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start me up is a consultancy service, bringing together the many elements necessary to launch an airline. 开始了我是一个咨询服务,汇集了许多元素的航空公司有必要推出。

Developed by == - and based on wide knowledge and expertise - the 'Airline V-plan' is a 17 step-plan to guide entrepreneurs from 'airline idea' to 'take-off' with 'go/no go' check-point.==公司开发的 - 以及广泛的知识和专业知识的基础 - 在'航空公司的V -计划'是一个17步计划,指导企业家从'航空公司的想法'到'起飞'与'去/没有去'检查点。


Project Feasibility项目可行性

The Project Feasibility step will determine whether the basic airline idea can "fly."项目可行性研究的一步,将决定是否航空公司的基本理念可以“飞”。 A preliminary study is undertaken to establish the viability of the investors or entrepreneur's idea.进行了初步研究,建立了投资者或企业家的想法的可行性。 It will examine the proposed market, the growth potential, existing competitors and prevailing market dynamics.它提出将研究市场的增长潜力,现有的竞争者和当时的市场动态。 If the idea passes this initial feasibility test, it will carry over to the business planning stage.如果这个想法通过这项初步可行性测试,它会延续到业务规划阶段。


Business Planning Stage业务规划阶段

The Business Plan 业务计划
In modern airline management, there are a number of different formats for a successful and practical business planning and airline launch.在现代航空管理,有许多不同的格式为一个成功的,务实的经营规划和航空公司号发射。 The formats that we recommend to our clients will largely depend on the complexity of the organization, products and services, and on those that will consider and use the business plan (ie, investors, founder, management, Board of Directors, etc.)的格式,我们推荐给我们的客户将在很大程度上取决于该组织,产品和服务的复杂性,以及那些将考虑和使用业务计划(即,投资人,创始人,管理层,董事会等)

A basic outline of the business plan is presented below:该公司商业计划的基本轮廓,提出如下:

  • The opportunity的机会
  • Market analysis市场分析
  • Competitive analysis竞争分析
  • Marketing strategy营销策略
  • Network structure网络结构
  • Distribution strategy分销策略
  • Fleet plan舰队计划
  • Capital requirement资本要求
  • Financial strategy 财务战略


Market Analysis 市场分析
The most significant part of any business study is proper market analysis with forecasts and recommendations.任何业务学习最重要的部分是适当的市场预测分析和建议。 The Airbus Global Market Forecast gives a broad analysis of the global traffic developments and year-by-year fleet evolution of the world's largest aircraft operators.空中客车公司全球市场预测提供了一个广阔的分析航空器经营的发展,今年全球流量由最大的一年,世界船队的发展。 It also focuses on the demand for passenger cargo aircraft over a certain period.它也侧重于客运货运飞机在一个时期内的需求。


Network Structure网络结构

One of the key drivers of a successful airline is its network and schedule.对一个成功的航空公司的主要动力之一是其网络和日程。 The business plan will determine the optimal model, whether hub and spoke , point-to-point , feeder , charter, etc.业务计划将确定最佳模式,无论是中心辐射点至点,给料机, 包机等 This will be used to determine the network strategy - routes, frequency, aircraft type and aircraft capacity among other factors.这将被用来确定网络策略 - 路线,班次,机型和飞机以及其他因素的能力。


Aircraft Evaluation飞机评估

Analysed in parallel with the network and business model will be the aircraft fleet for the new airline.分析与网络和业务模式将成为新的航空公司机队平行。 Airbus offers a wide choice of aircraft suitable for every airline concept and network - domestic, regional and long-haul.空客飞机提供了多种可供选择的每家航空公司的概念,适用于网络 - 国内,区域和长途。 The aircraft evaluation step will examine the aircraft costs, revenue, capacity (passenger and cargo), performance, technical fit and profitability.这架飞机将审查评估步骤飞机成本,收入,能力(客运和货运),性能,技术配合和盈利能力。


Operating Model经营模式

The commercial aviation industry over the past few years has gone through cycles of both positive and negative commercial trends, with many uncontrollable factors exerting massive pressure on operating expenses and costs.在过去数年商业航空业经历了正反两方面的商业趋势周期,施加巨大的经营费用,成本的压力,许多不可控因素。 These cycles have allowed some carriers to achieve prosperity from the situation at hand, thanks to their pragmatic and innovative approaches to modern airline business practices while others have taken their toll.这些周期已使一些运营商实现从手头上的繁荣局面,对他们务实,创新的方法向现代航空业的做法表示感谢有的以付出惨重的代价。 Substantial financial losses were reported, including bankruptcies - some carriers were even forced into liquidation.大量的财政损失的报道,包括破产 - 一些运营商甚至被迫清盘。

