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(2011-05-11 16:44:00)


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佛罗里达大学 商学院 The Hough Graduate Business School 教师为您解答申请商学院常见问题。

来源:US News Education 

By U.S. News Staff

Posted: July 1, 2010


1. What can applicants do to set themselves apart from their peers?

We look for students who have excelled in their chosen fields and areas of expertise. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, have diverse skills and experiences, and each one brings a unique viewpoint into the classroom. Applicants should share their accomplishments and show how they will bring value to the classroom as a student and to the program as a future alumnus. At the Hough Graduate School of Business, we feel this adds to a richer, more in-depth classroom experience when discussions cover business issues from the point of view of a Fortune 500 company to a successful entrepreneur—all of whom are sitting in the classroom.


我们寻找的是那些在他们所选择的专业领域有卓越知识技能的学生。我们的学生拥有多种多样的背景,他们有着不同的技能和阅历,每个人为班级带来不同的元素。申请者应该分享他们的造诣,并且让我们知道座位一个学生和未来的校友他们能为课堂和学院带来哪些有价值的东西。在Hough 硕士商学院,这种新注入的元素使课堂讨论编的更丰富、更深层,在我们讨论商业案例的时候,就像世界500强企业的成功企业家都坐在我们的课堂上,各抒己见。

2. What do you look for in the application essays? What do the essays tell you about a candidate?

The essays are the best way to provide unique insights into your personality and character. Let us get to know you: where you have been, where you are now, where you want to go, and how an M.B.A. is going to help you get there. Show us your focus and determination. How do you define excellence? Why should we admit you to the program?

We find that our more experienced students are more open, relaxed, and confident in how they present themselves, which is exactly what we are looking for in the essays. When applicants try too hard to fit the mold of an "ideal" applicant or mirror their essays to ones they have seen in "How to Get into M.B.A. School" books, they come across formulaic and boring. Tell us your story, dreams, and goals.

2. 你们审阅申请作文的时候所看的重点是什么?你们如何通过作文来了解一个申请者?




3. How important is the applicant's GMAT score? How do you weigh it against undergraduate GPA and work/internship experience? Which of these carry the most weight? The least?

An applicant's GMAT score is an important component in what we evaluate. It shows us that applicants are ready, willing, and able to succeed in a rigorous academic environment.

There are three key components we look for in all applicants: GMAT, undergraduate performance, and work experience. We weigh all of them equally. Think of it as a three-leg stool: You need to have achieved a certain level in each area to be competitive. If a candidate is weak in one area, a strength in another can help offset to a point, but applicants must meet a certain threshold in all three to be admitted.

3. GMAT分数在申请时的重要性有多大?与大学GPA和工作/实习经验相比哪个更重要?这几项哪一个最重要?哪个最不重要?




4. How much does prior work/internship experience weigh into your decision making? What's the typical or expected amount of work experience from an applicant?

As mentioned earlier, it is a key component to our program. We require a minimum of two years for any of our programs and eight years for our Executive program. For our full-time programs the average is four years, and in our part-time programs the average is seven. Quality of experience is key as well. What has the applicant accomplished? Is the applicant going above and beyond in their current role? How is the applicant adding to the company's bottom line with their unique skills and abilities?

4. 工作/实习经验在你们审核一个申请的标准中占多大比重?一个申请者需要有多少工作经验才是最合适的?



5. What sets you apart from other schools? What can students gain from your school that they might not be able to find anywhere else?

Top-tier faculty, nationally and internationally ranked programs, high-quality students and a vast alumni network at an affordable cost—The Hough Graduate School of Business combines all of these to provide a great value to its students, offering students the quickest return on investment (ROI) of any top 50 program. In June 2010, we are adding to that value with a brand-new graduate school building, Hough Hall. This 70,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility was made possible because of the generosity of 1948 UF M.B.A. graduate William R. Hough. The Hough Graduate School of Business also offers a unique student experience from small, selective class sizes in the M.B.A. program to national championship sports teams.


5. 你校与其他学校相比优势在哪?就读你们学校,能学到哪些东西在别的学校是学不到的?


高层教职人员,国内和国际的优秀专业排名,高质量的在校学生和广阔的毕业生网络等优势,却拥有合理的的学费——Hough硕士商学院为学生提供综合上述价值,前50的专业能为学生提供最快的投资回报。 20106月,我们学院的全新教学楼Hough Hall承载着这种价值建成了。这座70000平方英尺的建筑之所以建成,是因为本校MBA专业1948年的毕业生William R. Hough的慷慨赞助。 Hough硕士商学院对MBA专业的学生进行尽心编制,分小班授课,其质量能与全美顶级团队媲美。


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