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General Astrology Overview for All 12 Signs:
The Sun enters partnership-oriented Libra this week, inviting us to turn our solo projects into joint ventures. Most years, the Sun’s entrance into social Libra is like an invitation to a glitzy, high school prom...the kind with a five-course dinner and three-story-high ice sculpture. This year, however, restrictive Saturn is traveling in close proximity through Libra. Waste and excess are frowned upon, as are superficial encounters of any kind. In other words, forget about getting punch drunk from the giant, frozen swan and crawling into the stretch limo with a person of dubious integrity. Relationships formed this week must be built on a solid foundation. So, how about meeting prospective partners for coffee instead of cocktails? Whether for business, pleasure, or something entirely different, it’s best to keep our feet planted on solid ground when we’re seated at the proverbial negotiating table. The contracts we sign now will be written in permanent ink. We’ll want to be certain on the front end about what is right for us as individuals. Fortunately, Wednesday’s full moon in Aries shines a spotlight on our personal desires. We’ll have a chance to pull away from the charming gazes and conversations to regain contact with our own inner voices. There IS a risk of impulsiveness, however, during this full moon. Try not to make any major life decisions midweek unless you’ve thought them through from every angle.


Wednesday’s full moon in Aries makes you the hottest spotlight-stealer in town. Your efforts over the past six months attract attention from noteworthy people and possibly even the media. Make sure you’re “camera-ready” at all times, because all eyes WILL be on you. If the press doesn’t come a-knocking, take matters into your own hands. This is an excellent week for self-promotion. Don’t be shy! Start a buzz! People want what you have to offer—they simply haven’t heard about it yet. Although you’re capable (and often happiest) working solo, the Sun enters Libra and your partnership sector midweek, pushing you towards a tag team effort. A significant collaborator could enter the picture...or step forward from your ranks of existing contacts. You’re capable of expanding your reach significantly with the help of this person’s resources and knowledge. Although you WILL have to share the spotlight in this case, there’s plenty of room on stage for both of you.


With a full moon in your compassionate, poetic, and divinely inspired twelfth house this Wednesday, you can go from blissed-out to the blues (and back again) in 0.2 seconds. It’s the Law of Opposites in action. If you want to feel ecstasy, you also must be willing to feel agony in equal measure. Stop resisting the waves of emotion that come up this week. Embrace your ability to feel deeply, as this is what being alive is all about! Feelings are not facts, and they DO pass if you allow them to. There may be an ending of sorts that you need to address. One phase of your life is passing out of existence, paving the way for a healthy (and yes, more mature) replacement. Yes, you’ve outgrown your old self, but the passage is still bittersweet. Fortunately, the Sun enters Libra midweek, ushering in a wave of healthy new relationships. Connecting with people who’ve got their acts together becomes the theme in your life over the next month. You may have waved these types off as boring or uptight in the past. Not anymore, Taurus. The part of you that yearns for structure and stability is ready to be activated again. Instead of squabbling about when you’ll actually see each other, your conversations focus on planning all the enriching experiences you are going to share. Plan one over the weekend with someone you find both enjoyable AND reliable.


It’s time to stop dancing the Electric Slide with a barn full of commitment-phobes. Those “maybe one of these days” selections are only mirroring your own fear of deeper involvement—a fear you’re ready to tackle for once and for all. This metaphor may actually refer to the lineup of exes or unavailable hopefuls you keep referring to in your conversations or dwelling on in your private thoughts. With the Libra Sun joining Saturn in your romance house for the next month, reality checks are imminent. Cue The Naked Eyes’ 1980s hit “Promises, Promises” as you begin to separate people into two categories: the ones who make promises and the ones who keep them. Words are pretty much meaningless when they aren’t backed up by action. A part of you has been waiting for that certain someone to finally make good on a delicious vision that was poetically spun. Hasn’t happened yet? Forget about it. By holding that torch, you’re missing out an actual opportunity that’s staring you right in the face. Would you rather be dreaming or doing? Taking a more active role in your life will be far more fulfilling than counting the cracks in your ceiling as you lie in bed waiting for that “someday” call to come in. A full moon in your friendship house energizes a team effort with possibility. You may be ready to leave one circle and join another that’s more in line with your current creative interests.


