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ED CURTAIN – 文章1 怎样成为中国顶级私人教练

(2010-02-24 21:39:38)




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 ED CURTAIN – ARTICLE 1 “How to be CHINA’s #1 Personal Trainer!”

 ED CURTAIN – 文章1“怎样成为中国的顶级私人教练”

When considering my first contribution to our new blog I was initially thinking of useful information about health and fitness that I could share with the readers. Then the thought occurred to me that if we are really going to make a difference to the health and fitness industry in China, it has to start with the key people working in the industry – personal trainers, instructors and medical professionals. I have been a Personal Trainer for most of my career having taught over 25,000 classes to customers that range between Olympic Athletes, Kids, Injured, Pregnant and Disabled People; Ages 5 to 92.

当我想到我要为我们的博客写第一篇稿的时候,我就一直在想我要跟读者分享一些有用的健康和健身方面的信息。 然后我想,如果我们真的要在中国作出不同的健康和健身行业,那我们就必须由这个行业里的关键人物--私人教练,教练,医疗专业人士来起带头作用。在从事私人教练的职业生涯中,我为客人提供了超过25,000节课程,客人范围很广有奥林匹克运动员,孩子、伤者、孕妇、残障人士,年龄在5 - 92岁之间。

I am about to share my 40 most valuable secrets for Personal Training that have helped me to win many Health and Fitness Industry Awards including ‘PERSONAL TRAINER of the YEAR’ in Australia - follow these and you will be the Number One Personal Trainer in China!


1. Treat the customers you have now more importantly than the customers you are trying to get - they are your best source for new clients.比起你想要获得的新客户,你要更重视现有的客户,因为他们是你的新客户的最佳来源。

2. Send a monthly Newsletter to your personal clients with recognition, events, birthdays,  promotions, articles and more. This will make you stand out above other Personal Trainers in your club.为你的私教客户每月传达一些赞誉,大事件,生日,促销,文章甚至更多的信息。这会让你在你的会所更加区别于其他私教。

3. Monitor your clients eating and training closely using your program records and a diary. Write every detail of every class, be the PT who knows everything about your customers progress while other PT’s are just doing the minimum requirements.用你的项目记录表及日志来监控客户的饮食与训练。写好每节课程的细节内容,做一个当别的私教只是按部就班的做一些事情的时候,你知道你客户所有详细运动信息。

4. Use high quality imported supplements to fast track results of muscle gain and weight loss. 使用高质量补充来快速跟进肌肉的增加与体重减轻的成效。

5. Celebrate Birthdays of your clients and their families with a card, text, call, email and a gift. If you don’t know your clients kids/ partners/ parents birthdays, why not?为你的客户和他的家人庆祝生日,可以送一个贺卡、发短信、打电话、发电子邮件或送一份礼物。如果你现在还不知道你的客户的孩子,另一半,父母的生日,为什么不赶快行动呢?

6. Use before and after photos to create an album for every client. No-one else does it, be the first.为每一位会员创建一个健身前和健身后的相册。现在还没有谁做,赶紧成为第一个吧。

7. Have a personal client of the month and post them in your club, make an announcement to all your own clients, give them a gift.每月评选一位最佳会员,并拍照张贴出来,与你的所有会员宣布,并赠与礼物。

8. Hold a client appreciation day once every 3 months where you have a special day just for all your personal clients.为你的客户创建一个每三个月一次的感谢日,把它定为专属你的私教客户的特别节日。

9. Hold regular social events for your customers and get their partner, friends and family involved. Restaurants, rock climbing, bowling, beach, park etc.让你客户带上他们的另一半,朋友或家人加入到定期的社交活动中,例如餐厅、攀岩、保龄球、沙滩、公园等活动。

10. Sell small Personal Training packs that have specific goals attached (e.g. 6 Week 5kg Muscle Gain OR 13 Sessions to visible abdominal muscles). Keep yourself accountable to the clients goals for the small pack to ensure they keep training with you. Large packs with no end in sight is a sure way for you and your customers to lose interest.销售小套餐附带特别的目标设定(例如6周增肌5KG或者13节课时明显可见腹部肌肉)。在训练小套餐课程的时候要时刻在会员身边,让他们觉得你是跟他一起在努力。大套餐,看起来没有尽头的上下去,毫无疑问都会使你和你的客户渐失兴趣。

11. Set rewards for achievements. For example you might take them out for dinner, movies or it may be a dare like you promise to wear a dress next time you train them (Yes I have done this!) :0).设置奖励。例如他们达到了某个成效,你可以带他们出去吃晚餐,看电影,或者如果你敢的话下次你穿晚礼服给他们做训练的时候(是的,我做过了)哈哈

12. Follow up on your clients each week to see how they feel after their session, your call should be a reminder to drink some water and eat some fruit and vegetables too.每星期跟进客户课后的感受,你应该打电话提醒他们多喝水,吃一些水果和蔬菜。

