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Ladies Home Journal Interview

(2010-10-13 16:09:22)


首先感谢Lynn的翻译~~~Ladies <wbr>Home <wbr>Journal <wbr>Interview

In anticipation of her new album, Ladies Home Journal caught up with Taylor Swift to get her answers to some interesting and fun questions. Read below for their interview with Taylor…

Why I Called My Album Speak Now…为什么叫speak now
My songs are like open letters. They say everything I wished I had said when certain people were standing right in front of me. I imagine I will be getting a few text messages from them once the album comes out.

My album in three words…三个词形容新专
Diverse. Detailed. Relationship-y. I’m turning relationship into an adjective.
My Writing Process…
多面化 具体化 还有爱情化。我把爱情变成一个形容词 那是我写作的过程

I have an app on my iPhone that’s a voice recorder. I’ll be in the middle of a conversation and will literally walk away and record a bridge, a pre-chorus or half of a hook, then go right back to the conversation like nothing happened.
我的iphone有一个应用软件是一个录音设备,我可能会在谈话的过程中突然走开为了录一些过度段 和声部 或者一些衔接段落,然后回去当做什么事都没有发生过一样继续谈话

Who I’d Most Like To Collaborate With…最想和谁合作
Jay-Z. I know our genres are completely different, but there could be something cool about that.

Now That I Have My Own Place…现在我有了自己的家
I’m most excited about throwing dinner parties and cooking for people. The other night I made this dish with chicken, penne and capers that I am so proud of.
我最激动的是莫过于举办晚宴 为客人烹饪了。有一晚 我做了有鸡肉和刺山柑的管状通心粉 那真是让我无比自豪
What I Took From My Parents’ House…从父母家中搬走了什么
Little teacups, a Geisha doll and a crystal ball that looks like a fortuneteller’s. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted that crystal ball — so my mom gave it to me and I let her keep one of my Grammys.
小茶杯,一个艺妓娃娃,还有一个看起来像算命人用的那种水晶球。自打我是个小孩开始,我就一直梦寐以求想要个水晶球,所以我妈妈给我了一个 我拿一个格莱美奖杯给她作交换

My Signature Dish…
Caramelized bacon. My Mom and I both make it. It’s really easy to do, but people seem to be wonderstruck by it.

My Favorite Hobby…
Antiquing. At the Tennessee State Fair Grounds, I found a hog carrier that I now use as a table for my record player. And I found a long animal trough that I use to store blankets.
我喜欢收集古董。在田纳西州古董拍卖交易会上,我淘到了一个载装体 现在我用它做我唱片机的桌子。我还淘到了一个长长的动物水槽 现在我用它来放毯子

Why I Love Nashville…
When I’d first visit, I was mystified that people talk to you in public, make eye contact on the street and smile at you and wave. Now, I’m addicted to that. I’ve never felt so completely like a town was home as I do here.
当我初次来纳什维尔的时候,我有点迷惑不解 为什么陌生人在大街上和你讲话,用眼神交流,对着你招手合微笑。现在我深深的爱上了这点。我从未感受到那样强烈的家的归属感

What I’ll Do For Beauty…
I really like eyeliner. One time I was waking up on a plane, it had been a long flight and I didn’t have eyeliner — so I used a Sharpie. I file that under my road warrior adventures.
我真的很喜欢眼线笔。有一次我在飞机上醒过来,那是一次很长的旅行 我没有画眼线。所以我只好用一只记号笔。我在我的旅途记录中记下了这笔。

My Make-Up Must-Haves…
CoverGirl has these outlast lip stains that I really like — I have about five in my purse. I’m always throwing my hair around on stage and if I wear sticky lip gloss, my hair gets stuck on my lips — which is a total mess.
封面女孩的长效唇彩,我现在包里就有五支呢。我喜欢在舞台上甩我的头发,但要是我涂那些粘糊糊的唇彩就惨了 我的头发会粘在我的嘴巴上。

Growing Up On A Christmas Tree Farm…
My Dad always liked to let me think that I was helping. So, when I was 6 he gave me the job of picking the praying mantis pods off of the Christmas trees so that they wouldn’t hatch in people’s houses. I loved it!
我爸爸一直喜欢让我感觉到我是一个好帮手。所以在6岁的时候 他让我把那些黏在圣诞树上的螳螂茧子取下来 这样它们就不会被带到别人家里去了。我喜欢那工作

On My Life List…
Seeing my album in Starbucks. I really love Starbucks. I go there every day and I just stare longingly at the CDs they sell. I?m so envious.
看到我的专辑在星巴克里面。我爱星巴克。我每天都去那 我只是盯着他们里面放的唱片集。我可真是嫉妒呀

What I Look For In A Guy…
Someone who loves you for who you are. I like doing cute art projects with glitter, and there have been guys who’ve made me feel like that’s weird. But then there are guys who find it endearing.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition…
Eating the marshmallows in the candied yams.

My Hollywood Crush…
Taylor Lautner. It’s always going to be Taylor.
小狼 永远都会是小狼
Taylor will release Speak Now on October 25.



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