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All right. A simple one, being an author in the World Book Encyclopedia. When I was a kid, we had the World Book Encyclopedia on the shelf. For the freshman, this is paper. [laughter] We used to have these things called books. And after I had become somewhat of an authority on virtual reality, but not like a really important one, so I was at the level of people the World Book would badger. They called me up and I wrote an article, and this is Caitlin Kelleher [shows slide of Caitlin wearing VR headset manipulating a 3D world], and there’s an article if you go to your local library where they still have copies of the World Book. Look under V for Virtual Reality, and there it is. And all I have to say is that having been selected to be an author in the World Book Encyclopedia, I now believe that Wikipedia is a perfectly fine source for your information because I know what the quality control is for real encyclopedias. They let me in.
下一个简单,但世界图书百科全书的作者。当我还是个孩子,我们书架上有全套世界图书百科全书。对大一学生来说,这只是纸而已。[笑声] 我们曾把这些东西叫做书。当我已经有点成为虚拟现实的权威的,但并非真正重要的一个,所以我正好在世界图书要骚扰的人的水平上。他们给我打电话,叫我写一篇文章,这是凯特琳.凯乐荷 [凯特琳戴耳机操纵三维世界幻灯] ,如果你当地的图书馆还收藏这百科全书的话,你可以看到这篇文章,看V 字母下面的虚拟现实词条,它就在那里。我所要说的是被选为世界图书百科全书的作者后,我现在相信维基百科是一个绝对优良的资讯来源,因为我知道真正的百科 全书质量控制水平了。他们让我去写。

All right, next one. [laughter] [shows slide “Being like Meeting Captain Kirk”] At a certain point you just realize there are some things you are not going to do, so maybe you just want to stand close to the people. And I mean, my god, what a role model for young people. [laughter] [shows slide of Captain Kirk sitting at his control station on the Starship Enterprise]
好,下一个。[笑] [幻灯显示"成为会见柯克船长" ] 有时侯你会认识到有些事你不会去做,所以你也许只想接近那些做这些事的人。我的意思是,天啊,真是年轻人的楷模。 [笑] [放柯克船长坐在他星舰企业号控制站的幻灯]
I mean, this is everything you want to be, and what I learned that carried me forward in leadership later is that, you know, he wasn’t the smartest guy on the ship. I mean, Spock was pretty smart and McCoy was the doctor and Scotty was the engineer. And you sort of go, and what skill set did he have to get on this damn thing and run it?
And, you know, clearly there is this skill set called leadership, and, you know, whether or not you like the series, there’s no doubt that there was a lot to be learned about how to lead people by watching this guy in action. And he just had the coolest damn toys! [laughter] [shows slide of Star Trek gadgets] I mean, my god, I just thought it was fascinating as a kid that he had this thing [Takes out Star Trek Communicator] and he could talk to the ship with it. I just thought that was just spectacular, and of course now I own one and it’s smaller. [takes out cell phone] So that’s kind of cool.
但你知道,很显然有种能耐叫领导能力,而且,不管你喜欢这个电视系列与否,你可以从观察他的行动中学到很多如何领导别人。另外,他还有最酷的玩具! [笑] [放星际迷航小玩具的幻灯] 我的意思是,天啊,我小时候为他有这玩意儿而着迷[拿出星际迷航报话机]他可以用它跟飞船通话。我觉得那可真抢眼,当然现在我自己有一个,尺寸还小些。 [拿出手机] 这个挺酷。
So I got to achieve this dream. James T. Kirk, and his alter ego William Shatner, wrote a book, which I think was actually a pretty cool book. It was with Chip Walter who is a Pittsburgh- based author who is quite good, and they wrote a book on basically the science of Star Trek, you know, what has come true. And they went around to the top places around the country and looked at various things and they came here to study our virtual reality setup. And so we build a virtual reality for him, it looks something like that. [shows slide of virtual Star Trek command center] We put it in, put it to red alert. He was a very good sport. It’s not like he saw that one coming. [laughter] And it’s really cool to meet your boyhood idol, but it’s even cooler when he comes to you to see what cool stuff you’re doing in your lab. And that was just a great moment.
