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(2009-11-06 19:40:59)




分类: CET-4

最近整理的,暂时还只有字母D~S的,并不全,其余整理后再补充上来. 机械地背生词永远也记不住,就算记住了也无法运用.其实最好是跟着例句走,这里就发一些词组,例句等到往后有大块时间再整理吧



be in draft 在草拟中
drown one's sorrow in drink 借酒浇愁
arouse an echo 引起反响
Elaborate on 详细说明
At one's elbow 在某人的近旁
Enforce laws to the letters 严格执法
Enforce the law 执法
Enlighten sb. as to sth. 就..对某人作启发
The erosion of the influence 影响的消退
Exceed sb. in .... 在某方面超过某人
Exert oneself to do 尽力做
Exert a strong influence on 有极大影响
Be explicit about/in doing 在...方面露骨


sit on the fence 保持中立
Filter through (消息)走漏,传出
Flee for one's life 逃命
Flee from reality 逃避现实
Fling oneself to..猛扑入,全身心投身于
With a flourish 一挥手,一晃
For a fraction of a second 稍稍
A small fragment of 一小碎片的
Fragmentation 瓦解,分裂
Frown at 对...皱眉
Frown on/upon 反对,不喜欢
A frowning glance 皱眉一瞥
Feel frustrated at 对..感到沮丧
Frustrated love 失恋
Fundamental change 根本性的改变
Fuss about 对...烦神
Stop fussing 别大惊小怪

grind teeth 磨牙齿
Grind to a halt 逐渐停止
Grip sb's attention 引起某人注意
In the grip of 被....所支配
Gripping 吸引人的
Gross inequality 极度的不平等
Gross income 毛收入

A hail of sth. 如雹子般的一阵
2.A hail of bullet 一阵弹雨
3.Within hailing distance在听得见叫喊的范围内
4.Hail from [正式] 来自 
5.Hail a taxi 叫出租车
6.Come to a halt 从运动中逐渐停止
7.Call a halt to sth. 命令停止
Do sth in harness 互相配合,通力合作
Work in harness with sb. 和某人合作
Harsh winter 严冬
Harsh environment 恶劣的环境
Harsh(garish) daylight 刺目的阳光
Have hatred for sb./feel hatred toward sb.
have hatred of sth. 憎恨某事
Bear/nurse hatred against sb. 怀恨某人
Hazard the health of sb. 对某人健康产生影响
Do sth. at all hazard 不顾一切危险地...
Be in hazard 处在危险之中
Heaving breast 胸部起伏着
Stomach heave 想呕吐
Heave a sigh 深叹一口气
Heave a sigh of relief 大松一口气
Hinder sb. from doing sth. 妨碍别人做...
A hollow promise 空口承诺
Laugh hollowly 假笑
Off the hook 摆脱困境
My humble opinion is that..鄙意以为
Humble 灭...的威风.

be identical to 与...一模一样
Have implicit faith in 完全信奉
Trust each other implicitly 完全互相信任
Incline sb. to be ... 使...倾向于,更加
Be inclined to do 倾向于做
Inclusive of 包括..在内
A fully inclusive price 包含一切费用
Ages 11 to 16 inclusive 11~16岁,闭区间
Infinite space 无尽的宇宙
Insanely easy 极度地简单
Have insight into sth. 能洞察到某事
Be well integrated with the landscape
integrate sb. Into the group 让..假如集体
Be respected for integrity 为人正直受敬
Integrity of the nation 国家统一
Intense cold/heat 严寒/酷热
Intense pain 剧痛
Intense light 强光
Labor intensity 劳动强度
Be intense and dramatic about the future
intense lecture 充实的讲座
Intense discussion 深入细致的讨论
Intensive training 强化训练
Interfere in 干涉
Interpret  A as B 把A理解为B
An invasion of privacy 干涉隐私
Be preoccupied with inward thoughts
inward concentration  内心世界高度集中
Groan inwardly 暗自叫苦
Inwardly convinced 心悦诚服
Inward-looking 内向的