13. Aim to train more people 1-2 times per week rather than fewer clients 5-6 times per week. You will gain more experience and maintain higher interest. If you lose a client, it’s less loss to your monthly income.要每周为更多的人上课训练1-2次而不是为更是的人上5-6次课。这样你可以获取更多的经验,也保持更高的兴趣。如果你失去了一位顾客,你只是月收入减少了。

14. Hold Information evenings to educate your clients on nutrition and other health and fitness topics. Don’t wait for someone else to arrange it, do it yourself.引导你的客户多了解营养和其他健康和健身的知识。不要等别人安排,自己要主动去做。

15. Focus on results. It is important to give a client what they want, if they want to lose 30kgs then bicep curls aren’t exactly going to help.关注成效。给客户他们想要的是非常重要的,如果他们想减重30KG,做二头肌弯举是达不到效果的。

16. Have variety in your training, keep it fresh and mix it up. Let the client know what is planned for them in the coming weeks so they are always looking forward to something.在训练中总是保持多样化,保持新鲜感也可以综合起来。让你的会员知道你为他们制定的下周训练计划,让他们有所期待。

17. Reassurance and encouragement through feedback. Let your client know they are doing great if they are really are, if not, be honest and direct.通过鼓励来支持鼓励。如果他们的确做的很好,让你的客户知道他们做的很好,如果不是,诚恳直接的指出。

18. Set goals and plan. Have regular goal setting meetings with your client over a coffee or juice and give your personal guarantee of achieving them if they follow your instructions.设定目标和计划。边喝咖啡或果汁边与你的会员设定常规目标,告诉他们如果遵循你的指导,保证会达到他们的目标。

19. Confirm all sessions. EVERY TIME!!!确认所有的课程。每次都确认。

20. Give regular information to your clients relevant to their point of interest and results including articles, books, websites and other resources.为你的客户提供他们感兴趣的相关信息包括文章、书籍、网站和其他资源。

21.   Communicate your training strategy effectively and why you have chosen that strategy.有效地传达你的训练策略,解释你为什么选择这种策略。

22. Use hands-on spotting for every exercise, even if it is light or body weight to maintain your personal connection.每一个动作都保证手在辅导,即便是轻重量也要保证你一直在左右。

23. At least once per month take your client out for a fresh juice or light meal after a session.每月至少一次在课后带你的客户出去喝新鲜果汁或简单晚餐。

24. Give your client a personal stretch and a massage at the end of every session.每节课后给你的客户一个拉伸和按摩

25. Text your clients a motivational quote of the week.给你的客户发每周激励宣言。

26. Encourage your client to enter a sporting event then go support them or participate with them.鼓励你的客户参加体育活动,然后去支持他们并跟他们一起参与。

27.   Go shopping with your client(s) to give advice for new sports shoes, exercise clothes etc.带你的客户去购物,给他们新的运动鞋和运动服的购买建议。

28. Get written and video testimonials of your clients for your professional portfolio.从你的客户那获取证明你的专业水准的书面和视频材料。

29. Have a Facebook / QQ page or group you use to communicate with your clients regularly. Invite them to join this blog!有Facebook或QQ或其他的群组沟通方式方便你与客人平常交流,邀请他们加入这个博客群。

30. Make a compilation of your client’s favourite music for them to listen to when exercising alone.为你的客户制作他们的最喜欢的音乐集让他们独自训练的时候可以听。

31. Train the trainer competition. One lucky client each month can win the opportunity to train you, invite all your clients to watch they will love it.给教练上课比赛。每月一次选一位会员来体验训练教练的机会,邀请你的所有客户来观看,他们会喜欢的。

32. Hold your clients towel and water bottle throughout their training.在他们的整个训练过程中,帮他们拿好毛巾和水。

33. Attend your clients special occasions like birthdays, weddings, baby parties etc.参加你客户的特别场合例如生日宴会,婚礼,小孩宴会等

34. Be on time for your client every session. If you are late, give the class free! This is the surest way to improve your time management and gain a reputation as the best Personal Trainer in the club!每节课都准时到场。如果你迟到了,就免费提供此课。这是最可靠的方法来提高你的时间管理和获得成为会所最好的私人教练的声誉!

35. Grow and improve yourself each week by asking for honest written feedback from your clients每周从你的客户的书面反馈上来发展和改进自己

36. Stay up to date with SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, not Hollywood magazines and diets关注最新的科学研究,而不是好莱坞的杂志和饮食

37. Have a positive attitude every day, you are the foundation and strength for people to change their lives每天都保持积极向上的心态,你有能力和力量去改变他们的生活

38. Understand that the more you Personally Develop yourself, the more successful you will be要知道你自我发展的越好,那你就会越成功。

39. If you want to be treated like a professional, dress like one.如果你想要像专业人士一样被看待,那就穿的像点。

40. Sales doesn’t keep clients, service does销售保有不了客户,但服务可以。

Now I want to leave you with the final thought… If these things all seem so easy, why aren’t all Personal Trainers doing them? The reason is, most Personal Trainers are too lazy or have too poor attitudes to really care – this means if you make some effort to follow these tips you will find success comes very quickly and easily.


Good luck, have a happy and healthy week!


Ed Curtain.



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