Ready to see your name in lights? This Wednesday’s full moon ushers in the accolades for the work you’ve done over the past six months. You’re making a name for yourself, Cancer, and rightfully so. Accept that helping hand waiting to pull you up to the VIP rung of the ladder. You DO have more negotiating power now, so if you’ve been martyring yourself out in the name of “paying dues,” it’s time to adjust your dials. The Sun joins Saturn in your domestic fourth house for the next month, signaling a need to retreat to your shell when that five o’ clock whistle blows. You’re bound to burn out if you keep working overtime as you have. If there’s evening work to be done, you’d be better off finishing it up as you lounge on your sofa in pjs and slippers, rather than hunched over your desk while the office custodian vacuums under your feet. Family and old friends come back into focus—remember them? Time to reconnect to the most precious part of yourself...that sweet, sentimental, and AVAILABLE loyalist who holds your inner circle together with nurturing energy. Plan a house party or a group dinner at a great restaurant so you can catch up with everyone at once. As busy as you’ve been, you’ll never have time to reconnect with your friends one by one right now.


Your feet are itchin’ to hit the road, so give yourself over to spontaneous wanderlust. With Wednesday’s full moon in your house of expansive journeys, a trip with an educational or spiritual purpose would be right up your alley. You may soon find an outlet for sharing the knowledge you’ve been busy mastering all summer. Whether teaching, leading a workshop, blogging, or publishing through a direct media outlet, you’re ready to spread the word about a subject you’re passionate about. It’s been said that when the student is ready, the master will come. If you feel yourself pushing, prodding, and trying to convince people to see things your way, take a hint. These people are not your “students,” or at least...not at this stage of the game. You need to sow your seeds in fertile soil, Leo, which will require some searching. Where do those greener pastures lie? Network with like-minded people through Meetup groups, explore extracurricular evening activities, or maybe even sign up for a class yourself. Dabbling helps you discover the right avenues for connecting to your audience of eager listeners and collaborators. Heads up—they might be closer to home than you think.

Virgo 处处

Wednesday’s full moon ushers in the spirit of transformation. Changes you’ve been working hard to make over the past six months could finally bear their magical fruits. Resources, including (but not limited to) financial support, could flood in, breathing life into a seemingly impossible project. This full moon does mark a turning point of sorts. In order to advance to the next stage of the game, you’re going to have to let go of something from your past. Don’t clutch on for dear life, Virgo. Although you may fear releasing this attachment, it will soon feel like a lead weight around your ankle. The Sun joins Saturn in your house of budgets, plans, and foundations mid-week, helping you ground any frenetic energy that’s swirling through you. Map out your to do list and calendar for the month ahead, and put systems in place to make life more efficient. Create a step-by-step plan for how you’ll transition into the new path that’s calling you. Some belt-tightening may be in order, so look for ways to trim the fat from your spending without starving yourself of joy.



The Sun joins Saturn in Libra this week, helping you get serious about a personal mission. You know that you’re ready to make some sort of leap, but in what direction? Easy does it O’ Excitable One. Saturn will be nested in your sign until October 6, 2012, and there’s no need to rush your evolution. Baby steps are all that are required to ignite the kinetic energy in your life. This week is more about listening to the voice of your own curiosity and taking the initiative to explore potential avenues of growth. Wednesday’s full moon in Aries brings the answers to a long-standing question you’ve had about a partnership (romantic or otherwise). You’ve been on the fence with this one for quite some time, but it’s getting pretty painful to hang out in no man’s land like this. While there are some pretty compelling reasons to stay put, will you truly be fulfilled if you do? If the answer is no, you may find yourself catapulted right off that garden gate and on to greener pastures. Budding romances may reach a fulfilling climax during this full moon as well. You’ll need to be direct and obvious, as your beloved may not have received a clear signal about your affections.


Your well-being comes into focus this Wednesday, under the light of the full moon. Efforts you’ve made to take better care of yourself show stellar results. Why not use this as inspiration to get your sluggish friends motivated in the same direction? If you’ve been slacking on self-care, this full moon brings a slap on the wrist. Your body is your soul’s address here on Earth, Scorpio, so treat it like a temple! With the Sun joining Saturn in your dreamy, flowy twelfth house for a month, find ways to connect your fitness plan to your higher consciousness. Try yoga, martial arts, or Nia dance. An ounce of preventative medicine is worth more than a pound of cure. Massage, acupuncture, switching to organic produce and consciously-raised meats from heavily processed foods...these can all do wonders to keep your resistance and energy high. This is the final month of your annual zodiac cycle—a time meant for cleaning house and clearing space to usher in the new. Begin the de-cluttering process this week. Holding on to objects for sentimental reasons may be keeping you anchored to the past. It’s time to let go of some of these material things, especially if they conjure feelings of sadness and loss. Once your space is cleared, creativity flows anew. Bring art and music into your home that reflects your current state of mind.

