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History 34 History 102 History 223 History 181

Man 42 Man 93 Man 88

Man 53

Yen 171 Yen 161 Yen 92 Yen 164

1938 factories in China to the United Kingdom Thorncroft custom factory testing when the PT boats photos

"History 102" was shot after the attack on the sinking of No. Izumo precious photos, background, Jiujiang Road, near the Bund in Shanghai Displacement (tons) 14

Captain (feet) 55

vessel width (feet) 11

Draft (feet) 3.5

horsepower (hp) 950

Speed (knots) 40.3

artillery 0.303 pairs of two

-mounted machine guns, two 18-inch torpedoes, four torpedo torpedo


Crew (persons) 5 with

British Thorncroft PT boats built by the coast (CMB), this ultra-light PT boats and the former the kind of old-fashioned large-scale torpedo boat destroyers are different; for Wooden boat hull ,

from 1933 to 1938, China's total custom-made to Thorncroft the 18 PT boats, first in Guangdong in January 1934 to receive "Swift Boat No. 1" and "No. 2" 2 ; and then in 1936 the school received the electrical Ray "history" Font Size 4 (Shi Kefa Squadron), "text" Font Size 4 (Wen Tianxiang squadrons), a total of eight. Captain Captain provision of order, the boat captain Jie Wei Electric Ray a graduate: "History 34" Jiang Xiang Ao, "History 102" HU Jing-end, "History 181" Yang Weizhi, "History 223," Pu-Star, "Man 42," Dr White, "Man 88" Xie Yan pool, "Man 93 "Shi-Rong," Man 171 "Liu Gong Di.

1937 Nian Bayue Shiliu Ri" History 102 "attacks on ships were sunk Izumo in Shanghai Bund (see" History 102 "surprise attack" a cloud "ship birthplace) ; September's Eve Day "History 34" in Jiangyin alert when Japanese planes sunk, the captain killed nine people, Jiang Xiang Ao; November 13 "History 181" in Golden Chicken Hong Kong not a counter-attack on Japanese ship was sunk , led his unit to the Chief Training Officer Bu Xiang and Bing Yung-Hsiang Yeh marine crew were killed.

1937 Nian Lei Shi Yue Electric Company further Thorncroft purchase eight PT boats,Yachtmaster 18k & SS, but to be delivered in 1938, when Shanghai had been on not allowed to enter the military blocked the Yangtze River, in the various boat arrived in Hong Kong, was detained by the Government; after the government bought two of them, and the remaining four by the Canton-Hankow Railway within the movement, namely, Yan Gao Qing Squadron: "The Yen 53" , "92 Yen\There is no basis claim.

1938 Nian Liuyue mine waste electrical school, along with the boat on July 4 before the boat south to aid in Guangdong with a total of eight transported by train back to the Yangtze River into the Navy General Command boat brigade. In addition, "Gao Yan-qing\Therefore, the Department directly under the unit; a team total of 12.

1938 Nian On the fourteenth, paper boat, No. 93, Hukou to the river, when a torpedo attack on Japanese warships, the Japanese hold ship in shallow water, "Toba "and" Seta "(ie the post-war transfer of China's" haoxue "and" Changde "two ship) hold fire wounded. July 17 in the year," History 223 "that is at the Hukou attack when he was the Army laid by the blocking net wrapped leaves and sunken cars.

Government purchased two torpedo-boats was in September 1939 by the British Navy stationed in Hong Kong to receive, named "MBT-26\\House senior political and military fled the mainland 25 states in Mirs Bay, landing at their own level scuttled.

1939 Nian Jiu Yue Yue Fei addition to the three German-made boat squadron bulky and unable to train due to the transport , the other British are to withdraw into the boat with the Guangdong, Guangxi Wuzhou Fleet ships coming together Guangdong Guijiang residual anti-Command, under the jurisdiction of a total of 10 torpedo. But soon the end of October, "says Yen 92" was hit by Japanese boats in Sanshui 3 hold the boat rounded up and captured by a bullet is not made, the Japanese shipped the Japanese research vessel.

