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(2010-07-22 05:57:51)



Xianchis interpretation of Tao Te Ching (53) a53


1 Let’s read the Chapter on brigandage in the view of practice.

且让我们重新回到修行的观点来读老子的这章 盗夸

2 On practice, we deem supreme yoga and practice of Zen as highway and the right way. If we want to practice, we should take the way of supreme yoga and practice of Zen.


3 Of course, there are obstacles and risks on the way of supreme yoga and practice of Zen too. It is risky if we can’t abide by “empty, no your own actions and ignorance as child’s babble” and can’t expel consciousness out of practice.


4 On the way, it has side effects if we try to use it to make money or to do something that has nothing to do with practice when no-learning skills start to show.


5 Practice of supreme yoga is of overall development. It enlightens his wisdom; makes him know the unknown; solve his bewilderment; becomes a good leader and brain man.


6 Yoga endows man of practice with ability of medical treatment. He can be a magic doctor. Shariputra ever said that he could conjure tree and earth into gold. Thus man of practice possibly becomes a mighty alchemist. Yoga doer is healthy and powerful. If fight, he will be an invincible warrior.


7 Yoga doers possibly have many super abilities; however, each one possibly induces him to diverge from the way of practice.


8 Shariputra ever exhorted man of practice to do no cause expecting dharma. He advised us that don’t work as doctor, future-teller, minister and brain man, and so on. All worldly works would obstruct yoga doer’s real goal—reaching the state of “never back to transmigration again”.


9 Laotse said that brigandage was that wealth and treasures are accumulated in excess.  Overall development of humanity potentials appeals very much to the man of practice. So we must know how to choose.


10 Shariputra could conjure wood into gold but he traveled from valley to city begging for other’s residue of food every day. His choice is to keep himself marching on broad way and not to be attracted and obstructed by the wild flower on the road side.



11 There are many Qigong masters who make much money by teaching Qigong and curing patients. As a result, their practice becomes obsolete. 


12 Sutra has it that some disciples of good practice were supported in rich men’s houses, so that they lost their aspiration and braveness. Those are obstacles on the way of practice. 



13 Also, my shepherd plan is done so. The plan is broad way of investment but profit growth in prosperous economy induce investors to sell stock for gaining profit. Consequently they diverge from the way of long-term investment. When economy becomes depressive and stock index falls down at high speed and his asset is depreciated, investors are frightened to retreat by selling stock in panic.



14 Both shepherd plan and supreme yoga is broad way but there is risk on it too, so we should be on guard. We should prevent the risk diverging us from it.


 养羊计划条大道,无上瑜伽的修炼更是一条康庄大道; 可是大道之上也会偶然产生危机,出现风险; 所以我们千万要留神小心,不要随便让风险将我们带得偏离了正道、大道才好。


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