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外研版 必修一---选修八  everyday english

(2010-08-18 22:02:36)




Rob: Hi,Diane!

Diane: Hi,Rob.How are you doing?

Rob: I'm fine.I've jiust been to my first language class.

Diane: Oh really? So have I. Which language are you  studying?

Rob: Chinese.

Diane: Is that right? Cool!Hoe was it?

Rob: There's an assistant teacher called Miss Wang. She's Chinese. we're going to see her once a week.

Diane:And what do you think?


1 A:Shall I go to the meeting?

   B:you decide --it's up to you

2 A:take a look at the picture. Isn't it beautiful?

   B:yes,it's lovely

3 A:there are a couple of things I need to do.

   B:Do you need help with them?

4 A:your history classes are now on Monday at  eleven, Tuesday at three and Friday at 9:30.Have you got that?

  B:No,Could you repeat it please?

A:So that's settled,we'll start at nine tomorrow.

    B:Fine,nine tomorrow.

A:Come on kids,let's go.

    B:Wait for me.


Interviewer:tell me,did you enjoy making films?

Mary Lennon: Oh yes! It was good fun! Sometines we made theer films ina week.

Interviewer: Is that right? But weren't you tired?

Mary Lennon:Definitely! Wewere exhausted. We had o get up at 4 am and  we didn't go to bed until midnight.

Interviewer:Oh,I see. that's a long time.

Mary Lennon: Absolutely! It takes a long time to make a film.


1 Am I right in thinking (that) ....?  means Is it ture that....?

2 A great many things means a lot of things.

3 To do well means to be successful.

4 As a result means because of this.

5 Congratulations!means you've done something very good!

6 It's fascinating means It's very interesting.

7 We make it (1,400) means we think the answer is (1,400).


1 Where do we go from here? means what shall we do next?

2 Keep the noise down means talk quietly.

3 You're got it! means you're understood

4 Go ahead! means begin!

5 It's yout turn means you're next.


Good morning,sir.

how can I help you?

what can I do for you ?

what kind of (mobile phone) would like/are you looking for?

I think /In my opinion / If you want my personal opinion....

But I should tell you ....

How would you like to pay ?

Would you like bag ?/Would you like to wrap it up?

If you need any help,don't hesitate to call us.

Thank you very much ,/thank you gor shopping here.

See you again soon, I hope./Come back soon.






1 Terrific!means wonderful.

2 To be off work means not to go to work.

3 Oh dear!means That's bad news.

4 That couldn't be better means well done.

5 I have a sweet tooth means I like sweet things.

6 I'm crazy about football means I love football.


1=strong agreement   2=agreement    3=disagreement   4=strong disagreement

1 I don't agree with you   3

2 I totally agree with you   1

3 I couldn't agree more    1

4 I'm not sure I agree with that    3

5 That' right   2

6 That's a good point   1

7 I'm not sure about that   3

8 You can't be serious   3

9 I completely disagree    4


Cool  No way  Really  Excellent


1 You've got it right means You are correct

2 Don't change a thing means Don't change anything

3 I'm not half as good as you means You are much better than me

4 What do you make of it means what's your opinion of it?

5 There's an exhibition on  means There's an exhibition happening at the moment.

6 thanks for the compliment means thanks for saying something nice about me



1 I only watch the box on Sunday

2 he finish it in a short space of time

3 A: what's on TV this evening?

   B: There's a really good drama.

4 A:I won!

  B:Good for you .

5 There is something I need to tell you ,sir ,the thing is ,Ihaven't done my homework.

6 A: Do you enjoy watching movies?

  B: Absolutely.






How do you find it    你认为如何

Ie is fascinating    太有趣了

As you see            以你看来

didn’t  get  that        没听见你说什么

Find some of the action       做点有趣的事情


Luckily   幸运的

Unfortunately 不幸的


Hopefully 有希望的




In a nutshell     简而言之

I will do my best      我进我最大努力

You are obsolutely right   你完全正确


If so         如果这样的话

They say that  据说

To give an example  举个例子

For the first time ever       有史以来第一次





Get rid of something       消除  克服  不需要

Free of charge               免费

For a start            首要的是

Run out of                用光了

On the way out           消失


There was noway 没门

It is enough to drive you mad 能让你生气

Keep cool    别生气


Can I ask you a fevour   请人帮忙

How are you doing     你怎么样

What on earth     究竟要说什么

Have a great time     玩的愉快


Breakthough  突破  解决难题

Nickname   绰号

Well  done   祝贺


Sound fine     好主意

Never mind    不要紧

Ripped off             被欺骗

Get a kick out of          喜爱 享受


Back in the news             =in the news again

Throw light on              =make it easier to understand

Come straight to the point  =say what you want to say

Die out                        =awhole species

That is quite something =extraordinary


Module 1

1.How  are  you  getting  on  ? 你正在做什么?