最终我实现了这个梦想。柯克船长和他的本尊威廉.夏特纳,写了一本书,我认为这是一本很酷的书。与CHIP 沃尔特,一个在匹兹堡的挺好的作者,合写的。他们的书,基本上关于星际迷航的科学,就是,电视中的科幻有那些变成现实了。他们去全国各处最高学府访问参 观,他们来这里研究我们虚拟现实的设置。我们为他建了一个虚拟现实系统,它看起来就像这样。 [放显示星际迷航指挥中心幻灯] 我们把系统放到红色警报。他是一个非常有趣的人。他可没预见到这个。 [笑] 遇见你儿时的偶像是很酷,但他来你的实验室看你做的精彩工作就更酷。而这真是一个让我得意的时刻。
All right, winning stuffed animals. This may seem mundane to you, but when you’re a little kid and you see the big buff guys walking around the amusement park and they got all these big stuffed animals, right? And this is my lovely wife, and I have a lot of pictures of stuffed animals I’ve won. [laughter] [shows slides of several large stuffed animals] That’s my dad posing with one that I won. I’ve won a lot of these animals. There’s my dad, he did win that one to his credit. And this was just a big part of my life and my family’s life. But you know, I can hear the cynics. In this age of digitally manipulated things, maybe those bears really aren’t in the pictures with me, or maybe I paid somebody five bucks to take a picture in the theme park next to the bear. And I said, how, in this age of cynicism can I convince people? And I said, I know, I can show them the bears! Bring them out. [several large stuffed animals are brought onto the stage] [laughter and clapping] Just put them back against the wall.
赢得玩具毛绒动物。这对你们可能看起来很平常,可当你是一个小孩子,你会看到大壮汉们在游乐园走来走去,拿着那些大毛绒动物,对不对?这是我可爱的妻子, 我有很多我赢的毛绒动物的照片。 [笑] [放几个大毛绒动物的幻灯]就是我的爸爸跟我赢的毛绒动物的合影,我赢过很多。这还有我爸爸,他的确赢了这个。这些是我和我家生活的一个重要部分。但你知 道,我能听到玩事不恭的人怀疑“在这个数码技术操控现实的时代,也许那些相片中玩具熊并没有真的和我在一起,也许我付了某人五块钱在主题公园的玩具熊旁照 相”。我想,如何在这个犬儒主义的时代,使人信服?我说,我知道,我可以让他们看见那些熊!带出来。 [舞台上搬来几个大毛绒动物] [笑声及掌声] 就把它们靠着墙放。
Jai Pausch (Randy’s wife): 洁.波许(兰迪的夫人):
It’s hard to hear you. [adjusts Randy’s microphone]
Randy Pausch:
Thanks honey. [laughter] So here are some bears. We didn’t have quite enough room in the moving truck down to Chesapeake, and anybody who would like a little piece of me at the end of this, feel free to come up, first come first served.
谢谢,亲爱的。 [笑] 我们的搬家卡车没有足够的空间把这些熊载到至切萨皮克,所以要有人在演讲结束时想要我生命的一部分,请自便上来拿,先到先得。
All right, my next one. Being an Imagineer. This was the hard one. Believe me, getting to zero gravity is easier than becoming an Imagineer. When I was a kid, I was eight years old and our family took a trip cross-country to see Disneyland. And if you’ve ever seen the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation, it was a lot like that! [laughter] It was a quest. [shows slides of family at Disneyland] And these are real vintage photographs, and there I am in front of the castle. And there I am, and for those of you who are into foreshadowing, this is the Alice ride. [laughter] And I just thought this was just the coolest coolest environment I had ever been in, and instead of saying, gee, I want to experience this, I said, I want to make stuff like this.
好,下一个,做迪士尼幻想工程师。这个很难。相信我,去体验零重力比做迪士尼幻想工程师容易。我小时候,8 岁时家人带我横跨美国去迪士尼乐园玩。如果你看电影“假期历险记”,跟哪个很像! [笑]那是一次远征。 [放全家在迪士尼的幻灯] 这些都是好老的照片,这有我在城堡前面照的。还有,对在座的爱讲先兆的人,这是爱丽丝飞车。[笑] 我想这是我所呆过的最酷最酷的地方了。但我不是说,哎呀,我想体验这个,我说,我要造这些东西。
And so I bided time and then I graduated with my Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, thinking that meant me infinitely qualified to do anything. And I dashed off my letters of applications to Walt Disney Imagineering, and they sent me some of the damned nicest go-to-hell letters I have ever gotten. [laughter] I mean it was just, we have carefully reviewed your application and presently we do not have any positions available which require your particular qualifications.