1.Sb. Is a jewel 某人是了不起的人
2.The law of the jungle 弱肉强食的法则
3.be fully justified 被证明完全有必要
4.justify oneself 为...辩护
5.be justified in doing sth. 做...有理
 "You're justified in saying so. 你有理由那么说"
have ample/full/sufficient/abundant/sound justification for  有充分理由做...

lag behind 落后
In the lap of luxury 在优裕的环境中
In the lap of the Gods 听天由命
Lap sb. 套某人圈
Lap up sth.(information;attetion) 欣然接受
In league with [略贬] 密谋,连裆摸子- -
They're in league! 他们是一伙的!
A economic leap forward 一次经济的飞跃
By leaps and bounds 极其迅速地
Leap from sixth place to second
be learned in.. 精通...
Be liable to do 有可能,易于做...
...,literally overnight,...真的是一夜之间
On the loose(=at large) 在逃,逍遥法外
Lump sth. and sth. 把...和...混为一谈

1.Be a magnet for sb. 对某人有吸引力
2.Magnetic appeal 吸引人的魅力
3.A magnetic personality 有吸引力的个性
4.A massive man 一个魁梧男子
5.A massive increase in oil prices 石油价格的暴涨
6.pray for mercy 企求怜悯
7.be at the mercy of= be at diposal of 任由...摆布
8.in a merry mood 有一个好心情
9.put sb. through the mill 使...经受磨练
10.in moderate quantity 适量的
11.modify the law 更改法律
12.be motivated by... 由..激发,受..驱使
13.multiply 5 by 3  以3乘5
14.multiply 5 and 3  3,5相乘
15.mutual understanding/help/respect/destruction
 相互 理解/帮助/尊重/毁灭
mutual interest 共有的兴趣

1.hit the nail on the head 正中要害
 "He had hit the nail on the  head mentioning the dump at breakfast. 他在吃早饭时说那些垃圾,真是煞透了风景。"
2.nail down 确定
3.an expression_r_r of naked anxiety
naked eyes 肉眼
Calm our nerves 放松神经
Nerve yourself to do sth. 使鼓起勇气做
Strains every nerve to do sth. 揭尽全力做
Touch a raw nerve 触及痛处;得罪
Be living on nerves 总是紧张不安
Lose one's nerve 惊慌失措
Stop this nonsense. 别再胡闹了
Notify sb. of sth. 告诉某人...
Noursh their passion 暗恋

assume/take on/undertake an obligation 承担义务
Omit sth. from sth. 从...删去
Omit to do 忘记,疏忽
Highly ornamented room 装饰高雅的房间
A huge sales outlet for.. 广阔的销售市场
at the outset 在一开始
From the outset 从一开始
Sth. Overtake sp./sb. 突然降临,意外碰上
Be overwhelmed by... 被弄得不知所措
Overwhelming 压倒的,势不可挡的
An overwhelming sense of powerlessness

