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(2009-12-31 23:31:33)


In a month brimming with news, you may be surprised to hear that you have one other sterling development, and it should make you very happy, too!在一个充满月份的新闻,你可能会惊讶地听到你有另一英镑的发展,它应该让你很高兴呢! Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will move into Pisces and your sixth house of health on January 17.木星和运气的礼物送礼者,将进入双鱼座和你的健康第六家1月17日。 I have studied Jupiter in the sixth house for years, and I have found it's the single best place to have Jupiter when you are hoping to get back to fitness and health.我研究了木星的第六家多年,我发现它是一个最好的地方有木星当你希望回到健身和健康。 If you want to look your very best, here's your chance, dear Libra.如果你想看看你的最好的,这里有你的机会,亲爱的天秤座。


No matter what your goal happens to be - to get strong, sleek, and toned, or to address a chronic or serious health matter - hosting Jupiter in your sixth house will help you, now and in months ahead.不管你的目标正好是-获得强大,造型优美,及柔和,或解决长期或严重的健康问题-在你的主持第六家木星会帮助你,现在和未来数月。 Jupiter will stay for the majority of 2010, and as the months unfold, I will be giving you more advice on how to use this spectacular, once-in-twelve-year visit of this benefic planet.木星将保持2010年的大多数,那么未来几个月内展开,我将让你有更多关于如何使用此壮观,一次的12年间benefic星球访问意见。


Keep in mind that this is the house of preventative measures - in other words, all the things you do to keep yourself in tiptop health.请记住,这是预防措施的家-换句话说,所有的东西你自己保持在拔尖儿的健康。 It's the routines and conscious, consistent efforts you take - including scheduling regular medical checkups, getting regular exercise, eating a sensible diet, and giving up habits that are bad for you.它的日常运作和意识,可以采取一致的努力-包括安排定期健康检查,经常运动,饮食合理饮食,放弃习惯为你焦头烂额。 Together they add up and help you to feel like a million dollars.他们一起加起来,并帮助您觉得自己是一个100万美元。


This same visit of Jupiter will ALSO help you find work if you have been unemployed, or new clients if you work on a freelance basis or have your own business.这种相同的造访木星也将帮助您找到工作,如果你失业了,或者如果您的工作的自由职业或自己的业务的新客户。 If you need to hire help, in the future finding people who are qualified, smart, and eager workers should become easier than ever.如果您需要聘用帮助,在未来找人,谁是合格的,聪明渴望工作者应该成为比以往更加容易。 This will be true at your workplace, but also if you should need to hire household help too, such as a housekeeper, nanny, gardener, or other part-timer.这将是真正的在你的工作场所,而且如果你需要聘请家庭也帮忙,如管家,保姆,园丁,或其他部分,计时器。


All in all, you have plenty to celebrate, dear Libra!总之,你有足够的庆祝,亲爱的天秤座! You are starting the New Year in just the right way!你是刚开始在以正确的方式在新的一年!





Your year will start out very strong.您的一年开始时会非常强烈。 At the very end of last month, December 31, a lunar eclipse may have set off some very startling developments in your career.在上个月结束时,12月31日,月食现象可能引发你职业生涯中一些令人惊讶的发展。 Lunar eclipses bring endings, so you may have found - or soon will - that your job is changing in a dramatic way.月食带来的结局,所以你可能已经发现-或很快将-你的工作是在一个戏剧性地发生变化。 If you left one job, you may begin a new one in January, but because Mercury is retrograde, the job itself will evolve and change while you are in it.如果你离开一个工作,你可能会在1月开始新的,但由于水星是逆行,工作本身的发展和变化,而你在上面。 You may not know precisely where it will end, but if you find you don't like how things unfold, you may be able to make more changes up ahead.你可能不知道恰恰将结束,但如果你发现自己不喜欢的东西展开,您可以做出更多的变更前方。 The eclipses are hitting some very powerful points in your chart, so even if you had not planned to switch jobs, you may do so anyway.日食是打的在图表中一些非常有力的观点,因此,即使你不打算转业,你可以这样做无论如何。 Go with the flow - change is good.顺其自然-改变是好的。 If you were born on or within five days of October 3, you will almost definitely see shifts in your professional status, and if you've worked hard, it will be to widen and solidify your base.如果你在5月或10月3日出生,你几乎肯定会看到你的专业地位的变化,如果你努力工作,将扩大和巩固的基础。


Your home situation is also about to make headlines in your life too, thanks to the solar eclipse of January 15.您的家庭情况也即将让你的生活标题也以日食1月15日表示感谢。 At that time, gathering planets in your home sector will help you make almost any kind of change you want, even if you were disappointed with skimpy options you found in the past.当时,在您的家部门收集行星将帮助你几乎任何你想要的那种变化,即使你与你过去发现少得可怜的选择感到失望。 If you need to move, you've never had a better chance to find the space that feels "just right" for you.如果你需要移动,你从来没有一个更好的机会找到感觉的空间“只是适合你”。 You need not make massive changes - almost any kind of change, involving style, organization, or structure, would be possible.你无需作出的巨大变化-几乎任何类型的变化,涉及作风,组织,或结构,将有可能。 Older buildings - even historic ones - or antique furniture could bring a bargain that excites you now.年纪较大的建筑物-甚至是历史性的-或古董家具可能带来便宜你现在的兴奋。 If you were born on or near October 18, this solar eclipse may be at first jarring, but in the end will cause you to find bright new solutions that you would not have found had circumstances not forced you to do so.如果你是在或接近10月18日出生,日食可在第一不和谐,但最终将导致你找到光明的,你不会找到了新的解决方案的情况下没有强迫你这样做。


