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(2010-04-22 13:10:33)


IF <wbr>ONLYMoving film about a love story. Shaman Ta is a lively, naive American girl in London College of Music in violin, graduating. She has a focus on the work of her boyfriend, he loves Shaman Ta did not know how to love, how to share the love. Although the love of two long, but with the feeling has become more and more monotonous, and the gradual intensification of contradictions.

One day early in the morning, Shaman Ta doing a hot breakfast careless hand, Ian had an important meeting because, although very distressed, but time constraints, but also attend to so many will be out the door. Houshamanta go home and change the folder found in Ian's important to forget at home, she hurried to send the conference room, they disturb the ongoing meeting of Ian important, because tight say, Ian lost the harm it times for the risk of investment. Ian began to doubt their relationship with the Shaman Ta should continue.

Ian rush to go to Sha Manta graduation concert, in the taxi, the driver of the mysterious words reminded Ian, he knows he can not do without Sha Manta, after the concert, Ian pulled Sharman Tap into an Indian restaurant dining, when he Shaman Ta mind that, because words do not convey, but am very disappointed that Shaman Ta, and cried a man left the restaurant, Ian chase out the door, looking at Shaman Ta on the taxi, the original or the mysterious taxi driver, the driver asked Ian is not on the train, he hesitated and finally still not on. Just when Ian decided to go to recover Shaman Ta, a sudden accident occurred,

Shaman Ta life away, witnessed the accident Ian painful endless. He began his deep remorse for past actions. Watch Shaman Ta diary, watch her do the song for him, Ian's heart is broken, if they can communicate more, if their feelings frankly, if can share the joy of love, if God lets all re- been to, that without a mistake.

In this way, Ian fell asleep holding diary, wake up and suddenly heard someone behind him, he was shocked, actually is a Shaman Ta! Is it dreaming? But the dream was so real, Ian joy, the dubious dreams with Shaman Ta repeat things, and try to avoid this to happen as a result, although Ian is very hard, but a piece or something in my dreams gradually appear in real life, although some in a different order. The only different is that Ian's meeting was very successful, investment, pulling the fact Shaman Ta or appear in the conference room door,

Ian took the hands of only just see the same folder, so they just quietly go. Ian is still very worried, so he wanted to do everything to change, he Sha Manta away, sitting train to his home, took her to the place of their childhood, tell their stories and feelings, in the Peak shabby little house, with tears asked Ian if only one day Shaman Ta life, how she had hoped, Sha Manta deep feeling that if only one day, just like Ian together, the two Shenqingxiangyong. Time flies, or to go back to the graduation concert of the moment, Sha Manta reluctant

Prepared to give up performance opportunities for so many years of graduation. Back in London, Ian Shaman Ta in order to achieve the dream quietly persuaded the concert organizers, the Shaman Ta for the song "Love will show you everything" issued a number of copies sent to the players hand, the concert, surprise achieved Sha Manta singing their songs of dreams, a sensation of the audience. After the concert, they went to Sha Manta pick the restaurant for dinner, after dinner, two out, found rain, no Taxi, Iain Zhongchang take this opportunity to a table, telling the touching feelings, and then a taxi to the, Shaman Ta sit in it, Iain

Found, or the mysterious driver, should fate really can not reverse? Ian will not hesitate to go with the taxi start, stopped at a red light, Ian looked at the clock, 23 o'clock, or a dream that tragic moment, he affectionately kissed Shaman Ta, taxi started, the two men flashed his brain a good time, clutching at the last moment Shaman Ta, blocking the oncoming car. In this way, the outcome changes, the accident took Ian's life, leaving a sad Shaman Ta.

If only, if only the world did not matter. Perhaps we always will regret after losing. The movie is just about such things.

"When you wave goodbye at the airport, she got on a plane, never ever see her." How would you choose? "Just love her" If only this is the last choice in the actor Ian, but not before losing Shan Samantha taxi driver he did not fully understand the words he said, as he himself has not said know how to love his favorite people, do not know how to choose, although he face cheerful, but inside but autistic. He does not know how to express their feelings, do not know why how can a person love him deeply, but do not know how to love, so he also had been hurt virtually the Shan.

Alexandra did not fully understand their love.

However, Shan Samantha never left him, looking at Susan's diary, he realized how stupid his, obviously in love with Susan, but do not know how to express. When God gave him another opportunity to choose, he began to slowly learn how to love, even though he knew they might not much time left. The end of death will not make love, perhaps because of that sentence to understand the Shan, even when they might return to London, Alexandra will be away from him, but finally, after hesitation, he accompanied back to London to attend the Shan Shan graduation concert, because he understands that there will be no matter how kind of results

He can do is "Just love her", the desire to meet Susan, a wonderful time to Alexandra. It is also the last few minutes he uttered his most authentic experience on the Shan, did not give their own regret. Shan on the right in the titles I remember Ian said: "The only thing you can dominate only your own choice", which has foreshadowed at the beginning, he also made the most Hou Yien only one choice. Because to do that, he will live a full life, regardless of left five minutes or five years does not matter, because he knew how to love.

