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减少动作类游戏中的重复 1

(2010-07-07 16:30:16)


Minimizing Repetitive Play in Action Games

By Troy Dunniway 


“That which is static and repetitive is boring. That which is dynamic and random is confusing. In between lies art. - John A. Locke
“一成不变和千篇一律的东西令人乏味,变化莫测和随意的东西使人困惑,艺术便过渡于两者之间。” - John A. Locke


One of the most common problems that we’re seeing in many action games today is how to make them fun for a long time. A majority of the action games on the market can have a tendency to become very repetitive or boring after only a few hours of game play. This problem usually is the fault of the game design.

There are many different kinds of action games. Some games like Devil May Cry or Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, could be classified as just a pure action game, while a game like Halo or Medal of Honor would be considered a first person shooter. Games like Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 would be considered an action-adventure game, while a game like Diablo II or Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance would be considered an Action-RPG. Another form of action game are the platform games like Jak and Daxter, Crash Bandicoot and Rayman 2. Another type of action game are the beat-en-ups, like Dynasty Warriors and Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon. Fighting games like DOA3 and Tekken also can be considered a type of action game, even though their rules are slightly different. You can also get hybrid games like Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, which has many different elements in it and is hard to classify. Many action games also are predominantly focused on one kind of game play, but have elements of other kinds of play. As you can see, there are many different kinds of action games, but a majority of them can suffer from the same problems.
现在有许多不同种类的动作游戏。像鬼泣或芭菲:吸血鬼猎人这样的游戏被划分为纯动作类游戏,光环或荣誉勋章这类的游戏属于第一人称射击游戏。古墓丽影和凯恩的遗物:夺魂使者 2这类游戏被认为是动作冒险类游戏,黑暗破坏神II或博德之门:黑暗联盟则是动作角色扮演游戏。另一种动作游戏是平台游戏,例如杰克与达斯夫,古惑狼:邪恶意志和 雷曼2。还有一类动作游戏叫清版过关,例如真三国无双 和李小龙。像生与死3和 铁拳这类的战斗游戏也属于动作类游戏,虽然他们的规则和动作类游戏的规则略微不同。市面上还有很多混合型游戏,比如阿比逃亡记:奇异世界,因为游戏中含有许多不同的元素,所以很难将其归类。 还有很多动作游戏都着重一种游戏性,但同时也渲染其他种类的元素。如你所见,现在动作游戏种类很多,但大部分都面临着相同的问题。

Every game starts with an idea. Every game usually has a hook. In Soul Reaver, you could go to another similar plane of existence, in Medal of Honor you are reliving a historical event, in Munch’s Oddysee you can possess and talk to characters (amongst other things), in Dynasty Warriors you can fight in huge epic battles and kill thousands of people and in the Mark of Kri you can fight several enemies at once in new ways. The hook is the thing which sets the game apart from the competition. It might revolve around some new innovative game play idea, or it might revolve around a new story, visuals or other aspect of the game which hasn’t been done in the same way before.


The problem with a hook is that many designers assume that all they need is a hook. They often feel that the hook alone is enough. I’ve seen a ton of game designs which took one simple idea and tried to make an entire 10-15 hour game out of it. Some of this is symptomatic of our heritage. A lot of where our action game design has evolved from is from arcade games, which have a very different design philosophy. The other part of our heritage was early consoles, which had small cartridges and simple games due to many different limitations. Because of this, I think we often still think in this very limited manner when it comes to our game ideas.


For a game to be great and rewarding for a long period of time there is a lot that must come together. A game with overall high production values throughout the game will be much better accepted than a game which is strong in some areas, but weak in others. Therefore, the most important thing you can do is to just make a great game. It will be pointless to try and keep the game from getting repetitive if the overall game sucks. Having a bad camera, bad controls, horrible graphics, bad framerate or other very noticeable problems will keep any game from reaching its full potential. People can forgive weak stories, bad music and other flaws, as long as the rest of the game is great.

