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(2010-08-12 05:22:10)




Extensive Interpretation of Tao Te Ching (80)


Let there be a small country with a small population.


 Though there were individuals with the abilities of ten or a hundred men, there should be no employment of them.


 Let the people value their lives and not migrate far.


 Though there be boats and carriages, none be there to ride them.


 Though there be armor and weapons, no occasion to display them.


 Let the people again tie ropes for reckoning,


 Let them think their own food delicious, their own clothes beautiful, their own residence comfortable, and their own costumes suitable.


 The neighboring settlements overlook one another.


 So that they can hear the barking of dogs and crowing of cocks of their neighbors,


 and the people till the end of their days shall never have been outside their country.


Opening Casket (2) (12-20)(801)


12 The most ideal society is this: people live simple and plain lives and they knot ropes to record something without written language to accumulate knowledge. Therefore, people of pure and simple thinking live with other creatures under the condition of relatively balance field.
13 They dont need to take their ingenuity for food because any food that can quench hunger is delicious. They dont require the best food and dont waste any food, for which lives are respected to some extent. People dont kill shark just for its fins. Thus shark is protected from extinction.
14 Clothes that can keep body warm are good and beautiful. A deer hide that is cast on body in winter can keep people warm; where a small piece of it to cover some part of body in summer. It is unnecessary to dress much clothes, waste, heavy and clumsy.
衣服能遮体保暖就是美、就是好; 冬天一张吃剩的鹿皮做成衣服披在身上,身体就暖了。夏天将皮切割小些遮住重点即可,衣服其实是不必穿上一大堆,既笨重,又浪费。
15 In their wardrobe, modern people have a lot of clothes, some of which they dont wear a time in years. Use of clothes had been more than its function of warmness.
16 The custom is formed by the habits; all people living in the certain area will accept and do it accordingly. For example, people celebrate the new year of lunar calendar in China, how they pass the last evening; how to prepare the dishes for it and how to display the sacrifice on the first day etc. All of those are serious and strictly written in terms of a certain style and in a certain time. Custom becomes the power to unify people and enforce them to live together tightly.
随着习惯而形成的风俗习惯,大家都接受。人们喜欢按照一定的模式,定时照样举行; 诸如,过年时怎么准备年菜?如何渡过除夕的夜晚?大年初一怎么拜年,祭祠等都丝毫不马虎的举行,让风俗习惯成为团结国民的力量,增强彼此间的向心力;
17 The society where the custom dismisses and even vanishes will collapse. People live peacefully and enjoy their works in villages. If nobody had induced them to immigrate to other place, the big cities would not have come into being, there would not have vagrants who gather in the corner of cities to be the source of crime, and the kids and the old would have not been left in the lonely villages.
风俗散乱消失的社会,是一个即将分崩离析的社会。百姓们在本地乡村里安居乐业,没有人去引诱他们迁移他处; 这样大城市就不会形成,游民不会聚集在城市的角落里成为犯罪的渊薮,乡下也不会成为老人幼儿的孤独村落。
18 Members of family stay together. The proportion of the old, the young and the kids is rational. Thus life of village becomes vigorous and active.
19 The sound of poultry and livestock in nearby tribes are heard each other. People live happily in their own field. Nobody has the concept of emigration. Thus the distribution of population all around the country becomes even and the ecological environment is conserved.

20 This ideal society prevailed in the ancient time, such as the ages of Rongcheng Shi, Dating Shi, Bohuang Shi, Zhongyang Shi, Lilu Shi, Lichu Shi, Xuanyuan Shi, Hexu Shi, Zunlu Shi, Zhurong Shi, Fuxi Shi, and Shengnong Shi. However now nobody knows it.


Xianchis Interpretation and Remark(801)


1 In a healthy and stable society, people love their local life and reluctant to immigrate to foreign land. In order to reach this kind of environment, each town and village should be a self-sufficient society. Only in serious drought, plague or war, do people have to unwillingly migrate to other place. 

2 In Chuang Tzu’s ideal society, he didn’t expect to see a society that was more prosperous and rich than other places. He thought that reasons of social problem are that such a society attracts people to move so that unbalance of population comes into being.

3 Relation between people becomes nervous and apathy in a big city, especially the metropolises. Where people’s deep-rooted bad habits would inevitability come out, such as cheating each other, fraud and cruelness. This is why we often say that countryside people are honest and warm-hearted while urban people are sly and insidious.

 现今社会,尤其是大型都市,人与人之间关系变得紧绷、冷漠。人类的劣根性诸如: 尔虞我诈、欺骗、狠恶等纷纷出笼。我们常说:「乡下人比较老实、热忱,而城市里的人就比较狡猾、阴险。」说的就是这个道理。
4 Laotse and Chuang Tzu advocated that people should back to nature. They loathed seeing maliciousness, indifference and slyness and the best way to prevent them are that people love their local life and reluctant to immigrate to foreign land. If people’s hearts are intact, they would think their own food delicious, their own clothes beautiful, their own residence comfortable, and their own costumes suitable.





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