Fortunately, however, people will likely always fly more and more.但幸运的是,人们将很可能会一直飞越来越多。 As individual state economies open to the global market, so will the need for quality and safe air travel across the meridians.由于个别国家的经济开放的全球市场,因此将在对质量和安全的航空旅行的经络需要。 Finding the right business formula while carefully controlling the financial aspects of the operation should ensure that new and existing airlines continue to achieve their passengers, but also shareholders' objectives - even during difficult times.寻找合适的商业公式,同时要控制该行动的财务方面应确保新的和现有的航空公司继续实现自己的乘客,但也股东的目标 - 即使在困难时期。 The progressive deregulation of the aviation industry in most countries for example, opens many new opportunities to entrepreneurs with multiple airline concepts and models to choose from and implement.对航空业的进步,例如多数国家放松管制,开辟了许多新的机会,与多个航空公司的概念和模式的企业家选择和实施。

The current business models are (non-exclusive):目前的商业模式(非排他性):

  • Low-cost carrier廉价航空公司
  • New world airline新的世界航空公司
  • Full-service airline全方位服务的航空公司
  • All-premium class airline所有地价级航空公司
  • VIP charter operator贵宾包机运营
  • ACMI operator ACMI公司运营
  • Fractional ownership 部分所有权



Financial Analysis财务分析

Financial analysis refers to the assessment of the economic viability, stability and profitability of the future carrier or aviation venture.财务分析是指在经济上的可行性,稳定性评价和对未来的航空承运人或合资企业的盈利能力。 This detailed analysis will help the investors or the entrepreneurs decide whether to progress with the business model and the materialization of the idea or invest funds elsewhere.这种详细的分析将有助于投资者或企业家决定是否进步与业务模式和理念的物化或投资基金的其他地方。

A detailed financial plan will be built outlining the following elements and providing the entrepreneur with the expected level and length of return on investment:详细的财务计划,概述了将建设以下内容,并提供与预期水平和投资回报长度企业家:

  • Estimated market share估计市场份额
  • Fare pricing票价
  • Load factor负荷系数
  • Expected operating revenue预计营业收入
  • Profit potential盈利潜力
  • Sensitivity analysis of profitability盈利能力的敏感性分析
  • Cash flow现金流量
  • Balance sheet资产负债表



Go/No Go去/不走

By this stage, the new airline project will reach a vital crossroad: the “Go/No Go” decision.到了这个阶段,新的航空项目将达到一个重要的十字路口:是“通过/不走”的决定。 Principals will need to decide whether the levels of profitability forecast and the level of risk foreseen will merit the investment they are about to make.校长将需要决定是否盈利预测水平和预期将值得投资的风险水平,他们即将作出的。

If the answer is “go,” start me up moves forward with concrete plans for setting up the airline.如果答案是“走”, 开始了我前进的具体计划与航空公司成立。 An exciting, yet long and tough road now lies ahead, before the first passengers board and first flight leaves the runway.一个令人兴奋的,但漫长而艰难的道路现在摆在面前,在首次董事会前首飞乘客和离开跑道。 A period of intense research, analysis, planning and consultations will lead to the ultimate goal : a successful, stable, competitive and growing new airline.一个强烈的研究,分析,规划和磋商期间将导致的最终目标:一个成功,稳定,竞争力和增长的新航空公司。

However, if all conclusions point towards a negative outcome, investors and entrepreneurs can rest assured that the minimal investment were made during the business evaluation of their concept and idea, and was money well spent.但是,如果所有的结论对一个负面结果来看,投资者和企业家可放心,最少的投资是在他们的观念和思想业务作出评价,并钱用得其所。


Aircraft Selection飞机选型

Choosing the right aircraft type is another critical part of launching a new airline.选择合适的机型是另一种新的航空公司推出的重要组成部分。 The evaluation process of the business plan will recommend the best aircraft type for the particular airline concept, capacity, cabin layout and cost/profit levels, as well as acquisition options.该业务计划的评估过程将建议对特定航空公司的概念,能力,座舱布局和成本/利润水平最好的机型,以及收购股权。 At this stage, investors and entrepreneurs should concentrate on the process of acquiring aircrafts and securing delivery slots for new airliners.在这一阶段,投资者和企业家应集中力量确保为获取新的飞机和飞机交货槽的过程。 To learn more about the Airbus aircraft family, view our aircraft family page .要了解更多关于空中客车系列飞机, 查看我们的飞机系列页面