Now think about the fact that you’re getting this from a place that’s famous for guys who sweep the street. [laughter] So that was a bit of a setback. But remember, the brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.
Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.
现在想想你是从个以扫大街的人闻名的地方得到这些回绝信。 [笑] ,所以这是有点挫折。但请记住,砖墙在那里是有原因的。砖墙不是要挡住我们。砖墙是要给我们机会说明我们有多迫切的想得到。因为砖墙是要阻挡那些不诚心的人,那些其他人。
All right, fast forward to 1991. We did a system back at the University of Virginia called Virtual Reality on Five Dollars a Day. Just one of those unbelievable spectacular things. I was so scared back in those days as a junior academic. Jim Foley’s here, and I just love to tell this story. He knew my undergraduate advisor, Andy Van Dam, and I’m at my first conference and I’m just scared to death. And this icon in the user interface community walks up to me and just out of nowhere just gives me this huge bear hug and he says, that was from Andy. And that was when I thought, ok, maybe I can make it. Maybe I do belong.  
好,快进到1991 年。我们早在维吉尼亚大学时做了个叫虚拟现实一天5 元的系统。只是那些令人难以置信的精彩东西的其中之一。那时候作为一个资浅的教员,我非常战战兢兢。吉姆. 佛勒在这里,我很爱讲这个故事。他认识我的本科导师,安迪.凡丹,我在我的第一次学术会议上,我怕得要死。这个用户界面圈的偶像走过来突然紧紧拥抱我说, 这是来自安迪。自当时我就想,好吧,也许我能够成功。也许我确实属于这一行。
And a similar story is that this was just this unbelievable hit because at the time, everybody needed a half a million to do virtual reality. And everybody felt frustrated. And we literally hacked together a system for about five thousand dollars in parts and made a working VR system. And people were just like, oh my god, you know, the Hewlett Packard garage thing. This is so awesome. And so in giving this talk and the room has just gone wild, and during the Q and A, a guy named Tom Furness, who was one of the big names in virtual reality at the time, he goes up to the microphone and he introduces himself. I didn’t know what he looked like but I sure as hell knew the name. And he asked a question. And I was like, I’m sorry did you say you were Tom Furness? And he said yes. I said, then I would love to answer your question, but first, will you have lunch with me tomorrow? [laughter] And there’s a lot in that little moment, there’s a lot of humility but also asking a person where he can’t possibly say no. [laughter]
另一个类似的故事是,我们的系统是超乎意想的成功,因为在那个时候,大家都需要50 万做虚拟现实。大家都为此感到沮丧。而我们实际上用了5 千元部分的零件拼装了一套能用的系统。人们的反应是,我的上帝,惠普车库的故事又重来了。令人震憾。因此,我做报告时屋里都沸腾了,在其后的问答时间里, 一个叫汤姆.弗奈斯的人走到麦克风前介绍了他自己,他是虚拟现实界那时的大腕。我虽不认识他,但可是久闻大名。他接着问了一个问题。我说,对不起,你说你 是汤姆.弗奈斯?他说是的。我说,那么我很愿意回答你的问题,但首先,你愿意明天一起跟我吃午饭吗? [笑] ,这个小插曲寓意很深,这里面有很多谦卑,但也让那人无法拒绝。 [笑]
And so Imagineering a couple of years later was working on a virtual reality project. This was top secret. They were denying the existence of a virtual reality attraction after the time that the publicity department was running the TV commercials. So Imagineering really had nailed this one tight. And it was the Aladdin attraction where you would fly a magic carpet, and the head mounted display, sometimes known as gator vision. And so I had an in. As soon as the project had just, you know they start running the TV commercials, and I had been asked to brief the Secretary of Defense on the state of virtual reality. OK, Fred Brooks and I had been asked to brief the Secretary of Defense, and that gave me an excuse. So I called them. I called Imagineering and I said, look, I’m briefing the Secretary of Defense. I’d like some materials on what you have because it’s one of the best VR systems in the world. And they kind of pushed back. And I said, look, is all this patriotism stuff in the parks a farce? And they’re like, hmm, ok. [laughter]