2.I  didn't  get  what  people  were  saying  .我不明白人们在说什么

3.get  used  to习惯于

4.so  far  到目前为止

5.That's  good  point  好主意

6.make  fuss  of  him

7.cute  吸引人的

8.a  couple  of 两个;一对

9.wear  off消失了

10.pick  up学会

Module  2


2.I  managed我能行

3.take-home  salary扣税后的薪水

4.Roughly 粗略的

5.I  have  day  off我有一个休息日

Module  3

1.feel  in  the  mood  for  something想做某事

2.Hang  on  minute等一会儿

3.get  move  on赶紧

.grab  bite  to  eat抓紧吃点儿什么

Module  4

1.give  up 放弃

2.go  wild喜欢某事到发狂

3.more  or  less差不多

4.high  spot最好的地方

5.funnily  enough太奇怪了

6.in  your  blood天生的

7.wash  down喝饮料

8.walk  off

Moudle  5

1.What  the  Olympic  Games  are  all  about 代表奥林匹克的含义

2.up  to  you取决于你

3.not  the  point

4.So  what?那又怎样?

Module 6

1.keep an eye on专注的看

2.A terrible dim糟糕的噪音

3.go for someone袭击某人

4.It's a pity 很抱歉




Module  1

1.Language  course  ?

2.Staying  long 

3.Going  anywhere  nice 

4.Lonely  place  .

5.Go  there  lot

6.Never  been  there  .

Module  2.

1.go  on 继续做

2.give  me  moment给我些时间

3.See  what  mean  ?明白我的意思了?

4.fortunately 幸运的

5.It's  your  turn轮到你了

6.I'm  stuck我被困住了

7.look  at  the  time  !看看时间吧,比你想的要晚的多!

Module  3

1.two  of  a kind两个很相似

2.get  together聚到一起把事办好

3.get  on  well相处得好

4.It's  my  guess这是我所预料的

5.click ( with  someone)彼此喜欢,理解

Module  4

1.favorite  of  all  time一直喜爱

2.missing  the  point  不理解

3.can't  stand无法忍受

4Oh  come  on  !得了吧!

5.a  jazz  classic经典的爵士曲调

6.really  ancient一百多年

Module  5

1.on  the  contrary相反的是

2.That's  it  那是对的


4.to  continue继续


6.in  other  words换句话说

7.Nonsense 胡说

Module  6

1.-Did  any  of  the  bombs  drop  near  you  ?

-...No. And  often  wonder  why.

2.If  remember  rightly我认为我是对的

3.We  appreciated  the  opportunity  to  talk  .我们很感谢这个谈话的机会

4.We weren't supposed to do that 我们不被允许做某事




Looking forward to    期待

Really hot    (球)打的好

Showed a lot of character             互相鼓励并努力

Fast and furious           争夺激烈


It is up to you     你来定

Got it    明白了

Agree with you    达成一致

In the end 最终


Threw her arms round him   =she put her arms round him

Thank goodness          =I am so glad

What is going on                     =what is happening

To break my heart                  =to make someong very unhappy

I will do him good                      =it will be good for him

You rascal                  =you bad boy


Can you turn that music down a bit   小点声可以吗

It is not my cup of tea        不是我喜欢的类型

Why you inside listening to the music outside     为什么不关掉音乐外出走走

It is her turn to call me            上次是我打给他的


Gorgeous               华丽的

What do you reckon          你认为…….怎么样

How come            怎么回事

Green wuth envy            非常嫉妒

Apparently                   虽然


Not to worry    别担心

No matter what happens              发生什么没关系

You will have a day to remenber            有一天你不会忘记

No one knows for certain                没有一个人是完全正确的

We’d better get backinto the bus now       我们该回到公交车里





All sorts of people       许多人

Was very found of       喜欢

Keep their spirits up      情绪高涨

It runs in the family       这是遗传


A mother to be               将要成为母亲

A fair bit                    很了解

Compelete rubbish               完全

Thinking hard        苦苦思考

She has the whole world on her shoulder      看起来很大负担


As a rule              一般说来

Goes with out saying     不言而喻

Make a beeline              抄近道

On closeterms with           相处很好

On the dot                    守时

The done thing            合乎礼仪


Get hole up    交通堵塞

It doenn’t matter   没关系

Mate    配偶  玩伴

I have got no idea     没主意


At the end of the day                   考虑过所有因素

How about you                          你认为呢

Short cuts                              捷径

Food for thought                        引入深思


By heart   记住

Fire away        热烈发问

I am hopeless at names  对….一窍不通

Off the top of my head    不假思索

On the second thought(s)      三四然后行




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