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到到网酒店评价翻译 1382期

(2009-11-30 15:23:09)








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<!--30352114|735220|Bavaria Hostel B&B-->Good for budget


When we arrived at the Bavaria, we were informed that the family would be staying at different places due to reconstruction at the Bavaria. They said we will be a short walk from each other, which was everything but a short walk. The room and breakfast was good. The place was well located and we enjoyed our stay.



<!--29761604|478525|珊瑚岛度假村-->A pleasant Surprise, but Corals are bleeched.....

                  珊瑚岛度假村--> 一个大大的惊喜,但出现了珊瑚漂白现象

My fiancee and I decided to splash some cash on a trip to a nice Island, as Patong Beach got a bit too much after 9 days.... We decided on Corals Island as the brochure looked really nice, and we thought to give it a try and stay a night there. As we got engaged a few days earlier, our Hotelreceptionist got us a wee deal aswell, as our Thai wasn't very good she contacted the Island on our behalf. We got oicked up early in the morning, by a nice bus driver and once we reached the pier it was a quick jump onto the speedboad (which has seen better days) and a quick 20 min bumpy ride to Coral Island.



As we approached the Island we noticed that it wasn't too busy with tourists, which was fine. On arrival we checked in, given the keys to our bungalow and a welcome drink. We got the impression the place had probably a boom time, as a restaurant looked closed, and other facilities were a bit run down. We got upgraded to a nice bungalow close to the beach once we arrived. However after a few minutes my fiancee got a fright, as a big cockroach landed on her shoulder, and we decided to get the room and bathroom as spray with insectkiller, and return a couple of hours later to see if there were anymore. The room did initially smell a bit damp as it hadn't been used for a while.



We were considering of returning back to Phuket, but after giving it some thought and speaking to the staff, who are extremly helpful and understanding, we decided to stay, and what a good desicion it was. The pool area is very well looked after, the beach is relatively clean, unfortunately because they can not dispose rubbish properly, the beach as got some litter lying around. The water is lovely, though unfortunately most of the coral is bleached and white, like most areas due to the tsunami. Nonetheless we had a lovely day there, swimming, relaxing and reading on the beach and snorkeling.



We returned to the Bungalow to find a total of 6 dead Cockroaches and were confident that there wouldn't be anymore. At night there was a fab buffet, and you realised how remote you were. It was quite a varied buffet and they try to accomodate all tastes. Mostly Scandinavians frequent here. At 10 o'clock we had the bar to ourselves, and played a few games of pool, and went to bed. After a great night sleep, and no nightmares or encounters of Cockroaches we had a fantastic buffet breakfast, and went to the other end of the beach to witness massive lizzards enjoying their breakfast, too. At late afternoon we got picked up by the Speedboat again to head back to Phuket Island. We would certainly stay on Coral Island again, despite the negative experiences.



<!--35249727|677036|Link Hotel-->Small rooms but great services


We stayed here for only one night.  The check-in staff was prompt and even apologised for making us wait for 5mins!  Our room was in the second building, so we had to carry our own luggage to our room.  On first impression, the room was a little on the small size and quite dark.  There was not much lighting in the room...However, it was clean and pleasant, so staying here for one night was fine.  If we had to stay for more nights, it would have been a problem, cause we would have expected more, considering this was a 4 stars hotel.  Our previous stay at a 2 stars hotel in Singapore was much better in comparison.



Anyway, the hotel offered a reasonable breakfast buffet, though it was limiting on the choice of food it served.  There was a complementary bus service which took guest to Orchard Road and China Town everyday.


However, one of the reason we decided to pay a little extra for this hotel was that the website offered complementary airport transfer.  This is not true, as this service was extra.  Had we known this before we booked the hotel, I doubt we would have paid so much for staying in this hotel.




<!--4984805|309826|首尔哈密尔顿酒店-->Great location



Stayed at Hamilton hotel for a few nites in April2006.A strategic location,across the road is the subway that can take uto all parts of Seoul. The airport limosine is also right across the road.The rooms are clean and comfortable but they dont provide a kettle which is quite inconvenient. The staff speaks english and are willing to help u with directions . There are a lot of shops and restaurants along the road including Indian food . However the indian food is quite pricy.For Muslims theres a mosque right down the road. For 83USD per nite (internet rate) Hamilton hotel is definitely value for money.I will not choose another hotel if i were to go to Seoul again.