几年后迪士尼幻想工程在做一个绝密的虚拟现实项目。他们在宣传部门播了电视广告后,还否认存在一个虚拟现实的景点。所以迪士尼幻想工程真是把保密工作做的 滴水不漏。这就是阿拉丁景点,在那里你可以飞魔毯,用头盔显示器,有时又称为短嘴鳄视像仪。那是我已不是默默无闻。当项目刚,你知道,它们开始放电视广 告,我被要求向国防部长介绍虚拟现实的发展。嗯,是弗雷德布鲁克斯和我被要求做简报,这给了我一个借口。所以我打电话给他们说,你看,我要给国防部长做简 报。我想从你们那里拿些材料,因为你们的虚拟现实是世界上最好的系统之一。他们有点不愿意。我说,你们看,你们整天在迪士尼乐园讲的爱国心都是装样的吗? 他们说“嗯,好吧。 [笑]
But they said this is so new the PR department doesn’t have any footage for you, so I’m going to have to connect you straight through to the team who did the work. Jackpot! So I find myself on the phone with a guy named Jon Snoddy who is one of the most impressive guys I have ever met, and he was the guy running this team, and it’s not surprising they had done impressive things. And so he sent me some stuff, we talked briefly and he sent me some stuff, and I said, hey, I’m going to be out in the area for a conference shortly, would you like to get together and have lunch? Translation: I’m going to lie to you and say that I have an excuse to be in the area so I don’t look to anxious, but I would go to Neptune to have lunch with you! [laughter] And so Jon said sure, and I spent something like 80 hours talking with all the VR experts in the world, saying if you had access to this one unbelievable project, what would you ask? And then I compiled all of that and I had to memorize it, which anybody that knows me knows that I have no memory at all, because I couldn’t go in looking like a dweeb with, you know, [in dweeby voice] Hi, Question 72.
但他们说这项目很新,公关处没有任何视频给你,所以我必须要直接和做这个系统的部门直接联系。中大奖!所以,我就跟一个叫乔恩史诺地的人通电话,他是我曾 见过人中最令人印象深刻的家伙,也是这个部门的头,难怪他们做出的活也让人印象深刻。所以他送我一些东西,我们短暂交谈,他送我一些东西,我就说,嘿,我 不久要到你那里参加一个会议,你想不想在一起吃午餐?翻译:我会撒谎找个借口说我要到你那里,这样显得我不是上赶着见你,但即使你在海王星我也会去和你吃 午饭! [笑] 乔恩说,好啊。然后我花了大约80 个小时跟世界上所有虚拟现实的专家交谈,说如果你有机会访问这个令人难以置信的项目,您会问什么问题?然后,我把他们所说的整理好,背熟。熟悉我的人都知 道我记不住事。因为我不能去像个呆子,你知道, [傻傻声音]嘿,第72 个问题。
So, I went in, and this was like a two hour lunch, and Jon must have thought he was talking to some phenomenal person, because all I was doing was channeling Fred Brooks and Ivan Sutherland and Andy Van Dam and people like that. And Henry Fuchs. So it’s pretty easy to be smart when you’re parroting smart people. And at the end of the lunch with Jon, I sort of, as we say in the business, made “the ask.” And I said, you know, I have a sabbatical coming up. And he said, what’s that? [laughter] The beginnings of the culture clash. And so I talked with him about the possibility of coming there and working with him. And he said, well that’s really good except, you know, you’re in the business of telling people stuff and we’re in the business of keeping secrets. And then what made Jon Snoddy Jon Snoddy was he said, but we’ll work it out, which I really loved.
