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(2009-12-27 20:57:45)








分类: 在译途中


Italian Montessori’s Curriculum: life skill, sensory development, mathematics, language and literature, culture, art, music, history, geography, astronomy, zoology, botany, science experiment, etc.


Eternal Sea International Dynamic Teaching Curriculum: PE, music, art, moral, game, performance, speech, survival, etc.

   加拿大美德教育工程: 发掘出蕴藏在我们自身和孩子身上的最好的一面――内心的宝石,培养良好的习惯,塑造完美的性格,以使我们服务全人类。

Canadian Virtue Education Project: explore the best inside ourselves and children—the precious stone within, cultivate good habits, shape perfect character to serve the whole mankind.


Talent Curriculum: gymnastics, ballet, piano,

violin, skidding, karate, weiqi, etc.


3.Truly Attach Importance to Quality Education


In the concepts of Eternal Sea International, no kid is stupid , what matters is how to discover and develop their potentials, foster their self-confidence. Every kid is bright, what’s crucial is that teachers should have the abilities to discover and develop them. Here, variety kinds of children’s creative, irregular ideas , no matter right or not will be protected and encouraged. Children here will learn to deduce and induce, know how to inherit and innovate, thoroughly turn the adverse traditional trends that Chinese children always have good academic records but lack international competitiveness.



Based on the education philosophy of caring for children, Eternal Sea International Childhood Development Institute imparted dry knowledge to children through game’s way to let them grasp the knowledge through doing it themselves. Eternal Sea International will provide different types of display opportunities for children, including organizing various kinds of parties to exchange with children from different countries, participating in domestic and foreign competition to let them open the mind, test ability and gain social acceptance. These all-round, high-quality children are the wanted students of international first-class universities. In the future, they will go to international first-class universities, meet leading people of different fields, become outstanding talents themselves through studying and make important contributions to our country and society. We hope that our students will become Nobel Prize winners , the men of world political arena, enterpriser of Fortune 500 companies, Oscar winners on the big world stage in the future….. Eternal Sea International hope to make contributions to cultivate students into the elite in various fields who will be the leading people of academic circles, commercial and industrial circles, political circles, literature and art circles, educational circles. Some of them will come back to join in Eternal Sea International and further push education development to realize ours virtuous circle.


According to the quality request in the world first-class universities, we develop children’s creativity, showmanship, organizing ability, practical ability, etc. Maybe they will be more suited to pursue advanced studies in overseas universities. We also plan to open up Primary, Secondary Sections to realize the total training access. We hope to develop children’s internationalized vision to better adapt them to the era of international cooperation and competition through concerted efforts of teachers and parents.


The educational pattern of Eternal Sea International gives people an entirely new experience in Nanjing. In fact, in Euramerican developed countries this pattern has been developed for many years which has been proved effective and trained a group of outstanding talents who influenced the human history. When Eternal Sea International introduced this educational pattern, we also try to make appropriate readjustment to fit the situation of China. As some Chinese parents want to let their children run prizes from their childhood, we’ll arrange it for them. Of course, Eternal Sea International cares more about the process of the expression_r of their personal charm than the rankings. Eternal Sea International believes that every child is the best.


The educational pattern of Eternal Sea International and common educational pattern in China form a good mutual complementary relationship. Since the contemporary world is diversified, the educational pattern should show a flourish trend. Every pattern has its proper applicants. AS knowledge has no limit, the exploitation of educational pattern will never end.


Eternal Sea International put a lot emphasis that every child is a separate individual and give them more chances to take self determinated activities. We value and respect individual differences and the concept has been permeated through teaching activities.


Eternal Sea International pays attention to create a relaxed happy atmosphere. Children will never bear psychological burden because of not finishing the teaching activities, which protect their self-respect and stimulate their interest. Let them feel happy and acquire the knowledge and technology with joy. The first-class education can “moisturize things in silence.”


Eternal Sea International attach importance to children’s all-round development, that’s to say, lay equal stress on body, cognition, emotion, personality, etc. We’ll comprehensively train children’s sociability, cognitive ability, imaginative ability, creativity, observation ability, teamwork ability, leadership ability, physical ability and improve their EQ, HQ,FQ and IQ. Through pressure-relief education, let the study be happy. By combining single-age classes with mixed-age classes, build all-round new talents.


4. Family-extended Education System

天才产生于塑造!恒海国际注重提高家长在家庭教育环节中的重视程度,这也是恒海特色之一。家长课堂作为恒海教育机构一大特色课程,旨在培训、帮助父母如何成为合格的家长,同时,我们开发了家庭延伸教育体系,力求协助家长建立专业的家庭教育环境。我们让家长认识到:投资孩子就是投资幸福,常青藤教育离不开父母的参与。投入的方式很大程度上决定了产出的效益。父母们可以选择,是增加教育投入得到一个高素质的孩子,还是以较低成本抚养一个平庸的孩子,这两者的价值差异是显而易见的。为此,恒海国际还特意建立起家校沟通的桥梁――恒海国际教育机构家长与教师委员会(PTA:Parent and Teacher Association),负责家长和学校之间的沟通,协商学校的课程等事务,并组织各种活动,帮助学校募集资金。许多家长忙里偷闲地跑到学校作义工、进教室上课。

Genius comes from moulding! Eternal Sea International attaches importance to improve parents’ attention in family education process which is also one of the characters of Eternal Sea International. Parent classes as one of characters of Eternal Sea International, aimed at training and helping parents how to become qualified parents. At the same time, we have developed a family-extended education system and strive to help parents to build a professional home educational environment. We make the parents realize: investing in children is just investing in well-being .Ivy League education can’t be separated from parental involvement. Input method determines the effectiveness of output to a large extent. Parents can choose whether to increase investment in education to get a high-quality child or a mediocre child at a lower cost. Both of them have obvious value difference. Thus, Eternal Sea International specially set up a bridge for home-school communication—Eternal Sea International Parent and Teacher Association which is responsible for communication between parents and schools, discussing the school curriculum and other related issues, and organizing various activities to help schools raise funds. Many parents went to school to do voluntary work and give lessons in their spare time.



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