1.be partial to sb./sth. 对…有偏爱
2.show partiality in decision 在做..决定时对…抱有偏心
3.under penalty of…受…处罚
4.death penalty 死刑
5.suffer a penalty 受处罚
6.impose a penalty 予以处罚
7.perceive sb. sth. 认为某人是…
8.perceive sb. do sth. 察觉某人做
9.have a good perception of sth. 对…有良好的感知能力
10.get a better perspective on sth.对…有更好的认识
11.pierce sth. with sth. 用…刺…
12.A gleam pierces the dark. 一丝亮光刺破黑暗
13.A cry pierced the silence.一声喊声打破寂静
14.be pierced by a curious pang 莫名的一阵剧痛
15.piercing <adj.> (寒风)刺骨的,(声音)尖锐的,(目光)敏锐的
16.from pillar to post 四处奔走
17.a pinch of 微量,一撮
18.pinch this idea 剽窃这个想法
19.feel the pinch 手头拮据
20.at a pinch 必要时;没有选择余地时
21.He who digs a pit for others falls in himself.
22.pit your wit against sb. 与…斗智
23.Fogs is a plague to drivers.大雾对司机来说很讨厌
24.I don’t know why we’ve been plagued with such ill luck.
25.sounds plausible 听似有理
26.the pledge is honored 兑现诺言
27.carry out pledge 履行诺言
28.frame a plot 策划阴谋
29.expose a plot 揭露阴谋
30.pose in front of the mirrors 在镜前袄造型
31.pose as 冒充,假扮
32.pose a serious threat 造成严重威胁
33.take the precaution of doing sth. 为做预防工作而做…
[例]:I had taken the precaution of swallowing two sea sickness tablets.
34.fire precaution 防火措施
35.at that precise moment 恰恰在那个时候
36.be precise in…在…方面一丝不苟
37.to be precise 确切地说
38.a reputation for unfailing precision 始终一丝不苟的好名声
39.preface sth. with sth 以…作为..的开头
40.A appears preferable to B  A看起来比B更可取
41.It is preferable that+(should)
42.have a preference for 偏爱…
43.in preference to… 宁愿..而不..
44.There followed a pregnant pause.
45.have a prejudice against 对..抱有成见
46.in someone’s presence 当着某人的面
47.with presence of mind 镇定自若
48.previal on=persuade 说服
49.prior knowledge 先备知识
50.I have a prior engagement.
51.probe for 寻找
52.probe into 调查
53.productive enterprise 效益好的企业
54.productive workers 生产效率高的工人
55.be productive of…[正式]引起、造成
[例]:Tobacco-smoke is thought productive of cancer.
56.her calm pale profile 她镇定而苍白的侧脸
57.keep a low profile 保持低调
58.prompt sb. to do sth. 促使某人做…
59.a bleak/grim/shining/rosy prospect
60.national prosperity 国家兴旺
61.promote economic prosperity 促进经济繁荣
62.live in prosperity 过富裕的生活
63.wish you all prosperity 祝你万事顺利
64.make provision for 为….做好准备
65.provoke sb into sth. 试图激起..
66.stir up a lot of publicity 激起人们注意
67.be punctual for 对…准时
68.have a reputation for punctuality

1.in quest of sth. 追求,寻求
2.quest for …寻找(你看得很重的东西)
3.be on the rack (身心)受极大痛苦
4.rack one’s brain 绞尽脑汁
5.radically different 根本上的不同
6.from rags to riches 从贫穷变为巨富
7.a kind of overnight rags-to-riches story
8.fly into a rage 勃然大怒
9.sth. is all the rage …风靡一时
10.in direct/inverse ratio to 与…成正/反比
11.reap a reward 得到报偿
12.I reckon that…=I think that…
13.reconcile sb. to sth. 使…安于…
14.refine the theories 改进理论
15.render an apology for sth. 对…表示歉意
16.render the aid 提供帮助
17.reproduce his accent 模仿他的口音
18.reproduce the success 再创辉煌
19.resign from a job 辞职
20.a note of resolution 坚定的口吻
21.come to a resolution that 下决心
22.resolve to do 决心做
23.weakening resolve 动摇的决心
24.resort to violence 诉诸于暴力
25.as a last resort 最后的手段
26.a mountain resort 一个山区胜地
27.restore the faith in…恢复了信念
28.restrain sb. from doing 抑制某人做
29.retain a certain reserve and dignity 保持一定的矜持和尊严
30.beat a retreat 打退堂鼓
31.be revolted by 被…所恶心
32.stomach revolt 反胃
33.revolve around 绕..转,以…为核心
34.get the sack 被解雇
35.political sanction 政治制裁
36.the State pension scheme 国家养老计划
37.scheme on sb’s behalf 为…出谋划策
38.scope for originality 独创一格的机会(空间)
39.sth. only scratch the surface 谈得很肤浅
40.from scratch 从头做起
41.in session 法庭审案中
42.an all-night drinking session 通宵的一场豪饮
43.shed the leaves 落叶子
44.be shed by the company 被解雇
45.shed tears 流泪
46.shed light on=cast light on=help to explain
47.by sheer coincidence 纯属巧合
















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