Certain business models may recommend the acquisition of used aircraft or acquiring aircraft on lease – either prior to new aircraft delivery or as an initial soft-launch approach.某些商业模式可以建议购买飞机用于飞机租赁或收购-无论是对新飞机的交付前或作为初始软启动的方法。 Airbus can assist new airlines in aircraft sourcing, acquisition and delivery management.空中客车公司可以帮助新的航空公司在飞机采购,采购和配送管理。 The customer will be provided with comprehensive reports on aircraft conditions - including value assessment based on aircraft market value, maintenance records history and documentation, as well as physical inspection reports.客户将提供关于飞机情况的综合报告 - 其中包括价值评估飞机市场价值,历史维修记录和文件的基础上,以及身体检查报告。


Air Operator's Certificate航空营运许可证

The Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) in a JAR-OPS environment (or Air Carrier Certificate in the US) is an official document issued to an airline by the state civil aviation authorities.该航空营运许可证(AOC)在JAR - OPS的环境(或在美国航空承运人证书)的正式文件印发,由国家民航当局的航空公司。 This certificate is crucial and mandatory for any airline business – it affirms the airline's competence and readiness to conduct safe operations in a well-organized and planned manner, clearly defining responsibilities in various key posts within the company.此证书是至关重要的,任何强制性航空业务 - 它肯定了航空公司的能力和准备进行良好的有组织,有计划地安全运行,明确界定公司内部各关键岗位职责。

The possession of a valid AOC is one of the main legal requirements for any new airline before it can obtain an operating license.一个有效的航空营运许可证管有任何新的航空公司,才能获得经营许可证的主要法律要求之一。 Regulative authorities will closely scrutinize a business plan at this stage.调控当局将密切监察在这个阶段的商业计划。

Furthermore, the regulators will seek to meet and approve all of the post-holders of the new airline.此外,监管机构将设法满足和批准后的新航空公司持有人所有。 Attention will be given to the level of practical airline experience each post-holder has and the familiarity with the latest safety and operating practices.注意将给予航空公司的实际经验,每个在职者的水平与最新的安全和经营方式的了解。

Depending on which authority the operations will be conducted under, a series of manuals will need to be compiled, produced and submitted for approval during the AOC application process.根据该管理局的行动将会继续进行下一个系列的手册将需要编译,生产和应用过程中的AOC报批。 These include:这些措施包括:

  • Operations manual操作手册
  • Safety manual安全手册
  • Ground operations manual地面操作手册
  • Maintenance manual维护手册
  • Security manual保安手册
  • Performance性能
  • Weight and balance重量和平衡
  • Minimum equipment lists最低设备清单

The start me up team offers its expertise in managing the entire AOC application process together with the airline principles- from meeting the authorities, compiling the manuals and ensuring compliance with international laws and regulations, as well as those of the issuing state - to recruiting the key post holders and evaluating the competence and expertise of the existing team members. 团队开始签发国提供其专业知识,以及那些在管理整个航空营运许可证的申请程序与航空公司共同原则,从会议上,主管部门,编制手册,并确保遵守国际法律法规及-招聘关键职位者和评估的能力和现有团队成员的专长。


Professional Recruitment Consultancy专业的招聘顾问

Without the right people in place, a good business model and plan is destined for failure.如果没有合适的人的地方,良好的商业模式和计划是注定要失败的。 Recruitment must be a strategic process that brings the best people into the new airline.招聘必须是一个战略过程,带入新的航空公司的最佳人选。 It is fundamentally important that candidates and future team members are carefully selected based on what they will offer the company - their skills and ability to accomplish goals and objectives of the management, attitude, experience and drive for success.它从根本上重要的候选人和未来的团队成员都是经过精心挑选的基础上,他们将提供什么公司 - 他们的技能和能力,实现目标和管理,态度,经验和成功的动力目标。 The chosen candidates will be the key asset of the new airline and will directly impact several crucial factors, including morale, motivation, respect, retention, quality of service projects, relationships with partners and the community, funding and investment and general ability to successfully deliver plans and growth goals and development.所选择的候选人将成为这个新航线的重要资产,并会直接影响几个关键因素,包括士气,激励,尊重,保存,服务项目,与合作伙伴和社区,资金和投资,一般能力成功地交付质量的关系计划和增长目标和发展。