所以,我去了,这是个约两小时的午餐,乔恩一定以为我是个非比寻常的人,因为我所做的就是当弗雷德布鲁克斯,伊凡.萨瑟兰,安迪.凡丹和亨利.福克斯等人 的传声筒。所以你要跟聪明人学舌就非常容易显得聪明。在午餐结束时,我就,像我们在商业界说的,投石问路" 。我说,你知道,我要有一个学术假。他说,那是什么? [笑]文化冲突的开端。所以,我跟他谈到能否到他那里与他一道工作。他说,很好,只是,你知道,你这一行的工作是告诉别人的东西,而我们这一行是保守机 密。但乔恩史诺地就是乔恩史诺地,他接着说“但我们会想办法解决”,我听了很高兴。
The other thing that I learned from Jon Snoddy – I could do easily an hour long talk just on what have I learned from Jon Snoddy. One of the things he told me was that wait long enough and people will surprise and impress you. He said, when you’re pissed off at somebody and you’re angry at them, you just haven’t given them enough time. Just give them a little more time and they’ll almost always impress you. And that really stuck with me. I think he’s absolutely right on that one. So to make a long story short, we negotiated a legal contract. It was going to be the first
– some people referred to it as the first and last paper ever published by Imagineering.
另一点我从乔恩史诺地那里学到的 --我可以很容易地花一个小时谈我从乔恩史诺地那里学到东西—是他告诉我,等足够长的时间,人们会让你惊讶,让你叹服。他说,当你对别人怨恼愤怒时,你只 是还没有给他们足够的时间。给他们多一点时间,他们将几乎总能让你叹服。我觉得他说得真对。长话短说,我们达成了一项法律合同。迪士尼幻想工程将发表第一 篇-有些人说是第一篇和最后一篇—学术文章。
That the deal was I go, I provide my own funding, I go for six months, I work with a project, we publish a paper. And then we meet our villain. [shows slide of a picture of a former dean of Randy’s] I can’t be all sweetness and light, because I have no credibility. Somebody’s head’s going to go on a stick. Turns out that the person who gets his head on a stick is a dean back at the University of Virginia. His name is not important. Let’s call him Dean Wermer. [laughter]
协议是是我去哪里,自己提供资金,干六个月,做个课题,发表一篇论文。然后我们上了坏人。 [放兰迪的前院长的照片],我不能全都和风细雨,那样我就没有信用了。要拿个人的首级示众。这个人是我在维吉尼亚大学的院长。他的名字并不重要。让我们称 他为沃莫院长。(沃莫院长为电影动物屋角色,译者注)[笑]
And Dean Wermer has a meeting with me where I say I want to do this sabbatical thing and I’ve actually got the Imagineering guys to let an academic in, which is insane. I mean if Jon hadn’t gone nuts, this would never have been a possibility. This is a very secretive organization. And Dean Wermer looks at the paperwork and he says, well it says they’re going to own your intellectual property. And I said, yeah, we go the agreement to publish the paper. There is no other IP. I don’t do patentable stuff. And says, yeah, but you might. And so deal’s off. Just go and get them to change that little clause there and then come back to me.
沃莫院长跟我见面。我说我想要休学术假,幻想工程允许一个学术界的人参与,这可是闻所未闻。我的意思是如果乔恩要是头脑清醒,这事就绝不可能。这是一个非 常秘密的组织。沃莫院长看着文件说,嗯,这上面说他们将拥有你的知识产权。我说,是啊,我们同意发表论文。没有其他知识产权的问题。我也不申请专利。他 说,没错,但你可能申请。所以这协议不行。你去让他们改变这一小条,然后再找我。
I’m like, excuse me? And then I said to him, I want you to understand how important this is. If we can’t work this out, I’m going to take an unpaid leave of absence and I’m just going to go there and I’m going to do this thing. And he said, hey, I might not even let you do that. I mean you’ve got the IP in your head already and maybe they’re going to suck it out of you, so that’s not going to fly either. [laughter] It’s very important to know when you’re in a pissing match. And it’s very important to get out of it as quickly as possible.
我想,什么?然后我对他说,我希望你了解这有多重要。如果我们不能达成公识,,我会停薪留职,我还是要去那里做这件事。他说,嘿,我连这都可能不允许。我 是说你脑子里已经有知识产权,而他们可能会把它挖出来,所以那样也不行。 [笑] 及早知道你在与人斗气非常重要,同样重要的是尽快从中解脱。
So I said to him, well, let’s back off on this. Do we think this is a good idea at all? He said, I have no idea if this is a good idea. I was like, OK, well we’ve got common ground there. Then I said, well is this really your call? Isn’t this the call of the Dean of Sponsored Research if it’s an IP issue? And he said, yeah, that’s true. I said, but so if he’s happy you’re happy? [So he says] Yeah, then I’d be fine. Whoosh! Like Wile E. Coyote [inaudible] And I find myself in Gene Block’s office, who is the most fantastic man in the world. And I start talking to Gene Block and I say let’s start at the high level, since I don’t want to have to back out again. So let’s start at the high level. Do you think this is a good idea? He said, well if you’re asking me if it’s a good idea, I don’t have very much information. All I know is that one of my star faculty members is in my office and he’s really excited, so tell me more. Here’s a lesson for everybody in administration. They both said the same thing. But think about how they said it, right? [In a loud, barking voice] I don’t know! [In a pleasant voice] Well, I don’t have much information, but one of my start faculty members is here and he’s all excited so I want to learn more. They’re both ways of saying I don’t know, but boy there’s a good way and a bad way. So anyway, we got it all worked out. I went to Imagineering. Sweetness and light. And all’s well that ends well.
