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(2010-04-01 19:03:43)


 第三节 基本句型训练


1. People should realize the dreadful result of developing the smoking habit.

  There should be a general awareness of the dreadful consequences of taking up the smoking habit.

2. Because energy is becoming less and less, we have to find a way to solve this problem.

  Energy becoming less and less, we have to find a solution to this problem.

3. If there is enough money in your pocket, you can do everything desired.(改为独立主格句)

   There being enough money in your pocket, you can do everything desired.

4. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standard, the new media Internet has come into our life.

  With science and technology highly developed and the people’s living standard greatly improved, the Internet, as a new media, has come into our life.

5. It brings students intensive pressure. Some students can’t endure this pressure. (用定语从句)

  It brings intensive pressure, which students can’t put up with.

6. In order to get a comprehensive development for all students, school authorities should design a new educational program. (用定语从句)

School authorities should design a new educational program which can enable all students to get a comprehensive development.

7. We are making great efforts to improve our living environment. (改为无人称句)

  Great efforts are being made to improve our living environment.

8. We should carry out effective measures to solve this problem.(改为无人称句)

  It is necessary for us to carry out effective measures to solve this problem.

9. They are famous and wealthy just because they are lucky. (名词化)

   Their fame and wealth have just resulted from their good luck.

10. If we are watching too much TV, our reading ability will be seriously affected. (名词化)

   Too much exposure to TV will seriously affect our reading ability.

11. If we don’t recognize the serious problem of growing population, we will make a big mistake.

   Failure to recognize the serious problem of growing population will lead to a big mistake.

12. In order to prevent the problem becoming too serious to solve, we must take an immediate step.

   An immediate measure must be taken to prevent the problem from becoming too serious to ...

13. We did not realize the problem of energy crisis until the end of last century.

Not until the end of the last century were we aware of the problem of energy crisis.

14. Teenagers are pressured by school work. They are also encouraged by their peers. Under such circumstances, they resort to smoking. But sometimes they feel a little guilty.

  Pressured by school work and encouraged by their peers, teenagers often resort to smoking, though they feel a little guilty sometimes.(同主语)

15. College students now are primarily interested in grades and economic success. They are expected to cheat on exams more frequently. This is not like those who graduated 10 years ago. They are only concerned with their own personal future. They seldom consider problems of society. All these are reported by a recent study.

   A recent study reports that college students, primarily interested in grades and economic success, are expected to cheat on exams more frequently than those who graduated 10 years ago. And that they are only concerned with their own personal future, considering little problems of society.(同主语)



第四节 作文经典句型练习

.  It + 被动语态 + that…


It is universally acknowledged (recognized) that extensive cultural exchange does good to people form various nations in many ways.

2.人们通常认为,一个人如果没有在现实生活中经历逆境和困难,他意志就决不能变得足够坚强。It is generally accepted that without experiencing hardships and difficulties in real life one can never become strong-minded enough.


  It must be admitted that a competitive environment is necessary for the practice of life skills on the side of teenagers.


It cannot be denied that the overgrowth of tourism may disturb the ecological balance of some scenic resorts.


It is well known to all that physical exercises can improve and enrich our physical and mental well-being.

. It is + 形容词 + that…


It is obvious (self-evident, clear, undeniable, apparent) that the situation is caused directly by excessive tension as well as stress.


  It is comprehensible / understandable (inevitable) that people’s attitudes are divergent/different  on this controversial issue.


It is unimaginable (incredible/unbelievable) that we youngsters should be much addicted to the virtual net world.

. It is + 形容词 + for sb ( sth. ) to do sth

9.大家积极参加体育锻炼非常重要。因为体育锻炼不仅我们的身体有好处,而且对我们的心理和性格也有好处。It is important (vital) for everyone to participate actively in physical exercises, for they will do good not only to our body but also to our mind and personality.

10.现在大学生毕业时很难找到一个理想的工作,特别是那些学基础课程专业的学生,比如历史和数学。It is currently difficult for a university student to find an ideal job upon his graduation, especially those majoring in fundamental courses such as history and mathematics.


It is highly imperative that urgent measures should be done to control the widespread use of illegal drugs among teenagers.

. as /along with/Coupled with “随着句型

12.随着经济的快速发展,中国人民的生活标准已经大大提高,许多家庭能够买得起房子和汽车。Along with the rapid growth of economy, the living standards of the Chinese people have been greatly improved. Houses and cars are within easy reach of(买得起)many families.


Coupled with a growing number of college graduates being turned out each year, the situation in the job market is getting tighter and tighter.


As industry and agriculture advances, the problem of water shortage will be the more serious.


As China opens further to the outside world and increases its educational exchange with other countries, going abroad to study is increasingly fashionable among middle school students.

. There be句型


In the past ten years there has been a marked decline in the number of young married couples who want to have children.


In recent years, there has been a heated /spirited debate/controversy concerning whether human beings should be cloned.

18.现在仍然有许多孩子因为贫困而不能上学。There are still quite a number of children who cannot afford to go to school because of poverty.

