Puyol is that rarity. He actually started as a goalkeeper. When he damaged a shoulder, he switched to striker, and as he rose through the ranks of Barcelona youth teams, he was moved around from defense to midfield, back to defense as right back, before finally settling at center back.


他具备踢不同位置的能力。并且作为一个真正的加泰罗尼亚人,他自然也有传球运球的能力。但是他大部分工作还是不让对手绕过他的防守。巴塞罗那的球迷称他为城墙。 在俱乐部职业生涯的580场比赛中,他进过15次球。实际上,他代表西班牙球队比赛时的进球纪录略好,89年的比赛中有三球入账。“卡尔斯把自己的一切都奉献给了国家队,这个进球是他应该得到的,”西班牙队左后卫琼·卡德维拉说。“这场比赛中他那记精准射门着实令人倾佩,而且这让我们进入了决赛,没有比这更好的礼物了。”With all that versatility, he could play. And naturally as a true Catalan, he can pass. But mostly his job is to let no one past him. The Barcelona fans know him as the Wall. In 580 games in his club career, he has scored 15 times. His record for Spain in actually slightly better, with three goals in 89 appearances. “After everything Carles has given to the national team, he deserves a goal like that,” said Spain’s left back, Joan Capdevila. “The trajectory he brings here is so admirable, and what better present than to put us into a final.”


然而,进球得分只是普约尔负责工作的一半。要赢得比赛,他必须保证克洛泽或其他人不会有机会将比分扳平。他的防守任务成功完成之时,西班牙人也创造了自己的历史,而克洛泽也没能完成他的目标。Scoring, however, is only half the job where Puyol is concerned. To win the match, he had to ensure that Klose, or anybody else, did not get the chance to equalize. And when that job was also done, not only did Spain create its own history, Klose was denied his.


在巴西的某个地方,有个人毫无疑问在暗自高兴,他就是罗纳尔多·达·利马。仍在圣保罗科林第安斯队踢球的罗纳尔多是世界杯锦标赛15球纪录的保持者——总进球数比克洛泽多一球。Somewhere in Brazil, one man was no doubt grateful. Ronaldo de Lima, still playing for Corinthians in São Paulo, is the player whose 15 goals in World Cup tournaments is one ahead of Klose’s total.  


很自然,罗纳尔多这一纪录至少还能保持几天,或许是几年,这要看克洛瑟在星期六对阵乌拉圭队争夺相对意义不太重要的第三名时能否破门得分。It is fitting that Ronaldo keeps the record at least for another few days, or years, if Klose does not score in the relatively meaningless third-place match Saturday against Uruguay.


据说可能因背伤缺席比赛的克洛泽是个坐收渔翁之利的猎手,虽然名正言顺,但大部分的进球都是他人创造性劳动的收尾工作。 罗纳尔多是——或者说处在巅峰状态的他是——一个惊世骇俗不择不扣的前锋。2002年世界杯在东京的决赛中他的两例进球让德国落败。 Klose, who reportedly could miss the game with a back injury, is a poacher, and a decent one at that, but largely a finisher of other men’s creativity. Ronaldo is, or was at his peak, an astounding all-around striker, and one whose two goals in the final of the 2002 World Cup denied Germany in Tokyo.


在那届世界杯上,罗纳尔多不仅仅是简单意义上的前锋,它可以左右脚射门或可以从任何角度任以何看似不太可能机会头球攻门。他经历了膝伤的痛苦,经过手术才上了绿茵场。 他当时的状态也许只是他曾经巅峰时期的70%,然而他仍然是世界上最好的前锋。In that tournament, Ronaldo was not just the complete center forward, striking with either foot or head from any angle, any half-chance. He was a man playing through the pain of knee injuries that required operations to even put him on the field. He was possibly 70 percent of what he once was, and still was the best striker in the world.


他经历了让许多球员结束职业生涯的伤病。他在501场比赛中进了349个球——其中包括代表巴西出场97场国际比赛进的62个球——是这个时代无人企及的。 He came through injuries that would have finished most players, and his 349 goals in 501 games — including 62 goals in 97 internationals for Brazil — will surely not be surpassed in this era.



Ronaldo, a goal scorer, and Puyol, predominantly a goal stopper, are in that respect two of a kind. Neither knows when he is beaten, and neither ever shirked a challenge.



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