I remember the last remorse Shan Samantha said her friend, Ian had told her a feeling there are bad things happen, and she was reluctant to believe. Although she did not know who left the day before was not Ian, but her own, but she felt deeply the moment Ian's love for her, let her know Ai Yien is easy, because she has been so in love with Ian. The only regret is perhaps the Shan that God left her she was too short. She just felt her love for Ian, Ian's that left her, left her thoughts on Ian, as her last song, the "when you wake up

I remain at your side, when you wake up with all of our shared fear of defeat. "

The love between them is not vigorous, but they were all paid for each other in silence. Although this is perhaps the film was able to move people-earth reasons for it!

     The only thing you can control is your choice. And so, if only……

  就这样,伊恩抱着日记本睡着了,醒来时,突然听到身后有人对他说话,他吓了一跳,居然是莎曼塔!难道是做梦吗?但梦境又那么的真实,伊恩满怀喜悦地、半信半疑地与莎曼塔重复着梦境的事,并努力避免这一切的发生,结果,虽然伊恩很努力,但一件件梦里的事还是逐渐出现在现实生活中,虽然有些顺序不同。唯一完全不同的是伊恩的会议很成功,投资拉到了,实际上莎曼塔还是出现在了会议室的门口,只是刚好看到伊恩手里拿了本一模一样的文件夹,于是就悄悄地走了而已。伊恩还是很担心,于是他想竭尽全力去改变,他把莎曼塔带走,坐着列车到了自己的家乡,带她去了自己童年的地方,诉说了自己的往事和感受,在山顶的破旧小屋子,伊恩含着泪水问莎曼塔如果只剩一天生命,她希望怎么过,莎曼塔深情地说如果只有一天,只想跟伊恩在一起,两人深情相拥。时间过得很快,还是到了要回去参加毕业音乐会的时刻,莎曼塔不愿意放弃准备了那么多年的毕业表演机会。回到伦敦,伊恩为了实现莎曼塔的梦想,悄悄地说服了音乐会的主办方,将莎曼塔作的歌曲《Love will show you everything》印发了很多份发到演奏者手上,在音乐会上,出其不意地实现了莎曼塔演唱自己歌曲的梦想,轰动了全场。音乐会后,两人到莎曼塔挑的餐馆吃饭,饭后,两人出门,发现下雨了,暂时没有的士,伊恩趁此机会一表衷肠,说出了感人肺腑的内心感受,然后的士到了,莎曼塔坐进去了,伊恩发现还是那个神秘司机,难道命运真的无法逆转吗?伊恩不再犹豫地跟了进去,的士启动,在红灯前停住,伊恩看着时钟,晚上11点,还是梦里那个悲剧的时刻,他深情地吻着莎曼塔,的士启动了,他脑里闪过两人的美好时光,在最后时刻紧紧抱住莎曼塔,挡住了迎面而来的汽车。就这样,结局改变了,车祸这次带走了伊恩的生命,留下了悲伤的莎曼塔。
  If only,世界没有if only的事情。可能我们总是在失去之后才会懊悔。这部电影却恰恰讲述了这样的事情。

“当你在机场挥手道别,她搭上飞机,从此再也见不到她了。”你会如何选择?“Just love her”这是If only中男主角伊恩最后的选择,但在未失去珊曼莎之前他并未完全明白出租车司机对他说的这句话,一直以来正如他自己所说不懂得如何去爱他自己所喜爱的人,不懂如何去选择,他虽然表面开朗,但内心却又自闭。他不知道如何去表达自己的情感,不知道为什么怎么会爱一个人这么深,却不知道如何去爱,他因此也无形中一直伤害着珊。也没有完全明白珊对自己的爱。
    但在珊曼莎永远离开他的时候,看着珊的日记,他明白了自己有多愚蠢,明明深爱着珊,却不知道如何表达。当上天再次给了他选择的机会的时候,他才开始慢慢学会如何去爱,尽管他知道或许留给他们的时间已经不多。死亡不会令爱结束,或许也因为明白了珊的那句话,即使明知可能回到伦敦后,珊会离他而去,但最后在犹豫了一下之后他还是陪着珊回到了伦敦参加珊的毕业音乐会,因为他明白无论会有怎么样的结果,他所能做的就是“Just love her”,满足珊的心愿,让珊过得开心。也在最后的那几分钟他说出了自己对珊最真实的感受,没有给自己留下遗憾。记得在片头珊就对伊恩说:“你唯一能主宰的只有你自己的选择”,这已在一开始埋下了伏笔,最后伊恩也做了他的唯一一次的选择。因为只有这么做了,他才会过着充实的生活,不管剩五分钟或五十年都无所谓,因为他明白了如何去爱。


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