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(2010-11-02 17:27:14)



Extensive Interpretation of Chuang Tzu Part 2
庄子演义 外篇


Tree on Hill (2)

1 Traveled back, Shinan Yiliao called on the Duke of Lu for talking about the experiences he had on the way.
2 When talking, the duke was rather sullen and seemed not interested in his experience. Shinan Yiliao detected the duke’s mood and asked, “During the period when I was absent, what upset you? Why are you sullen?”

3 The duke said, “Since childhood, I have learned the governance of the ancient kings. I always imitate their governance in any great decision. I never neglect the sacrifice to the heaven and god in all seasons. I often consult the sage in my country and adopt their suggestions. I am discreet in handling state affairs. However, there still are so many problems in our society and people are dissatisfied somewhat with my governance. What should I do on earth? I am totally confused, so I feel sad for it.”
鲁侯说:「我从小就修习先王之道,无论做任何重大决定,我必参考先王的施政方针; 对敬天拜神、四时的祭祀等也从来不敢轻忽; 至于国内的贤能人士,我经常向他们请教,征询他们的意见。我兢兢业业地亲理朝政,不敢有一丝的疏忽,可是最后还是会出现问题; 还是有人对我不满。所有这些挫折,都令我感到沮丧,令我心烦!」

4 Patting a pat, Shinan Yiliao signed, “Alas! I see. As a king, you have to handle so many state affairs. It is hard to make everyone satisfied and to do everything right.
5 You may notice the behaviors of fox and leopard. They hide in the caves of deep mountains. Usually they are quiet. Hide in the caves during day time and come out only at night. They are afraid of being preyed by the tiger or human. Though they are very hungry and thirsty, they have to search for food in a remote and obsolete place. Fox and leopard are very prudent but still can’t prevent from being preyed by the hunter. Who do they offend on earth? Who do they provoke? Why are they treated so? In fact, it is their beautiful and warm hide brings the disasters to them.
您看看狐狸及花豹。牠们住在深山的岩洞里,平时安安静静地,不敢发出一点声音。白天躲在洞里,晚上才敢跑出来,深怕被老虎、人类等发现。虽然饥渴难熬,也只敢在偏远的地方去找寻食物; 这些动物是够小心的了,可是牠们仍然逃不了被猎人捕获的命运。牠们到底是得罪了谁,侵犯了谁?以致于遭受到这样的待遇呢?其实,说穿了,就是牠们身上的毛皮在作祟; 是牠们美丽而又温暖的毛皮,为牠们惹来了杀身之祸。

6 Today, you sit on the throne of the State of Lu. The throne to you is as the hide to the fox and leopard. Many career men and the big powers around your country are ready to usurp your position at any time. Therefore, you feel unsafe.
如今,您坐在鲁国国君这个位子上,王位对您而言,就恰似狐狸、花豹身上的毛皮; 许多野心家、临近的强国等,都无时无刻不在想着夺取您的位子,您当然不会有安全感了!

7 If you want to be free from upset, the only way is to give up the persistence of the throne. You should always keep in mind that: If people ask me to be the emperor, then I will do my best to make the job done. If people think what I have done is worse and some one is able to replace me, I am sure to demise, not lingering even one minute.
8 If you can do this, you are fearless and free from the nightmare.

9 There is a country called Jiande in the remote South Yue. People in this country mostly are pure and frank. They would like to share their things with others. Working in day and sleeping at night, people here are lived in a very simple life. They don’t think much and have little ambitions to fulfill.
在遥远的南越,有一个国度名叫建德。老百姓大都纯朴而没有心机,个人的东西愿意跟大众分享,日出而做,日入而息; 生活极其简单,不会疑神疑鬼,不会有一大堆梦想,要去实践。
10 They quench their hunger by picking fruit and wild vegetable, as well as hunting. They never pick extra fruit and wild vegetable and hunt redundant animal for the rainy days. When they harvest a little, they share it with others. Others eat their food or use their tools, they don’t expect them to pay it back later. They don’t know what righteousness is and what attitude of etiquette is. They just do by instinct what they should do.
当他们肚子饿了,就去摘些水果、剪些野菜,打些野味回来充饥。他们不会贪心地摘一大堆水果,一大堆野菜以及捕猎超过一定食量的野兽,将之积存起来,以备不时之需。他们只要有点儿收获,就拿出来与大家分享; 别人吃了,用了他们的东西,他们也不会牢记在心里,期盼别人回报。他们不知什么行为是义,也不知什么态度是礼?他们只是随其直觉,行其当行,为其当为。

