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多彩生活-法国著名艺术家油画、雕塑展 Life in Colour

(2010-06-20 03:18:31)






分类: 合作推广艺术家
Life in Colour- French Romantic and Magic Artworks Exhibitions.
开幕酒会 Opening     7月2号  16:30 - 18:30 
 7月02-15  10:00-18:00           上海多伦现代美术馆
上海虹口区多伦路27号 文化名人街  +86 21 65875996

多彩生活-法国著名艺术家油画、雕塑展 <wbr>Life <wbr>in <wbr>Colour

1/ Boun 伯恩
2/  Alain Soreil  阿兰·索若尔
3/  Andreo-WOLF  Anne 安德烈·奥芙·安妮
4/  Dominique Paulin 多米尼克·保兰
5/ Flocy Abguillerm 弗罗茜·阿伯纪勒姆
   Florence Boré 佛罗伦萨·博雷
6/ HAO Zhilei 郝志雷
7/ Jean Michel Stanislas Garczynski 让·米谢尔·斯逹尼斯拉斯·卡可尼斯奇
8/ Jerome Lo Monaco 杰罗姆·罗·摩纳哥
9/  Jean Marc Clairet 让马克·克莱尔
10/ Marcestel Antoine Squarciafichi 马克·安东尼·斯夸尔恰菲基
11/ Marizeth Baumgarten 玛丽塞斯·鲍姆加滕
12/ Myriam Sitbon-Mendel  迈里亚姆·西邦特·孟德尔
13/  Rebecca Schweins 丽贝卡·Schweins
14/ Serge  Streibel 塞尔热·斯特贝尔
15/ Thuan Breton-Phan 顺·布莱顿· 凡

多彩生活-法国著名艺术家油画、雕塑展 <wbr>Life <wbr>in <wbr>Colour

有什么比我们的感觉更主观呢?尽管 如此,我们的感觉仍然在建构我们的现实。

具象艺术已经经过印象派和野兽派的发展阶段,达到我们所称的抽象艺术。但是,毗邻那些无法和我们进行实际对话的形状、颜色、运动和沉静身边的,究竟是什么 让我们难以忘怀? 它唤醒了共同的敏感性,一种无法用语言描述的语言。艺术家们想要表达的东西中有没有一种抒情特性? 抽象艺术吟诵和表达的是艺术家观察到并经他自己的棱镜进行转换后的自然碎片。通过我们的眼睛做出选择,并让我们了解到我们认定为真实的最终定义,因此,必 须对抽象艺术进行解读以及再次解读以赋予其意义。


伯恩通过滴水的颜色、调色刀和画笔调动我们活跃起来,并激活我们的嗅觉和味觉。正如我们的感官打动我们一样,我们从艺术品中感知到的东西带给我们刺激,让 我们重温尘封在记忆中的情感。让这些作品吸引你吧,从“沙漠奔马”到“美好日子”,从“春天气息”到“黄山神秘的农历节日”,再到最近的庆典作品“龙虎闹 春”。

他是一位具有惊人创造力和革新精神的艺术家。他唤醒了生活和生命中不可或缺的东西,因为他具有非凡的鉴别力和才能。他能够带来和谐、诗意和快乐。他可以通 过微妙的共鸣和情感为大家的心境注入活力。

生活中没有两个人的色彩是完全相同的,有的只是共性和个性的和谐。对于有些人来说,活出真正的色彩,不需要华丽的装饰,需要的 只是平淡,就好象百合花,淡淡的香气,不浑浊不浓郁,却有一种摄人的魅力,很宁静……这正如大自然中并排只有绿色,也并非只有一种黄 色、红色……赤、橙、黄、绿、青、蓝、紫组成了斑斓的彩虹,也构成了我们生活的色彩。生活的色彩是多层次的,每个人,每件 事都是一种色彩,组成了生活这副油画。


What is more subjective than our sensations?  None the less our senses make up our reality.

Figurative art has evolved through Impressionism and Fauvism to arrive to at what we call Abstract art.  But what is there in the juxtaposition of forms and colour, movement and deep calm, which can not actually speak to us, but for some reason is memorable?  It evokes a a common sensitivity, a language beyond language.  Is there not a lyrical quality to the expressiveness intended by the artists?  Abstract art sings and is a natural fragmentation viewed by the artist and translated through its own prism.   In the way our eye makes a selection and gives us the final definition of what we believe to be the truth, abstract art must be read and re-read to give it its meaning.
As Zao Wou-Ki said:
 “People believe that painting and writing exist to reproduce form and likeness.  It is not so, the brush is used to give meaning to chaos”
 “To paint, paint, always paint, endlessly paint, as well as possible, the empty one and the full one, the light one and the dark one, the living and the breath.”

Movements, fragrances and tastes are evoked by the dripping colours, palette knives and brushstrokes of Boun.  Just as our senses move us, what we perceive in art motivates us, bringing back emotions from buried memories.  Let the works take hold of you, from 'Horse race in the Desert' to 'Beautiful days come'  from 'Parfum du printemps ' to 'Mysterious Lunar Festival on mount Huangshan'  to the most recent (2010) celebration in 'Playing Tiger and Dragon'.

Boun is an astonishingly creative and innovative artist.  He evokes the breath of life and birth as he is gifted with an extraordinary flair and talent.  He can bring harmony, poetry and happiness, he can inject liveliness into ones mood through subtle vibrations and feelings.

Nothing is truly simple.  The apparent simplicity of his art hides a deeper plurality [complexity]; a plurality which has such great depth that we are only able to grasp a small part at each viewing.

We also bring another 15 creative artists who is very active in today's Europe and China, including their famous paintings and sculptures. To presents a romantic and colorful magic life.
Weiming  LI  李伟明
华明艺术空间    HuaMing Art Space
Beijing Cultural Development Foundation International Exchange Center

+86 139 1088 4634


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