<!--19932155|209171|High Holborn Residence-->Great price, great location!



We stayed at the High Holborn Residence Aug 23-30, 2008.  You really can't beat the location... walking distance to Covent Garden, Leister Square, Soho, West End theatres, British Museum...  just perfect! 



We took the Picadilly Line straight from Heathrow and the High Holborn tube stop is just a couple minutes walk from the residence.  Room was small (as expected) with two single beds, a desk, a wardrobe and a sink (this was nice, you could brush your teeth etc. in the room).  Just down the hall, we shared a bathroom, shower and full kitchen with about 4 other rooms - very reasonable.


There is a nice breakfast every morning (included with your stay) - tons of fresh fruit, boiled eggs, cereal, toast, bagels, yogurt, juice/coffee/tea, pastries, etc.  There is a TV in the basement lounge (and pool table, and bar).




I'm really gald we stayed here, close to all the action.  Very central for everything!  It's nice also that you only pay a deposit (10 pounds) on booking, the rest isn't due until checkin.  Highly recommend.


<!--23589901|305831|At Panta-->Too much noice. Impossible to sleep!


We found this one on booking.com and it looked so nice. Also when we came. It was beautifully located on a river - but with all the thai villas 5 meters from a very very busy main street leading to the airport. That meant I could not sleep at all during the night, since the motorbikes make so much noice you cannot sleep.


The place is adorable, the staff too, but really, you cannot sleep. So it all does not matter.

The thai villas are beautiful but no hot water for the shower and for the bath tub.

The pool is so magnificent but made way to close to the street, so again you have all the noice, despite the beautiful scenery. It was such a shame!


Why would they build the most expensive rooms next to the highway?? I don't understand. We stayed only one night and cancelled all the rest.Really a shame.


<!--32264497|187989|The Berkeley-->Every need anticipated!


Beautiful room in a terrific location with top-notch service - ice bucket was always filled before we knew we needed ice!  Concierge took care of shipping a poster home for us with a smile.  Try the homemade granola at breakfast.  Blue Bar a perfect place for a nightcap after enjoyable dinner at the Boxwood Cafe.  I see no reason to stay anywhere else in London - highly recommend the Berkeley.



<!--20089978|229082|Summit Roma Hotel-->Forget the Summit Hotel it is awful


we stayed at this hotel sept 08. Our party got to the hotel at aprox 11 30am there was one person on the desk who was booking everyone in,after every one was booked in they told us we could only get into our rooms after 2pm. By the time every one got their keys it was too late to do anything. The hotel is a bus ride and a tube out of town or a 30euro taxi ride. It is a20 minuet walk to the bus stop. the Hotel is up a very steep and long drive off the main road. There is a shop across a bride over a main road about 30 minuet walk from hotel  The bridge is full of graffiti and muck. The hotel is very scruffy bedrooms clean but basic.


The staff are very unhelpful. The breakfast was disgusting.If this hotel is 4 star I would hate a 2 star. I would not even give it 1 star. The area the Hotel is in is scruffy and ruff and up a lane with broken down cars. We made sure we were back before dark. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone is  definitely  not suitable for disabled people. We looked forward to our stay in Rome the hotel certainly spoilt it we could not wait to leave





<!--26590116|299605|Natural Ville Bangkok-->good value


my wife and I stay in natural ville every time we are in bangkok. we been at banyan tree, conrad, sheraton, hyatt, marriott, but natural ville is best value for money. we make sure we get a big room usually without paying more then 3700 baht. with full kitchen supply and 2 tv sets& large bathroom we get same amenities that would cost 18.000 baht at hyatt or sheraton. close to lumpini park and bts is good location too, with a good massager nextdoor aswell, do try walking towards lumpini park another 200 m you have another massager for half the price just as good. naturalville have a good gym and swimming pool though the pool is in the shade alot due to high building around.




<!--28476532|601703|Aran Blu Hotel-->Grumpy service!


Everything about this hotel seems to put it in a boutique catergory, except for one thing.

Grumpy old men!  The front desk service upon checking in is just rude, and off hand.

Surely a retirement home for unhappy old men is better for these individuals than working behind the front desk of a potentially great hotel.  The only other conclusion is that they were acting in a rascist manner to non-italians, and were expressing thier obvious dislike at our presence.  The kind of behavior we experienced is unacceptable.  Fortunately, I have also experienced great service in Italy, but not here.



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