1939 Nian Yi Ri Siyue brigade boats withdrawn, nine boats are made up into two units directly under the Guangdong Guijiang anti - headquarters, and re-named: "success\"and so on. because of river warfare torpedoes useless, so the installation of the boat unloaded gun was converted into a torpedo patrol boats to use. in September 1944, the Japanese invaded Guangxi Wuzhou, due to the upper reaches of shallow and have no other go, Jiang Fang Command only destroy all ships; nine boats in this class there are five self-Shen Yu Shilong, four self-Shen in Liuzhou.

said Thorncroft's torpedo torpedo fired, very special, because it does not launch tube, two torpedo boats are lying on the end of the chute, when to launch the torpedo hand loosened by the clamp so that the torpedo boats at the end of the water slide forward on their own, and then accelerate the shift away from the torpedo boats to avoid the front left. In the 30 years the famous The black and white aerial film "Buddha dawn attack" in one scene you can clearly see this boat torpedo attack. Of course, this way, the prospective head was much worse, which is "History 102" attacks on the effectiveness of a cloud-ship is not the main reason for good.

Chow 22 Chow Chow 371 Yue Fei unit 253 using the German custom of the PT boats, this is the factory test photo, the boat next to the pattern still painted with the Nazi eagle emblem. This is Germany's second first batch of PT boats manufactured before the war and its launch tube is still on the boat bow deck

by Lurssen in Vegesack plant in Germany to build large PT Boats (LM), this type of PT boats than the British or Italian system The torpedo-boats should be much greater; steel boat hull, a displacement of 54 tons; captain no later than 92, width 14 late, late draft 5. 3 horsepower gasoline hosts 3,000 horses and a top speed of up to 34.5. boat bow equipped with two 21 -inch torpedo tubes, one 20 mm machine guns; crew of 14 people; Lei School speedboat unit from the electrical equipment, the use of Yue Fei's unit. This series of order-level boat captain, three boat are all graduates of an electric mine , State House after the war, either in the navy rose to the rank high: "Yue 22" as Qihong Zhang, "Yue 253" as Cui Tao, "Yue 371" is Li Yu-xi.

> Yue Fei of the fate of each vessel elements are as follows : August 1, 1938, "Yue 22" Spring Shan in Hubei Province have been sunk by Japanese aircraft. September, "Yue 371" and "Yue 253" to withdraw into Sichuan and other places Wanxian sandouping garrison, drove back after the victory of the War of Resistance Nanjing hold the boat into the second team. According to the information which one (may be "Yue 253\No. 1 PT Boats "Sea Whale" number, but for a lack of available space in the torpedo patrol boat has been changed to use; the boat in 1963, decommissioned.

these three boats is the 1936 Order in May 1937 delivery into the Army at the same time delivery along with 240 torpedoes; Youxiang Germany and then China signed purchase eight new boats (length 32.76 late, 5.06 wide and late, late draft 1.47, displacement of 71.3 tons; speed 36,Yachtmaster II 18K & SS Case, 21-inch torpedo tubes 2,Oyster Datejust SS, prepared by Ray 4; a 20 mm machine guns.) scheduled to set up and Xu Yuan Lu Xiufu two squadrons; but due to the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 could not be delivered. The eight boats all turn of the German Nazi Navy, number "S30" ~ "S37" (where "S-30" and the "S-36" on May 3, 1945 in Italy surrendered to the Allies). Exercise concerted efforts ship displacement ( t) 509

Captain (feet) 48.8

vessel width (feet) 8.7

Draft (feet) 2

horsepower (hp) 2184 (2500 )

Speed (knots) 16.5

gun equipped with a 3-inch guns, four 47 millimeters auxiliary guns

torpedo armor

Crew (person)

tube with

shallow hold ship / transport ships,Oyster Perpetual SS, the Jiangnan Shipyard in January 1936 to build, from the Ministry handed over to the military and political power as a mine school-ship and mine-laying ship exercises. Captain compilation of order Major, the first director of the captain were instructors for the school teacher Dan Xu and Huling (Xu Shi Dan retreated in Nanjing, when the refugees rushed at Shimonoseki on board capsized due to the drowning).

electric Lei Liang Jian in 1938 after the end of the school years of military and political department directly under the month on the 15th during the war as a Chuanjiang transport ships in the rear. Liangjian vote total in 1949, which "mind" was December 7 ship was cast in a total of Yunyang. At the time of this ship lent to the department as a transportation task CSF; in Wanxian, when accompanied by the captain to lieutenant colonel Jianggan three soldiers more than 80 people, all ships carrying hundreds of boxes of ammunition, and four people's livelihood, with leave for the company's riverboat Yunyang vote total.

