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[转载]思维习惯 mind habits(双语)

(2011-08-24 20:51:17)


分类: 语言学习

Your mind habits influence every aspect of your life. You see the reality through a particular lens formed by your beliefs therefore each individual sees the same situation in a different way.

你的思维习惯影响着你生活的方方面面。你的信念造就了你特有的视角 ,而你就是通过这独特的视角去看待现实,所以,不同的人对待同一境况会有不同的看法。

The lens is a belief system acting like a filter which allows and disallows you to see some aspects of the reality.


Your beliefs form if you keep repeating the same thought in your head until it becomes your default thought.


That is why it is puzzling to some people to see that in the same environment one person can thrive and another can hardly survive.


This happens because these two people have completely different mind habits therefore they see the reality in different ways.



How to change habits of your mind

You can change your the habits of your mind by using affirmations. When you repeat a statement every day it becomes your default mode of thinking on a particular topic.


This new mind habit is usually formed in around a month, but you should keep repeating the affirmation for three months so that it would root in your mind deeply.


Visualisation also helps to change mind habits because by visualising you select what experiences you would like to have by playing them in your mind. This action lets you expand the lens of the mind, therefore you are able to see more positive aspects of your current reality.


If you train yourself only to look at good aspects of every situation, your mind habits will change too. Less negative aspects of your reality will be able to show themselves to you. You can train your mind to such a degree that you can only see positive aspects of the reality.


Whatever you observe, you produce the mental image of it in your mind. If you observe something for a long time, you will soon see more of those things you observed in the near future. Therefore it is important to only look at that which you would like to see in your future.


If you observe something for a long time and then see the manifestations of that thing starting to appear in your life, you may be convinced that this is the truth.


For example, if you have observed injustice for a long time and start seeing injustice wherever you go as a result, you may think that this is what the truth is that the world is full of injustice.


This is always not true. It only reflects the focus of your mind on that particular thing. When you start to say that the thing you observed must be truth, you form a limited belief.


You may also get a negative voice in your head advising you what to do. This silent voice is caused by your limiting belief therefore its advice is always wrong. If you do not emotionally react to that silent voice, it will die off. This way the limited belief that caused that voice will be diminished too.


It is important not to give any emotions to that silent voice as well as to negative thoughts because your emotions fuel that negativity. The only way to make it disappear is by ignoring this negativity and by introducing opposite affirmations.



Concious introduction of the mind habits

If consciously introduced, the habits of your mind can help you in many ways. They can allow you to see only good aspects of the reality, they can provide useful thoughts and correct assumptions.


However, if you are unconsciously forming your mind habits, they can really limit the way you see the reality. They can make you view people in a negative way or keep suggesting fearful and useless thoughts through the silent voice in your head.


It is also very important to watch your words. Together with thoughts, they form your limited beliefs. That is why people who complain only get stuck even deeper into their unwanted circumstances.


If you are in an undesirable situation, you should understand that this is only because you made unconscious decisions in the past. Such reality cannot change instantly because it is the manifestation caused by your past decisions.


However, when you understand that you can consciously create the life you want, you can start gradually changing your current reality.


If you do not introduce any negative beliefs and only dwell on positive aspects of every situation you encounter, you will cause great life to manifest in the future. However, you should not get too impatient because sometimes it takes time to outlive your past mistakes.



The list of positive habits of the mind

These habits of the mind will help you form good beliefs and will let you see the reality in a positive way:

1.      Positive thinking

2.      Visualisation

3.      Affirmations

4.      Selective reality viewing

5.      Ignorance of negative thoughts

6.      Ignorance of silent (ego) voice

7.      Empowering thoughts

8.      Dwelling only on the positive aspects of the past

9.      Patience

10.   Focus

11.   Determination

12.   Faith


1.    积极的思想

2.    视觉想象法

3.    积极的心理暗示

4.    有选择地看待现实

5.    无视消极思维

6.    无视无声(自负)的声音

7.    下意识形成一些思维

8.    对于过去,只保留积极的一面

9.    耐心

10. 重心

11.  决心

12.  信心



Mind habits let you see the reality in a particular way. If you consciously train your mind to see only good aspects of the reality, it will only show good events happening around you. However, if you unconsciously form most of the mind habits, you may have the life full of the evidence of struggle and negativity.


It is important to recognise bad mind habits (like limited beliefs) and change it to the opposite ones. You can do that by introducing positive affirmations. This way you will train your mind to show only positive aspects of any situation. This will cause only positive future manifestations.



来源:译言网 翻译:Shophen


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