要设计出一款很棒且长时间盈利的游戏需要多方面的配合。整体产值高的游戏要比优劣势分明的游戏更受玩家欢迎。 因此,你最重要的任务就是制作一款整体上感觉很棒的游戏。如果游戏整体质量不高,即使你的游戏不那么重复无聊也不会得到玩家的青睐。此外如果游戏的摄像机很差,控制器很差,图片很遭,帧率很差或遇到其他一些显著问题也会阻碍游戏发挥到极致。只要游戏整体感觉不错,即便故事性不强,配乐很差或是存在一些其他瑕疵,玩家也会接受的。

Keeping a game rewarding for a long period of time is more than just adding some replay incentives or ability. If the game isn’t extremely rewarding the first time around, then most people won’t bother to play it again. Most people also rarely finish a game, so adding lots of replay ability also isn’t seen or used by most people. If push comes to shove, just making a great game is much better than having a good and highly re-playable game. Keeping your game from being repetitive and adding replayabilty however are two different things, which are often lumped together. You need to make sure that the game is first and foremost not repetitive and then if you toss in some replayability it’s icing on the cake.


There are two main types of games when it comes to their ease of use. There is simple and there is complex. There are a lot of advantages to making a game that is simple. Simple does not mean simplistic however. A simplistic game might be something like an old Atari game remake or Tetris. A simple game will help the player pick it up and figure it out quickly, it is intuitive, it’s easy to play, doesn’t require a ton of time to play and can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. Devil May Cry is a good example of a fairly simple action game. Whereas a game that requires you to read a manual, go through a long tutorial or is constantly making you figure out new things can be considered a complex game. A lot of games have some complexity in them. What a lot of games are missing however is their understanding of what deep game play is.

A deep game doesn’t have to be complex. Deep game play relies on the use of rules. Rules in games allow people to know what they are supposed to do in a game. These rules are often based on real world rules or laws, like Physics. In a game like Mario Sunshine you can fall from very high and not hurt yourself, whereas in a game like Tomb Raider you know that if the fall looks too high, then you probably can’t survive it. The same rules can apply to weapons. A person playing Medal of Honor expects all of the weapons to act realistically and can predict their behavior, whereas in a game like Halo where there is science fiction weapons, the player must learn a new set of rules.

高深的游戏不一定很复杂。有深度的游戏善于使用游戏规则。游戏规则让玩家知道他们在游戏中要做什么。这些规则通常以现实世界的规则或法律为基础,比如物理学。在有些游戏中,比如阳光马里奥,你可以从很高的地方掉下来而不受伤害,然而在古墓丽影中,如果从很高的建筑物上掉下来,你很可能会摔死。这些规则同样适用于武器。荣誉勋章的玩家希望他使用的所有武器都和现实中的武器一样,并且能预测自己的行为,然而在 光环中出现的是科幻武器,玩家必须学习一套新规则。

So how does knowing the rules of a game add to the minimization of repetitive game play? Very simple rules, or what we can also call game mechanics, can be combines together in order to form more complex or deeper game play rules or mechanics. Say for instance you have a gun, and you know that the gun shoots. You then figure out that barrels explode when shot, so it’s now logical that you can shoot at barrels next to enemies to kill them. However, later on, maybe there are some barrels next to a door which you can’t open, so you find that shooting the barrels will blow open the door. Later on in the game you might then get a force field, which protects you from explosions, and you find that if you shoot a barrel it will explode and send you flying, which if you have your force field on could actually propel you somewhere you were unable to reach before. While this is also a kind of puzzle, what you have done is take several rules which the player knows: guns shoot and barrels explode when shot and combined then together in some different ways to add some new twists to the game play. The player still has only had to learn two rules.

The best way to understand these rules is to look at some games and see how they used their rules to either create a fun long term experience for the player or how they accidentally created some long term problems in their game which made the game unfulfilling for players. Every rule or mechanic in the game therefore has relationships with other rules, and it is these relationships which can add a tremendous amount of depth to your game, without adding a lot of additional complexity.


To be continued


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