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(2009-12-03 05:43:57)



   In order to let my son to learn more about the knowledge of China's customs and cultures, every time he came to China,I tried to taking him to travel around as much as possible in China. It's been long time for me to dreaming about experiencing the Christmas atmosphere in HongKong, always failed for different reasons. This year, I have made the itinerary for HongKong trip before we left L.A. for China.

We took Hainan Airlines flight from Tianjin to ShenZhen at early morning on the 23rd Dec.Tianjin just had a heavy snow when we were leaving.On the 24th Dec., We got to Hong Kong through Lo Wu Customs in Shenzhen, living in the vicinity of Times Square in Causeway Bay.During the night,huge crowds of people were coming to times Square. People from around the world crowded in this small space. Sounds suppose every Christmas decoration is the best place to take a picture, people just crazy and cheerful for it.This year,Christmas decorations in Times Square is full of playful,romantic element, sweeping away the traditional Christmas decoration, let people refreshing. A lot of young people wandered inside and outside the plaza, couples squaze together, and the entire field echoed happy Christmas atmosphere. The shops inside the shopping center also play all sorts of potential discounts to attract more people to shop. LV store in order to maintain customer service quality, and to limite the number of people into the store. In this way, people are still lined up waiting at the door,very five minutes in the clerk's permission to enter the store. On the way back to the hotel, passing a few nondescript store, but Hong Kong's young people are waiting in long queue at the door. I am so curious and ask for them what they are waiting for, and knowing they want to get admittion to sing karaoke overnight. Back to the hotel, looked out from the 16th floor, the lights, the voices, the buzz fill out entire HongKong . Christmas Night in United States is like Chinese New Year's Eve, it is the night the whole family gathered together for reunion dinner. Like this spent Christmas Eve in the boiling buzzing atmosphere, is another kind of feeling.

Next day to accompany my son to Disneyland. The Hongkong Disneyland is exactly the same as the layout of the Disney landscape in L.A., only the size is smaller. Max is a timid child, afraid to do too thrilling ride. However, Disney's 3D film fantasy is very exciting, he saw twice. As a special Christmas release, the performence will play in the garden every hour. All Disney's cartoon characters are out, or performance or take picture with them, all the kids were so enjoy themselves.  The most striking symble is there are a huge Christmas tree stands in the land center, no less shorter than the Christmas tree on New York's Times Square. During the night,we took part in the tourist group, view the sightlight in Hong Kong. A circle around the harbor by boat, enjoy the Christmas Lights such brilliant. We stopped by Lei Yue Mun boat docked, enjoyed the famous Lei Yue Mun seafood feast. 怎么会有这么多种海鲜,有的叫上名字,有的叫不上,但对于我这个本应归于海的人来讲,算是尽情了一回。 How would there be such a variety of seafood, and some called on the name, some do not call, I am a biggest fan for seafood, so such pleased this wonderful meal.  After dinner wevwent to the Avenue of Stars, walking in the crowd, pulling Max which has baffled, come to the beach, watched Bruce Lee statue, the fingerprint and footprint from movie stars over the past, the nightlight from Victoria Harbor.

26号清晨惊险地拖着Max离开铜锣湾的酒店,转换四乘地铁,过罗湖海关,奔深圳保安机场。 No. 26 pulling Max to leave the early morning adventure hotel in Causeway Bay, convert four subway, cross Luohu Customs, Ben Shenzhen Bao'an Airport. 办完登机手续后,离关闭柜台仅剩十分钟。 After this check, the remaining 10 minutes away from the closure of the counter. 三亚的气候比洛杉矶还要炎热。 Sanya, the weather is still hot in Los Angeles. 换上夏天的裙衫,乘上相约聚此同游,来自上海的友人租用的车,来到天涯海角。 Replaced the summer Qunshan, multiplied by the Meet poly swim with a friend from Shanghai rental car, came to ends of the earth. 虽说天上阴云密布,游人还是络绎不绝,大多数来自北方。 Although the sky covered with dark clouds, or the constant stream of visitors, mostly from the north. 阴云下的天涯海角别有一番情致。 The ends of the earth under a cloud do not have some crosses several. Max在海边长大,嬉戏于海滩之上是他最大的乐趣。 Max at the seaside grew up playing on the beach on top of his greatest pleasure. 没有看到明媚笑脸的天涯海角,虽说是种遗憾,但它的忧郁也是很难得一见的。 Do not see the bright smiling faces of the ends of the earth, although a species of regret, but it is very difficult to get a melancholy to see.

转天三亚下起雨来,迷蒙中到处是摇曳的椰子树。 Sanya next day it began to rain, mist is full of swaying coconut trees. 朋友曾在海南工作过七年,说这个季节的三亚下这样的雨也是罕见的。 Friends who have worked for seven years in Hainan, saying that this season, under such a rain of Sanya is rare. 我们来到亚龙湾,雨中匆匆观望了它一眼。 We have come to Yalong Bay, in the rain waiting to see it a hurry. 如此天气,看来去任何地方都不会有雅致了。 So the weather, it seems to go anywhere, there would not be elegant in. 我们开车来到珠江南田温泉度假区。 We drove to the Pearl River in Southern Tian Spa resort. 这里群山环绕,碧水依依,花香草绿,椰树婆娑,很有巴厘岛的感觉。 Here, surrounded by mountains, clear water Yiyi, floral green grass, palm whirling, very Balinese feel. 这里热矿水的平均温度在57度,共有67个大小不一、功能各异的温泉浴池。 Hot mineral water here, the average temperature of 57 degrees, a total of 67 different sizes, different functions of the hot spring baths. 飞瀑池、向水池、花香池、中药池、冰泉池、“鱼疗”池等等分布于花木椰林间,虽说雨时停时下,人们仍然兴趣盎然地穿梭于园中。 Waterfall pool, the pool, flower pool, traditional Chinese medicine pool, ice-spring pool, "fish therapy" pools, etc. located in between the coconut trees and flowers, although, when the rain stopped the moment, people are still interest the shuttle in the garden. 浸泡在暖暖的池泉中,闭上眼睛,天上飘落着细雨,也是一种极致的享受。 Soaked in warm springs pool, close your eyes, the sky with light rain falling, but also a kind of ultimate pleasure.

喧闹的香江圣诞,缠绵的温柔三亚,又在记忆中写下难忘的一篇。 Noisy Lights Christmas, lingering tenderness in Sanya, but also in the memory to write a memorable one.


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