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Between the rhetoric of Taihu Lake on the 1st Huan

(2010-08-13 00:29:59)



您好! Hello! 您现在看到的是我们的 B5 户型的样板间,从外形上您也能发现我们的房子非常大气、方正。 You now see that our model for inter-B5 Unit, from the shape on your house can also find our very atmosphere, Founder. 像我们一层和二层的层高都是 3.6 米,三层是 3.3 米。 Like our first and second floors of the story is 3.6 m, 3.3 m is three. 我们的外立面采用的是贴砖和文化石,看起来非常漂亮,而且经得起时间的考验容易清洗。 Facade of our culture with the tiling and stone, looks very pretty, and stood the test of time, easy to clean. 如果采用涂料的话比较容易脏又不能清洗。 If using paint more easily if they can not wash dirty. 这套别墅是我们二期非常经典的户型,不论是功能性还是实用性都有了很大改进。 The villa is very classic Unit 2, whether functional or usability has also improved significantly. 比如说您现在看到的私家车库,高 3.5 米,宽 6.6 米,采用之前老客户的建议我们的车库门进行了加高,这样的话您停两辆霸道都没问题,就可以让您的爱车免受风吹日晒。 For example, you are now seeing a private garage, is 3.5 meters, 6.6 meters wide, with the recommendations of our customers before the garage door was taller, so no problem you to stop two high-handed, you can let your love vehicles from sun and wind.

一层是主人的开放空间,及商务礼仪为一体。 Floor is the master of the open space, and business etiquette as a whole.

这边是私家电梯,我们的别墅要么是两层比较舒适的要么就是三层带电梯的非常人性化,而且体现出别墅的尊贵感。 Here is a private elevator, our two-story villas are either more comfortable or three with the elevator is very human, but also reflects a sense of noble villas. 这样的话您下了班就不用爬楼梯到三楼,只要一个按键就解决问题,如果您家里有老人和小孩的话这个电梯就绝对是您最好的选择了。 So your after work do not have to climb the stairs to the third floor, as long as a button to solve the problem, if you have elderly people and children at home, then the elevator would definitely be your best choice. 我们的电梯在设计上也非常人性化,为什么会把它设在里车库和走廊近的地方呢? Our elevator design is also very human, why would it in the garage and in the corridor near the place? 因为这样的话上下楼即便有一点动静也不会影响家人的休息,远离卧室。 Because in that case, even a little movement on the down will not affect the family's rest, away from the bedroom. 而且电梯占用空间很小,高 2.8 米,宽 0.9 米,可容纳三到四人,很适合家庭用。 And the space elevator is very small, 2.8 meters wide and 0.9 m, can accommodate three to four, it is suitable for home use.

这个是我们的门厅,在两侧是嵌入式的衣帽间和鞋厨,这样的话您忙碌了一天进到家里就可以直接把帽子或者外衣挂到衣帽间里,非常方便。 This is our hall, both sides are embedded in the shoe closet and kitchen, so your busy day into the home can be linked directly to the hat or coat to the locker room, very convenient.

这边是我们一个 270 °观景的早餐厅,对面就是厨房,把早餐厅和厨房放在一起就会特别方便,忙碌的早晨给你节省时间,吃完早餐就可以顺势出家门。 Here is a 270 ° viewing of the breakfast room, opposite the kitchen, the breakfast room and kitchen together will be especially convenient for a busy morning for you to save time, eating breakfast can homeopathy out of the house. 厨房分中厨和西厨两部分,符合现代人的居住观念,生活和工作的多元化,同时对我们的生活品质在某种意义上也是一种很大的提升。 Kitchen points in the kitchen and the two parts of the Western kitchen, meet the modern living concept, the diversity of life and work, while our quality of life in a sense is a great upgrade. 早餐厅的设计非常棒,不但外形美观还让您在享用早餐的同时沐浴清晨第一缕阳光。 As early as the restaurant design is great, not only beautiful appearance also allow you to enjoy breakfast in the morning while the first ray of sun bathing.

在一层我们还设计了一个公共卫生间,非常便利。 We also designed the first floor of a public toilet, very convenient.

正对着门口的是我们设计的玄关,让您不能一进门就看见家里的所有格局,起到屏障的作用,古语讲'聚财,财不外露'都是他的作用。 Opposite the entrance is the entrance designed so that you can not see the door, all the patterns at home, play a barrier role, is an old saying 'accumulated wealth, money is not exposed' was his role.