"Care" after the ship carrying the Chinese Communists to vote a total of 42 Army military headquarters arrived in Hankou, and will ship to the South Military Logistics Brigade as a military transport vessel vessels,Yachtmaster II Full 18K Gold, and later transferred to the Yangtze River Maritime Board as a civilian transport ship and renamed as "Yangtze River on the 9th." practice ship static

Free China Free China Sea

originally belonged to the police station, Zhejiang Sea "sea calm" was practicing ship displacement ( tons) 1080 - 1000

Captain (feet) / 136

vessel width (feet) / 17.3

Draft (feet) /

hp ( hp) /

Speed (knots) /

artillery /; ship bow Obara each with a 3-inch guns

torpedo armor

Crew (man - )

tube with

Free China ---- January 1937 by the merchant ships converted to electric-ship mine school practice of "Free China" was a displacement of 1,080 tons, the first captain Lei Chen Lifen school as an electrical instructor; the spring of 1937, the ship had to carry electricity Lei school students in two Air Heiko went to southeast Asia 248 soldiers doing training voyage, homing when the war has already broken the coast all the others are blocked; this ship to dock in Hong Kong after, personnel through the land to return to school. Electric Ray schools after the end of transfer of the name of the ship, Qingdao, sea school, but in fact never been able to receive while in 1941, before the sale in Hong Kong.

"calm sea" and its sister ship "Sea Level" was originally custom-made for two, Zhejiang, police patrol the sea hold Haijing

ship "was later borrowed Au grid with personal relationships (Ouyang former Zhejiang Maritime Police Bureau) and as an electrical Ray School practice, one ship, and stern of the 3-inch conversion boom removed cater to hold naval mine-laying. Incident broke out in 1937, Shanghai by the Japanese Navy Air Force bombers destroy stranded on the river bank, the bow, stern and a half in the water take on the shore; "Ching Hai" was the Japanese who have been picked up to be renovated and may be handed over to the Navy's use of the puppet. As for the "Sea Level" was after the war, had appeared in the carriage of Second Fleet commander Rear Admiral Shi-A with our staff came to Taiwan to receive Japan's navy in the fifties-old record of "power policy" was practicing drill ship in the river, apart from above Ge Jian, the electric 400-ton mine-school there, "Jun and\first "and so left the old Qing hold ship, 500 tons of" Yu Dayou "was cloth rope drag boats (captain Zheng right) and the 90-ton" Zhenhai "was barges and" 01 "motorboat, etc.; The" Yu Dayou " ship in November 1938 and the other four ships sinking in the Xiangjiang River Camp Tian Tan denial-of-flight path in order to protect Changsha.

Chi Chi Tan Lun Road, No. 1959, "Chi Chi" sign is the Danish Navy's "Aegir" Number of

Electric Ray schools in 1936 to the German carrier under the orders of a torpedo by the German Luozituoke of Naptun Werft plant construction, was launched in December 1937, the scheduled 1938 into the army after the completion of the name "Chi Chi" was; but because Germany and Japan forged a change of circumstances makes the axis of the League, and soon the outbreak of World War II, more can not be delivered, the ship transferred to Germany after the Nazi navy, entitled " Tanga "; to receive the U.S. military after World War II, and in June 1948 will be the ship to the Danish Navy,rolex Daytona Leather band, renamed the" Aegir "No. No." A-560 "(The ship was decommissioned in January 1967).

"Chi Chi" ship standard displacement of 2,190 tons, carrying 2,620 tons of ship is a long 299 late, 44.5 wide and late, late draft 13.1; with four 4-inch hold, 37 mm high-mounted hold two pairs of Block, 20 mm machine holds 4; stored torpedoes 24. Denmark to receive anti-aircraft machine will hold into six 40 mm. The ship host MAM hp 4,100 hp diesel engines, speed 17.5; Crew 200. " br>
Electric Ray schools in the December 19, 1936 also to the Hong Kong Whampoa Dock to HK 888,000 yuan in a custom-made torpedo carriers, scheduled after the completion of the name "Tan Lun"; this ship information is unknown, whereabouts are unknown, it was not judged may not be completed. categories: blue-water navy dream Channelsrelates:


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