19.随着因特网业的发展,越来越多的人会上网冲浪。As the Internet industry develops, there will be an increasing number of folks surfing on the web.


Currently there is a growing concern over the heavy burden, both academic and psychological, which our children have to bear.

. 表示使……变得…”的句型  make +宾语+形容词  make+形容词+for sb to do sth.


 The widespread introduction of modern information technology will make our work and life more convenient and colorful.

22.最重要的是,我们应该不断地加强我们的环保意识,使我们的世界成为适合人类居住的美好家园。Most importantly, we should increasingly heighten our environmental awareness and make our world a beautiful homeland suitable for us to live in.


Modern transportation means making it highly fast, convenient and comfortable for people to travel far away from home.


Advanced medical science has made it possible for human beings to lead a much ….

so that(以便)/so…that(如此以致)句型


Teenagers are so keen about fashions that they spend large amounts of money on fashionable clothes.


We youths should learn to reduce pressure in proper ways so that we can better adapt to the competitive society.

. 非限制性定语从句


  Some people may be addicted to netsurfing, which impairs their physical and mental health.


  The increasingly high divorce rate will cause a series of problems, which deserves great public attention.

. 用分词结构扩展内容


 People, not realizing that water resources on the earth are limited, waste a great amount of water every day.


Citizens have the right to know the truth and supervise the celebrity, thus forming a kind of public opinion.


 Having placed great expectations on their son, they couldn’t hold back huge disappointment and anger when they learnt their son’s failure to pass the test.


With the improvement of living standards, a growing number of folks begin to buy cars to meet the needs of work and life, thereby worsening the traffic problems.

. 结论句型


 As long as we act intelligently and promptly, we are bound to solve the present severe problem.


 As long as we take effective measures, the problems caused by the aged society will be reduced to the smallest extent.

35.只要政府和个人做出努力,就一定能找到一个解决这个问题的方法。As long as the government and individuals strive hard, there will certainly be a way to solve this problem.

36.从提供的所有证据来看,我们可以稳妥地得出如下结论,体育锻炼对青少年的心理和智力的发展都有益。Judging from all evidence offered, we can safely come to the conclusion that physical exercises are beneficial to the psychological and intellectual growth of teenagers.


In short (In a word/All in all/To sum up), great efforts should be made to enhance ethic and moral education when high priority is given to the economic development.


 It is only when these measures are put into practice that the shortage of water can be solved.


Only when the old age problem is well coped with can we maintain a stable and harmonious society.


  If folks from all walks of life pay enough attention to this problem, our life in the city will certainly be more enjoyable.

第五节 写作基本功30句




  Finding the causes of your problems will greatly help you reduce stress as well as tension.


   It is difficult to imagine what life would be like without the internet.


     It is a wise decision to encourage college students to work in west China.


   It is obvious from his behavior that he has no morality.


   What counts/matters most is that we should be aware of the seriousness of this problem.


   The fact proves our opinion that an increasing number of countries welcome different cultures.

7. 大学生是否应该参加商业活动是个有争议的话题。

   It is a controversial issue whether college students should participate in business activities.



   We youths should conduct ourselves properly and have good manners.


   These behaviors should be condemned by morality and public opinions.


   Effective measures should be carried out to prevent this bad phenomenon..



  The government should play an important role in solving this problem.


    Folks are convinced that schools should reduce pressure, that families should rebuild harmony and that the administration should increase financial investment.


  It is beneficial for broadening people’s horizon/vision.


  Currently an increasing number of folks disregard public rules/regulations.



    I hold this fact to be self-evident.


   These measures seem to be highly feasible/rational.



    There are a couple of factors that give rise to this problem.


    Favorable public moral climate can enhance the harmony of families as well as the social advance.


  Colleges ought to provide practical courses, which is conducive to the whole society.


    Sex discrimination is a shame for modern society, which all of us are duty-bound to eliminate.



     With a strong determination, one is able to overcome whatever hardships and dangers he may encounter.


     Without his selfless assistance, she wouldn’t have pulled through this difficulty.


      Living far from relatives and friends, people will feel lonely.


     Confronted with this problem, we should strive to find a solution to it.



     Different views make it difficult for him to understand his parents.


   We find it highly significant for college students to develop a correct outlook on life.


     Everyone’s selfless care and attention makes her life full of sunlight.



     We should strive to safeguard public morals and improve social climate.


     We must strive to seize and make full use of every opportunity to improve ourselves.


     We should educate the public in establishing correct time-awareness/consciousness.


Revision Exercises:

1. People all know that reading is very important. But people have different opinions towards how to read. Some people say we’d better read selectively, and other people believe that we should read extensively.

  Currently it is universally acknowledged that reading is highly significant. But when it comes to how to read, there has sprung up a heated discussion with regard to whether we should read selectively or extensively.

2. They are very selfish. They tend to earn lots of money but they dislike and avoid their parents.

=They are so selfish that they care about nothing but earning money and shirk the responsibility of supporting parents.




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