If your physical space is not undergoing change, alternatively you may be focused on one or more family member, possibly a parent, who may need help.如果你的物理空间没有发生变化,或者您可能会集中于一个或多个家庭成员,可能是父母,谁可能需要帮助。 If so, because Saturn is now in Libra, you will be in the best position to help.如果是这样,因为现在土星天秤座,你将在最佳位置,以帮助。 At the same time, you will have your hands full with other things going on in your life, so if you can delegate to other family members, you would be wise to do so.同时,你有你自己的手与您的生活充满其他事情,因此,如果您可以委托其他家庭成员,你将明智的做法。


The month won't be only about serious considerations of family, home, and career.为期一个月的将不只是对家庭,住宅认真考虑,和职业。 There will be lovely social possibilities laced throughout the month too, and those will work to relax and rejuvenate you.定于本月在整个社会的股价太可爱的可能性,而这些将努力放松和振兴你。 One special day for romance will come on January 12 - all surprises will be perfectly special.浪漫的一个特殊的日子,将自1月12日-所有的惊喜将完全特别的。


Once you get to January 20, the Sun will move into Aquarius, joining Venus already there, having arrived one day earlier.一旦你1月20日,太阳将进入水瓶座,加入金星已先提前一天抵达。 Any tensions of the month will begin to drain away and life will take on new luster.该月的任何紧张局势将开始退却,生活将在新的光彩。 Friends will begin to call and suggest things to do, and having faced and settled many important questions during the month, you'll feel ready to let your hair down.朋友们将开始呼吁,并建议做一点事,并具有面对和解决的一个月期间,许多重要的问题,你会觉得已经准备好让你的头发了。


Networking and being open to new people is a major theme that started in October, when Mars first entered this same sector of your horoscope.联网和开放的新的人民是一个重要主题,在10月,当时的火星首次进入你这占星同行业开始。 Friends and even casual acquaintances will hold the keys to a dilemma you are trying to unknot.朋友和熟人,甚至随意将举行的钥匙,一个两难你想unknot。 You may have overlooked one or two of your present contacts as a source of information and inspiration.您可能忽略了一个或作为信息和灵感来源你现在的接触2。 Things will only get better as you go along.事情只会变得更好,当您去。 February will be positively dazzling. 2月将积极眼花缭乱。


If you were born in the first week of October, you will feel the soothing and uplifting effects of this full moon most, but all Libras will notice a definite easing of tensions.如果你是在10月的第一周开始,你会感到安慰和提高本满月最影响,但所有Libras会发现一定的缓和紧张局势。 Enjoy yourself!欢乐今宵!


A group event will be the perfect diversion and reason to enjoy letting go and making new friends, and it will come at the full moon on January 30. A组赛事将是完美的转移和理由享受放开,结交新朋友,它会在1月30日满月。



Libra Dates to Note天秤座日期应注意的事项


A surprising development in your career could come up January 1.你的事业的一个令人惊讶的发展可能拿出1月1日。 Go with the flow.顺其自然。 A woman VIP may announce a departure, or the very nature of your position may change.一个女人贵宾可能宣布离开,或者你的立场可能会发生变化的本质。 Or, you may leave your job.或者,你可以给你的工作。 Don't worry if you don't have a new job yet - a far better one will turn up as all eclipses have a second act.不要担心,如果你没有新的工作尚未-一个更良好的人会转了,因为所有日食有第二幕。 This eclipse will work to your favor.这次月偏食将您的青睐。


A home or family-related matter will require all your attention in weeks ahead starting January 15, due to the solar eclipse on that date.家庭或与家庭有关的问题将需要在数周内所有的注意力从1月15日之前,由于日食的日期。


Mercury will be retrograde until January 15.水星将倒退到1月15日。 Do not sign contracts prior to that date.不签署合同在该日期之前。 Far better dates to sign would be January 22-24.好得多签署日期将是1月22日至24号。


Friends surrounding you in January are blessings.周围的朋友你在1月的祝福。 Look to them for good advice and important tips.希望他们良好的建议和重要的提示。 With Mars retrograde, someone from the past is likely to show up to help you when you need him or her most.随着火星逆行,从过去有人可能会出现帮助你当你需要他或她最。


An event that brings many friendly people together - that turns out to be very entertaining - will occur over the weekend of January 30.一个事件,带来了许多友好人士合作-这证明是非常有趣-将发生在1月30日的周末。


Romance will be best: January 2, 10, 20-22, 23-25, and 29-30.浪漫的最好:1月2日,10,20-22,23-25和29-30。


Jupiter will perk up your workaday house from January 17 onward all year, and you will find it easy to pick up new business if self-employed, or to get extra, well-paying assignments on the side if you work for others.木星会振作起来的触目所及的房子,从1月17日起,所有年,你会发现很容易拿起新的业务,如果个体户,或获得额外的,高薪的任务,如果你一边为他人工作。 You will also find it easier to hire new people to help you.您也可以更容易聘请新的人来帮助你。


Never have you had a better time to get in shape than now, since Jupiter is in Pisces, starting January 17.你从来没有一个更好的时间重新找回体型比现在,因为木星在双鱼座,从1月17日。 Health and fitness shine.卫生和健身服务。


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