所以我对他说,好,让我们先退一步。你觉得幻想工程这事对我们是个好主意吗?他说,我也心中无数。我想,好,我们有共同点。然后我说,关于知识产权问题, 是以你说的为准吗,这不应该是赞助研究院院长来判断吗?他说,嗯,那是。我说,如果他同意你就同意? [他说] 嗯,那我没问题。呼的一下,像大笨狼怀尔去追逐必必鸟必必鸟[卡通] ,嗖的一下,我已经在基因布若克的办公室,他是世界上最棒的人。我跟他说,让我们从宏观谈起,因为我不想再重蹈前辙。那在总体水平,你觉得这是不是个好主 意?他说,如果你问我,我手头资料有限,但我知道我的明星教员在我的办公室而且他真的很为此兴奋,所以跟我仔细说说。这里是给管理人员的一个教训。他们都 表示了同样的事。但想想他们是怎么说的? [大嗓门咆哮] :我不知道! [宜人声音]好,我知道不多,但我的明星教员在我这里很兴奋,所以我想进一步了解。他们两个人都在说,我不知道,但一个是很好的方式,一个坏的方式。不管 怎样,最后我们解决了问题。我去了幻想工程。皆大欢喜,如愿以尝.。
Some brick walls are made of flesh. So I worked on the Aladdin Project. It was absolutely spectacular, I mean just unbelievable. Here’s my nephew Christopher. [Shows slide of Christopher on Aladdin apparatus] This was the apparatus. You would sit on this sort of motorcycle-type thing. And you would steer your magic carpet and you would put on the head-mounted display. The head-mounted display is very interesting because it had two parts, and it was a very very clever design. To get throughput through, the only part that touched the guest’s head was this little cap and everything else clicked onto it – all the expensive hardware. So you could replicate the caps because they were basically free to manufacture. And this is what I really did is I was a cap cleaner during the sabbatical. [laughter]
一些砖墙是由人组成。我的工作是阿拉丁项目。这是美妙决仑,简直难以置信。这里是我的侄子克里斯托弗。 [放克里斯在阿拉丁装置上的幻灯]这是装置。你坐在这种像摩托车样的东西上。你可以驾驶你的魔毯,戴上头盔显示器。这头盔显示器是非常有趣,因为它有两个 部分,这是一个非常巧妙的设计。只有一个小帽接触客户的头部以传输数据,其它部分,--所有昂贵的硬件—都可以卡在帽子上。所以你可以大量生产帽子,它们 基本上没有成本。所以我在学术假其间实际上就是洗帽子。 [笑]
I loved Imagineering. It was just a spectacular place. Just spectacular. Everything that I had dreamed. I loved the model shop. People crawling around on things the size of this room that are just big physical models. It was just an incredible place to walk around and be inspired. I’m always reminded of when I went there and people said, do you think the expectations are too high? And I said, you ever see the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory? Where Gene Wilder says to the little boy Charlie, he’s about to give him the chocolate factory. He says “Well Charlie, did anybody ever tell you the story of the little boy who suddenly got everything he ever wanted?” Charlie’s eyes get like saucers and he says, “No, what happened to him?” Gene Wilder says, “He lived happily ever after.” [laughter]
我热爱幻想工程。这是个宁人叹为观止的地方。真是壮观。有我所梦寐以求的一切,。我喜欢模型工作室。人们在这个房间大小的的实体模型上爬来爬去。在那不可 思议的地方走走,你会受到激励。我总是记得当我去那里时有人问,你认为期望是不是太高?我说,你们都过电影“查理和巧克力工厂”吗?或威利·旺卡和巧克力 工厂?当王尔德对小男孩查理说,他要把巧克力工厂给他。他说: "查理,有没有人告诉过你小男孩突然得到他所想要的一切的故事" ?查理瞪大眼睛说: "没有,他后来怎么样了" ?王尔德说, "他从此生活在幸福快乐中 " 。 [ 笑声]
OK, so working on the Aladdin VR, I described it as a once in every five years opportunity, and I stand by that assessment. And it forever changed me. It wasn’t just that it was good work and I got to be a part of it. But it got me into the place of working with real people and real HCI user interface issues. Most HCI people live in this fantasy world of white collar laborers with Ph.D.s and masters degrees. And you know, until you got ice cream spilled on you, you’re not doing field work. And more than anything else, from Jon Snoddy I learned how to put artists and engineers together, and that’s been the real legacy.
