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(2009-10-26 17:32:26)


S-Bearing Units                                              Deep-groove ball bearings with extended inner rings ,called S-bearing units, are manufactured in a number of designs. At one end of the inner ring, the bearing is clamped to the shaft with an eccentric locking ring (Figure 1.7) or with two setscrews (Figure 1.8) .On both sides the bearings have rubbing contact seals and sometimes flingers (Figure 1.8) as an added protection. As a rule, the outside diameter of the outer ring is ground spherically, so the ring can align itself in a suitably designed sheet-steel or cast-iron housing if the beating locations are misaligned. These bearings are mainly used in agricultural machinery, conveying installations and construction machinery.
带有扩展内圈的深沟球轴承,即        ,可以制造成多种形状。在内圈的一端,轴承通过偏心锁定环(图1.7)或者两个定位螺钉(图1.8)被固定在轴上。轴承的两边都有摩擦接触式密封,有时抛油环(图1.8)作为一个额外保护。
按照规定,外圈的外径是      ,所以在轴承错位的时候能够自调以能够配合一个设计合理的钢板或铸铁钢架。这些轴承主要用于农业机械,输送设备和工程机械。
 Deep-Groove Ball Bearings with Filling Slots
This bearing type was a predecessor of the deep-groove ball bearing without filling slots(Figures 1.9 and 1.10).On one side of the bearing, both rings were provided with a filling slot in the shoulder , through which the balls were fed into the bearing.
These bearings were less suitable under axial loads because the balls ran over the filling slots . Since nearly all bearing applications involve axial loads , the type without filling slots has largely  replaced the bearing with filling slots.
Magneto Bearing is similar in its construction to the deep-groove ball bearing without filling slots. The outer ring, however, has only one shoulder , so the bearing can be taken apart .The circular profile of the outer-ring raceway merges smoothly at its apex into a straight profile. Magneto bearings transmit axial forces in only one direction. Two bearings adjusted against one another are therefore required for the axial guidance of a shaft .The bearings are generally installed with a small axial clearance in order to compensate for length variations of shaft and housing.
Since magneto bearings can be taken apart, the outer ring and the inner ring with cage and ball set may be installed separately. The balls are retained in a U-shaped cage, made in one piece of brass sheet or sheet steel, or in a solid cage of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide. Cage, balls ,and inner ring form a single constructional unit (see Figure 1.11) .Although the outside diameter of all other rolling beatings has a minus tolerance, all magneto beatings have the tolerance +0.01 mm. The origin of this difference is historic.
虽然所有其他滚动  外径有负公差,所有磁  公差0.01毫米。这一差别的起源是历史性的。
Magneto bearings are installed in small electrical appliances, dynamos, car starter motors, vacuum cleaners, compasses, etc. They are increasingly superseded by deep-groove ball bearings.
Single-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
In single-row angular contact ball bearings, as shown in Figure 1.12,   raceways are so arranged that the forces are transmitted from one raceway to the other under a certain contact angle the angle between the line of action of the force and the radial plane. They are made in series with contact angles of 15°,25°and 40°.
在单列角接触球轴承,如图1.12,滚道的布置,在某一接触角时,使载荷从一个滚道传输到另一个滚道。他们被制成接触角为15 °,25 °和40 °的系列。
Due to their contact angle, single-row angular contact ball bearings are better suited to sustaining high axial loads than deep-groove ball bearings. However, they can sustain radial loads only when simultaneously subjected to axial loads.


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