这个是可以容纳十人以上的大餐厅,请亲朋好友到家里来,在这里招待客人是必不可少的。 This is more than can accommodate 10 large restaurant, please friends and family to the house, where entertaining guests is essential.

聚餐之后直接坐在客厅里休息,很方便。 Sitting in the living room directly after dinner to rest easy. 客厅的高是 7.2 米,面积有 50 平米,非常气派。 Living room is 7.2 m high, with an area of 50 square meters, very grand. 在这里通过落地窗让你感受面朝大海春暖花开的感觉,虽然有点夸张但是绝对是风景宜人,让人看了心清气爽。 Here you feel towards the sea through the windows feel the spring, though a bit exaggerated, but definitely pleasant scenery, people saw heart clear and fresh.

这个书房虽然不是很大,但是足够用,当您处理公事感觉疲惫的时候就可以直接通过这个透明的玻璃门到自家的花园里放松一下。 This study, though not much, but enough to use, when you feel tired when dealing with official business can be directly through the transparent glass doors to own garden to relax. 观观湖,看看景,怡然自乐。 View of Lake View, see King, Yiran from the music.

我们二期的产品都会带一个五六十平米的地下室,因为周围都是湖,如果做很大的地下室的话,即便我们的防水做的再好,也会很潮。 Our two products will be 60 square meters with a five-basement, because all around the lake, if you do a great basement, then even if we do no matter how good waterproof, will also be very tide. 这个小型的地下室作为您的储藏间应该足够用了。 The small basement storage room as your should be sufficient.

我们的楼梯宽度是 1.2 米,梯步是 0.15 米,踏步是 0.2 米, 9/4/9 的阶数,走起来既不会很费劲也不会让人觉得不舒服,恰好这个尺寸是我们最合适的走动方式。 Our staircase width is 1.2 m, step ladder is 0.15 m, no progress is 0.2 m, the order of 9/4/9, neither was hard to go up and not make people feel uncomfortable, just the size of our most appropriate way of walking.

二层是主人的半私密空间。 Second floor is the master of the half-private space. 我们设计了三个次卧(每个卧室都有一个卫生间),一个 40 平米的南向楼台。 We designed a three second bedroom (each bedroom has a bathroom), a 40 square meters south towers. 其中一个卧室是 270 °观景的小卧室,设计出来非常温馨,漂亮。 One bedroom is a 270 ° viewing of the small bedroom, designed a very warm and beautiful. 而且在这边有一个家庭厅,让您在工作之余和家人共度温馨时刻。 And a family room in here, so you spend spare time and a warm family moment.

这个露台我们做成一个家庭烧烤的台子,空间足够大,让您和家人共度美好周末。 The balcony we made a family barbecue in the table, space is big enough for you and your family spend a beautiful weekend.

不知道您有没有发现我们的窗都是横推的,较一期有些改动,因为窗如果是是竖着推的,费劲不说,有的时候用力过了费好大劲都拽不回来。 Do not know if you have not found our windows are horizontal push more than a few changes, because the window if the Yes on end pushing hard at not that hard sometimes with great difficulty over the charges are not pull back. 这样的话非常方便省力。 So very convenient.

三层是主人的纯私密空间,不但有一个八十平米的大露台卧室的面积更是达到四十平米。 Three is the master of pure private space, not only has a 80 square meter large balcony bedroom area is to reach 40 square meters. 让您在这里可以对黄太湖的风景一览无遗。 Here you can glance yellow lake scenery. 同时配备更衣室和桑拿间。 Also equipped with changing rooms and sauna. 晚上睡觉之前整个桑拿浴,散去一天的疲惫,再在这样安静舒适的环境下美美的睡上一觉。 The sauna before going to bed at night, dispersed the day's fatigue, then in such a quiet and comfortable environment the United States and the United States of sleep. 早上起来到大露台上舒展舒展筋骨,看着清晨的滦河风光一定是别有一番情趣。 Up in the morning to a large terrace stretching exercise together, the Luan River in the early morning watching certainly is fun. 一天之计在于晨,想必这个完美的一天的开始会带给您更多的开心与快乐。 Dollars a day is morning, must have the perfect start to the day will bring you more happiness and joy.




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