Business Capitalisation商业资本

The business capitalization is the de facto financial planning stage for the airline.商业资本是事实上的航空公司财务规划阶段。 It details the financial requirements and the potential of the business opportunity.它详细阐述了金融需求和潜在的商业机会。 The plan will elaborate the anticipated start-up cost, operating expenses and the profitability potential among others.该计划将详细说明预期的启动成本,经营费用和利润潜力等。 The financial plan is also crucial in identifying and quantifying the financial requirements for starting the operation, as well as the allocation and control of funds and funding thereafter.财政计划也是在确定和量化用于启动运作所需的资金,以及资金的分配和资金控制和其后的关键。



Airline operations are heavily dependent upon human capital, therefore choosing the right team is decisive for launching and maintaining a successful aviation business.航空公司运营是对人力资本的严重依赖,因此选择合适的团队,负责发起和维持一个成功的航空业务是决定性的。

When quality of services is the most powerful instrument of passenger retention, repeat business and sales in general, staff satisfaction and corporate stability is seen as a vital factor in any successful business.当服务质量是旅客滞留,重复的业务,一般而言,员工满意和企业稳定的销售最有力的工具是作为任何成功的企业至关重要的因素出现。 Stability can be achieved by proper human resources management and forward planning, including the allocation of funds for competitive salaries and packages, perks, benefits and social and personal security.稳定性可以通过适当的人力资源管理和前瞻性的规划,包括资金的竞争力的薪酬和包,津贴,福利和社会分配和人身安全。

Adequate business facilities are another important element of a successful airline operation.足够的商业设施是另一种成功的航空公司运行的重要因素。 The start-up airline should project future staff requirements, sales office requirements, crew rest and training facilities, maintenance and storage facilities, equipment and transportamong other aspects of the business.开办航空公司应项目的未来人员需求,销售办事处的要求,船员休息和训练设施,维护和贮存设施,设备和其他方面的业务transportamong。


Operations Plan行动计划

The Operations Plan stage describes the physical necessities of the business operation, such as the physical location, facilities, staff and equipment.该行动计划的阶段描述的业务运作情况而定,如物理位置,设施,人员和设备的必需品。 Depending on the chosen airline concept (scheduled/non-scheduled passenger or cargo airline, low-cost airline, VIP charter operator), it may also include information about inventory requirements and suppliers.所选择的航空公司的概念(预定/不定期客运或货运航空公司,低成本航空公司,贵宾包机运营商)的不同,可能也包括了库存需求和供应商信息。

  • Labor劳动
  • Pay rates工资水平
  • Benefits优点
  • In/out-sourcing在/外判
  • Administration政府当局
  • Distribution分布
  • Airport operations机场运作
  • Customer service客户服务
  • Maintenance (line, light, heavy)维修(线,轻,重)
  • Ground operations地面作战
  • Dispatch派遣
  • Flight operations飞行操作
  • Training培训
  • Fuel purchasing/hedging policies燃料采购/对冲政策   
  • Inormation Technology Inormation技术
  • ETOPS (if applicable) ETOPS认证(如适用)
  • Cargo/freight/mail货物/货物/邮件
  • Facilities/equipment 设施/设备



Department Set Up部门成立

Building the team 队伍建设
By combining the extensive resources of Airbus and its companies with specialised aviation recruitment consultancies, start me up will help the new airline build its core management team with the finest candidates available – who will in turn work towards filling the rest of the functions of the organization.通过结合航空招聘咨询的丰富资源与空中客车和其专门的公司, 开始了我新的航空公司将有助于建立自己的核心管理团队的候选人提供了最好的-谁组织的努力,从而填补了剩下的职能。 This stage will focus on:这个阶段的重点是:

  • Organization charts组织结构图
  • Executive recruitment行政人员招聘
  • Board of Directors 董事会

Airline set-up core functions 航空公司设置的核心职能
The important tasks in the airline initial setup will be handled by a number of senior and key post-holders within the new organization.在航空公司的初始设置的重要任务将是处理的高级和关键职位的人员数量在新的组织。 During the AOC process in particular, the following departments will need to be established and productive:尤其是在AOC的过程中,下列部门将需要建立和生产:

  • Safety and security安全和安保
  • Maintenance and engineering维护和工程
  • Ground operations地面作战
  • Flight operations飞行操作
  • Training培训
  • Commercial商业
  • Planning and strategy规划与战略



Entry into Service进入服务

The final stage before take-off is also one of the most complex. Start me up can assist with the entry into service planning and management:最后一个阶段之前,起飞也是一个最复杂的管理。 开始了我可以协助和服务进入规划:

  • Initial spares provisioning初始备件供应
  • Retrofit services改造服务
  • Flight operations planning航班运营计划
  • Ground operations planning地面作战计划
  • ETOPS planning (if applicable) ETOPS认证计划(如适用)




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