好的,参与阿拉丁项目,我认为这是五年一次的机会。它彻底改变了我。不仅仅是因为我参加了一个很好的项目,而且是让我震颤接触社会,解决真正的的人机界面 问题。大多数做人机界面的人生活在这个由博士和硕士学位的白领劳工组成的幻想世界中。你知道,要是冰淇淋没洒到你身上,你就不算做实地工作。最重要的,我 从乔恩史诺地那学到了如何让艺术家和工程师一起工作,这是真正的遗产。
We published a paper. Just a nice academic cultural scandal. When we wrote the paper, the guys at Imagineering said, well let’s do a nice big picture. Like you would in a magazine. And the SIGGRAPH committee, which accepted the paper, it was like this big scandal. Are they allowed to do that? [laughter] There was no rule! So we published the paper and amazingly since then there’s a tradition of SIGGRAPH papers having color figures on the first page. So I’ve changed the world in a small way. [laughter] And then at the end of my six months, they came to me and they said, you want to do it for real? You can stay. And I said no. One of the only times in my life I have surprised my father. He was like, you’re what? He said, since you were, you know, all you wanted, and now that you got it, and you’re… huh? There was a bottle of Maalox in my desk drawer. Be careful what you wish for. It was a particularly stressful place. Imagineering in general is actually not so Maalox-laden, but the lab I was in – oh, Jon left in the middle. And it was a lot like the Soviet Union. It was a little dicey for awhile. But it worked out OK. And if they had said, stay here or never walk in the building again, I would have done it. I would have walked away from tenure, I would have just done it. But they made it easy on me. They said you can have your cake and eat it too. And I basically become a day-a-week consultant for Imagineering, and I did that for about ten years. And that’s one of the reasons you should all become professors. Because you can have your cake and eat it too.
我们发表了一篇文章。那真是一个学术文化丑闻。当我们写文章时,幻想工程的人说,也让我们放一张漂亮大照片上去。就像你在商业杂志上看见的那样。对计算机 图形学专业组,尽管接受了文章,这是离经叛道的行为。能允许他们这样做? [笑]真是没有规矩!所以,我们发表了文章,而令人惊奇的是从此以后计算机图形学专业组接受的论文都有了在第一页放彩图的传统。所以我把世界改变了一点 点。 [笑] ,六个月结束后,他们来对我说,你想真的做幻想工程师吗,你可以留下来。我说不。这是我一生唯一一次我让我的父亲出乎意料。他说,“你什么?你打小就,你 就要这个,现在你得到了,你又……啊”?我书桌抽屉里曾放有一瓶抗酸药。当心你许下的愿望(译者注:实现愿望会带给你一些你不想要的东西)。那是一个特别 紧张的工作。幻想工程总体上压力并不是那么压抑,但我在的哪个室,--哦,乔恩中途就离开了。它很多地方像前苏联。曾经有点鹤唳风声。不过最后还好。如果 他们说,“留下来,要不就再别走进这座楼”,我可能就干了。我可能就不要终身教职,而留下来。但他们让我很容易选择。他们说,你可以因为你们可以既有蛋 糕,又吃蛋糕。所以我基本上成了幻想工程一星期干一天的顾问,而我做了10 年左右。这也是你们都应该做教授的原因。因为你们可以既吃蛋糕,又有蛋糕。


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