11 From their behaviors, people may think they are uncivilized, they are out of benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and credit; but actually, their life styles are perfectly following the nature of Tao. Hence, their life is joyful and their death is peaceful. They never have the problem that upset you all days. If you really wanted to live in a smooth and comfortable life, I suggest that you would demise the throne and throw off the stiff doctrines of benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and credit. In short, go back to the nature of Tao is the only solution you can find.”
在一般人眼里,他们可能是狂狷之徒,不合仁义忠信等; 可是在他们这样随缘随性的生活方式下,自然之道,却隐然成形。因此,他们生得欢乐,死得安祥; 绝少终日困扰您的那些情绪作怪。因此,如果您真心的想过轻松畅快的日子,我建议您还是让出王位,抛弃掉那些仁义忠信的刻板教条,回归自然之道,这才是惟一的途径。」

12 The duke said, “What a remote place is South Yue! The road to there is difficult and dangerous for there are many high mountains and steep ridge. How can I go there without a good vehicle! ”

13 Smiling, Shinan Yiliao said, “If you would like to give up the parade around you, the dignity as well as the luxury palaces that is shown to others and the group of family members, a small carriage is easy to get.”

14 The duke asked again, “The road to South Yue is winding and very remote. There is few town or village along the road. Who would accompany me? If I only take a small carriage, it can’t carry enough food. What I eat if I run out of the stuff. If hungry, I can’t go, how can I reach there?”

15 Shinan Yiliao said, “As long as you can live in a simple and plain life, you can do it. In this kind of life you don’t need the good food, clothes and house. If you are not choosy in simple travel, you will not starve even without carrying food.
市南宜僚说:「只要鲁君您愿意力行简单朴素的生活,不强求一定要吃什么,穿什么,或住什么; 一次简单的旅行,即便不带粮食,也不会饿着您的。
16 The key is whether you can make the decision. Once you hit the road, for example, by taking a journey on sea. When your ship goes far, the dock and high cliff on the bank are out of sight, and then your attendants, friends and relatives will go back themselves. Since then, you are free.
问题只在于您能不能下定决心而已。如果您肯上路,就以乘船出海为例,当您的船开远了,当码头岸边的高崖都看不见时,您的家人随从,亲朋好友等; 自然会离开各自返家,从此不再让您忧心。
17 As you know, the social relation is one of the biggest cumbrances. People’s most time and energy are spent in handling the entangled affairs.
您应当知道,人际关系是我们最大的拖累; 人大部份的时间和精力,都浪费在应付周边纠缠不清的人事上。
18 Another thing worrying us is the wealth. Parking a new-bought car at night forever is our headache. There is guard on the gate of rich man’s house; there is iron burglarproof frame installed on the windows. All those measures are for preventing from burglar. Hence, the valuable things we prefer, to the contrary are the source of worry.
另外一个促使我们忧虑的就是财物。新买一部车,晚上要停泊在哪儿,永远是我们所最担心的事。有钱人家门口有警卫,窗户加铁框,家里的珠宝股票,还要用保险箱锁起来; 所有这些措施,都是怕别人偷窃的缘故。所以,值钱的财物,反而是一般人烦恼的根源。

19 Yao strived for trimming and streamlining his government. Nothing valuable was kept with him. I wish that you could understand it and then you could sweep off all your cumbrances and worry. After this, you may stay with the nature of Tao, roaming in the broad realm of perfect freedom.
尧就力求人事精简,身上更是从不携带任何值钱的东西。我希望鲁君您能想通这个道理,一举将您的负累、以及您的忧虑扫除; 从此与自然之道为伍,遨游于开阔的大莫之国中。

20 It is supposed that you are crossing a river in a boat, and an empty boat suddenly come oppositely to collide with your boat. Even a man of very bad temper is not angry at it because there is no object being against to.
我们人之所以会生气动怒,全是因为有对象才会发生。如果您在河中泛舟,突然有一条空船从对面驶过来,这条空船顷刻间将您的船撞翻了; 这时,不论您的脾气有多坏,您也不会生气,因为没有生气的对象嘛!

21 On the contrary, if there is person in the boat, you are sure to shout to warn him. “Go away. Don’t bump me.” If the first shout makes no response, you must shout again. If the second shout still makes no response, you can’t help but shout in a rage. “Are you blind? Hurry away!”
相反的,如果不是空船,来船上有人,那您必定老远的就高声警告他:『驶远些,别撞着我!』如果叫一声他没反应,那就立刻再叫第二声; 如果第二声还是没反应,那您就一定会按捺不住大发脾气了:『你瞎了眼了!还不赶快驶开!』

22 The difference between the former and the latter is the object to be vented. The latter has it while the former has no. For this reason, we said, an object is one of the conditions which makes people angry.

23 If we lower our dignity and stance and eclipsed ourselves somewhat, who will trouble you in this world and how would you feel sullen all days?”
如果我们将自己的身份降低些,姿态放得平易些,至少在别人的眼里,不是那么的突出耀眼; 那么,在这世上生活,又有谁会找您的麻烦,又何至于终日闷闷而不乐呢?」



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