Sagittarius 射手

Although you love being friends with the world, it’s time to refine the admissions process to your inner circle. The Sun joins Saturn in your house of groups and teams, begging you to be a bit more selective. Not everyone is worthy of your trust, Sagittarius, or your sacred company. An electrifying exchange is not always a basis for developing a further connection. Notice where you get so swept along by a conversation that you wind up committing to things you never really wanted to do in the first place. This week, the planets blow the whistle on that people-pleasing behavior. It’s actually destructive to long-term connections, as you wind up confusing people by leading them on. Learning to say “no,” or at least, “give me some time to research that, think it over, etc.” is a key lesson now. Better to sit through the discomfort on the front-end than trudge along under the burden of false promises later on. Wednesday’s full moon in your house of passion, glamour, and fame helps you hit a high note with a project you’ve been developing over the past six months. Smile for the cameras, Sagittarius, this one is going to be newsworthy!


Home and family come into the spotlight under Wednesday’s full moon. You may need to create more space for a relative in your life...or put up boundaries with one who is pushing you past your point of comfort. If you’ve had a move in the works, news about a piece of property could come. You may finally feel “at home” in your current life and environment. Breathe it in, Capricorn, as you’ll want to savor the cozy feelings. Not that you’ll be tucked away in your lair for too long. Midweek, the Libra Sun joins Saturn in your career sector, giving you a push towards your ambitions. Balancing home life with career aspirations seems to be an ongoing struggle for you, and this week is no exception to the rule. While you want to do it all, have it all, and be it all, your personal Rome need not be constructed in a day. Revisit your goal sheet and set new timelines. Save a few of those dreams for another time, and pick the one big mission you’d like to focus on over the next month. One, Capricorn, not twenty…or even three! One.


Wax on, wax off.(译者表示不会翻译这句,请高人翻译一下)。在天秤宫的太阳携手土星进入了掌管你高等教育的宫位。你已经对你的崇高的理想有了自己的想法,你也正准备用你惯有的神速让它开展起来。可是不要这么快,小蚂蚱。在你能够解决那些复杂的理论之前,你还是要好好打基础。这会在接下来的四周考验你的耐心,跟着该有的过程走吧。只要你持续不断的努力,你会朝你的梦想迈上一大步。当这一切实现了,任何问题都能解决,只要你把它们分解成简单的步骤来研究。而这一次,步骤可能会比你以前处理过的要多得多。和国内其它地方的人合作,甚至和国际间的人合作,可能会是这些过程的一部分。周三,满月会帮你巩固一段柏拉图式的伙伴关系,这段关系在过去(几年)已有所发展。你在这个人身上看到了孪生灵魂。你们两个人已经准备好驻力于一个创造性的使命,这可能会在之后充盈你们两人的荷包。
Wax on, wax off. The Libra Sun joins Saturn in your house of higher learning. You’ve had your sights set on a lofty goal, and you’re geared up to make it happen at your usual supersonic speed. Not so fast, grasshopper. Before you can solve those complex theories, you have to cover the basics. While this may try your patience over the next four weeks, follow due process. If you put in a consistent effort you could make a quantum leap towards your dreams. As it turns out, anything can be figured out if you break it down into simple steps. This time around, however, there might be a few more steps than you’re used to dealing with. Working with people from other parts of the country, even internationally, may be part of the process. On Wednesday, a full moon helps you solidify a platonic partnership that’s been developing over the past year. You’ve discovered a “soul twin” in this person. The two of you are ready to join forces on a creative mission that could soon put money in the bank for you both.


The full moon in your financial sector brings answers to a pending economic situation that’s dragged on over the past six months. No more waiting and wondering. You need certainties, or you need to move on to other opportunities. If you’ve been putting your eggs in the right basket, a windfall could come your way. Save most of it, as you’ll have some important places to invest it in 2011. This week could also find you dividing property with someone...or merging assets. Either way, you’ll want to have all your budgetary ducks in a row. Emotions can grow heated when money is involved. You didn’t realize quite how attached you’d become to your possessions, did you? Letting go can be liberating in some cases. With the Sun joining Saturn in your house of sexual energy and mystical transformations for a month, you’ll begin finding proof of this. Work towards creating a deeper connection to the mystical aspect of life. Connecting powerfully with people doesn’t need to cost you a penny, especially when there is undeniable chemistry burning between you.


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