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(2010-09-07 17:19:24)





You know it is so hard to find one incident that stands out when there are so many.

I have been a Sahaja yogi off and on for 27 years so I have had the pleasure of being a part of Vancouver Canada's collective at different times of it's evolution.



In 1983 the collective was relatively small in Vancouver, there were about 6 or 7 of us. A friend had introduced me to Sahaja Yoga in March of that year. In April I was helping the collective move to a new ashram. This was an exiting time, we were all just beginning this adventure and Shri Mataji was guiding us along. In the first three months I became closer to the yogi's and yogini's then I was with my own family. They had become my family. I spent as much time at the ashram and with the collective as I could. Weekends were especially fun. I was invited to spend the night all the time and I knew I was a welcomed member of this small family of yogi's. In such a short time we were united in the light of Shri Mataji's Love. It was incredible.


This however for me only lasted three months. My previous life was calling and I slipped away from the best thing that ever happened to me. I was a young man that recognized Shri Mataji and felt loved by the collective and still fell into the harmful life of drugs and alcohol that had been my past.


One and a half years later I felt the call of the Divine and knew I just had to get back to Sahaja Yoga. The problem in my head was, what were the members of Sahaja Yoga going to act like towards me after abandoning them for a year and a half. Well I need not have worried I was welcomed back with open arms and after three months was invited to live in the ashram. There were now several other members in the collective and it was more dynamic.  There was a different feel to the collective, it still felt like a family but with the yogi's and yogini's gaining spiritual knowledge and depth, the collective no longer felt like a baby. It was growing up.

一年半之后,我感觉到了上天的召唤,知道我一定得回到霎哈嘉瑜伽。我头脑中的问题是,在我抛弃了他们一年半的时间之后, 霎哈嘉瑜伽的成员们会怎样对我呢。然而,我并不需要如此担心,欢迎我回来的是热情敞开的臂腕,过了三个月之后我被邀请住在静室。此时,集体中有多了几个成员,而且,集体更加有活力了。我对集体有了一种不同的感觉,它仍旧感觉像一个家,但是瑜伽士们获取了灵性知识,进而更加有深度了,集体不再像一个婴儿。它正在长大。

I stayed in Sahaja Yoga for 18 months went to India and still I was dragged back to my past life. This time the fall was longer (15 years) and harder. There was not a day that went by during this time that I did not think of the collective or Shri Mataji.


Still Mother in all Her mercy felt I should be a yogi. Who was I to argue when I kept hearing Her call. I tried several times to return but was caught in the web of my own deceit. Shri Mataji persisted and eventually the ignorance that enveloped me was torn open and the light of Shri Mataji shone through.


Once again I was caught up in the dilemma of facing the collective, this time a far larger group of yogis and yogini's. I had no idea what to expect at the first public program that I attended upon returning. Luckily a dear yogini sister was there and made me feel welcome. In a few weeks I was invited to the present day ashram in Vancouver. This was a memorable event in my life. The place was beautiful and when I walked in, there was an ethereal glow that lifted my spirit. The vibrations were tremendous and all the yogi's and yogini's that I had known previously treated me as if I belonged there and that this was my home. I was and am very greatful that Shri Mataji has brought together such a fine group. So for me to single out an episode of love amongst this collective would be impossible.


The yogi's and yogini's here in Vancouver have had some tough times but we love each other and know that we are united in this love. The collective has now grown to over 80 members; it is definitely not a child any longer. The brothers and sisters that I knew from the beginning are as dear as always. The yogi's and yogini's I have had the pleasure of knowing since returning 8 years ago are just as dear. Shri Mataji has seen fit to put us all together and if collectives welcome new members the way I have been welcomed in the past and every weekend since, those new members would have no problem feeling loved.


Jai Shri Mataji

Your brother Yvon Dion

你的兄弟Yvon Dion


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