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                                    How To Return Calls Promptly 怎么样及时地回电话





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When someone calls a company, the voice of the person who answers speaks for the spirit of the firm. 有人给公司打电话时,回电话的人的声音就代表了公司精神。


A good telephone voice contains a smile. It is a voice with variety in its expression and tone and one that pronounces words clearly and carefully. The choice of one’s words is equally important. Technical jargon and slang are to be avoided. So is over-familiarity. 打电话的优美声音包含着微笑。这是一种有着多姿多彩的表现形式和音调的声音,一种吐词清楚仔细的声音。遣词造句同等重要。要避免使用技术用语和俚语。也要避免过分亲昵。


In former days, when calling a place of business, one was supposed to say, “This is Mr. Jack Smith calling.” Now one hears in answer to “Who’s calling, please?” “This is Jack Smith,” or simply “Jack Smith.” (1) 过去,给公司打电话时,应该说:“这是杰克· 史密斯先生打电话。”现在,回答“请问是谁打电话?”人们听到的是:“这是杰克·史密斯先生。”或者只是“杰克·史密斯先生”。


If one is in the middle of a conversation and he is responsible for answering another call, he should say in apologetic tone, “Forgive me, I’ll put you on hold one minute.” “Please forgive me; I promise I’ll be back in one second.” 如果一个人正在接电话,又需要接另外一个电话时,他应该用表示歉意的口吻说:“请原谅,让你等一会儿。” “请原谅。我马上就回来。”


If he cannot finish his talk immediately, he may say he will call back and take the name and number of the person calling. It is his responsibility to finish with the conversation of the first caller as soon as possible. There is nothing lonelier than being put on hold seemingly forever. (2) 如果他不能很快结束正在进行的谈话,他可以说他会回电话,并且记下来电者的姓名和电话号码。他有责任尽快结束与第一个来电者的谈话。让人无限期的等待,最令人感到孤独。


One of the most important parts of telephone manners is the handling of a caller when the employer is not in the office. A secretary should be instructed to answer calls without saying where her employer is. The secretary should say, “Ms. Linda Peterson is out of the building on a business appointment” or something similar. It is better for Ms. Linda Peterson’s clients not to know that she is having a doctor’s appointment, or that she is having her hair done. (3) 打电话礼仪中的最重要的一点是:老板不在办公室时,要处理好打来的电话。应该指示秘书回电话,但不要说老板在哪里。秘书应该说:“琳达·彼得森女士因公外出了,”或者说些类似的话。最好不让琳达·彼得森女士的客户知道她正在看医生,或正在做头发。


In other words, it is the secretary’s duty to protect her employer from any possible criticism or misinterpretation of her whereabouts. 换句话说,秘书有责任保护老板,使老板的行踪不会受到任何批评或误解。


If the employer wishes to remain at her desk working on something without taking any call, the secretary should answer her telephone as follows:  (4) “No, Ms. Linda Peterson is not here. Who is calling, please?” 如果老板想继续办公,不接任何电话,秘书就应该按如下方式回电话:“不在。琳达·彼得森女士不在这儿。请问,您是谁?”


If the employer has someone in her office who made an appointment with her in advance and her secretary is absent, she should pick it up each time and take the message quickly. She should answers politely, but with a sense of urgency in her voice, “This is Linda Peterson speaking. I am in an important meeting. May I call you back within the hour?” The caller should give Linda Peterson his name and telephone number without hesitation, and the conversation should terminate right then and there. (5) 如果有人与老板先前有预约,现在正在办公室交谈,而她的秘书又不在,老板就应该每次拿起电话,迅速记下留言。她应该彬彬有礼地回答,但声音给人以有急事在身的感觉。“我是琳达·彼得森女士,正有一个重要的约会。一小时内我给你回电话,行吗?”来电人毫不犹豫地告诉琳达·彼得森女士他的姓名和电话号码,交谈应该立即停止


A listener who is taking a message has to utter an occasional comment. She should interject “Fine,” “ Certainly,” or “Yes, indeed” every once in a while. The caller might have the feeling that he is talking to a human being, not to a stone wall. 听电话记留言时,得作些只言片语的评论。她可以不时地插入“好的”,“当然”,或者“是的,千真万确”。对方便会感觉是在和一个有血有肉的人谈话,而不是面对一道石头墙讲话。


If one is disconnected during a telephone conversation, it is the responsibility of the caller to call again, even if the line was broken at the other end. 交谈时电话断线了,打电话的人有责任重新再打,即使是对方断线也应该如此。


The most important thing to remember about telephone manners is always to return one’s calls promptly. Even if what one has to say is negative or unpleasant, he should make the call and get it over with. 有关打电话的礼仪中最应该记住的事情是:总是及时地回别人的电话。即使回电话时他得说些不好的或不愉快的事情,他也该回话,将此事做完了事。



1.       Now one hears in answer to “Who’s calling, please?” “This is Jack Smith,” or simply “Jack Smith.”

句子中的介词短语in answer to “Who’s calling, please?” 作状语。谓语动词hears的宾语是“This is Jack Smith,” or simply “Jack Smith.”

2.       There is nothing lonelier than being put on hold seemingly forever.

        句子中的比较级形容词lonelier(更孤独的)修饰前面的主语nothing。它的后面是由连词than引导的省略了谓语动词is的比较状语从句:being put on hold seemingly forever。在这个状语从句中,主语是动名词短语being put on hold(被让等待),seemingly forever(似乎无限期地)作状语,修饰前面的动名词短语。

3.       It is better for Ms. Linda Peterson’s clients not to know….

        句子中的clients表示“顾客,客户”,与customer同义。但是,clients一般强调接受服务;而customer强调购买物品。比如:They are this hotel’s clients. (他们是这个旅馆的顾主。) / This department store lost most of its customers through neglect and rudeness. (这家百货公司由于怠慢和粗鲁无礼而失去了大多数顾客。)

4.       …the secretary should answer her telephone as follows:….

        句子中的习语as follows表示“如下,如后”,意思和as comes next相同。再比如:My grocery list is as follows: bread, butter, meat, eggs and sugar. (我要买的东西如下:面包、奶油、肉、蛋、糖。)

5.       …the conversation should terminate right then and there.

        句子中的习语then and there也写作there and then,表示“当即,当时当地; 立即”。再比如:I told him there and then that I would soon be back. (我当时就告诉他,我很快会回来的。) / He said he wanted his dollar back then and there, so I had to give it to him. (他说他要当场收回他的一元钱,因此我不得不给他。)



1.       What does an employee’s voice speaks for over the telephone?

A.      The fine qualities of his colleagues.

B.      The spirit of his company.

C.      The variety of expressions in his voice.

D.     His professional levels.

2.       Why should a secretary not tell the caller her employer’s whereabouts?

A.      In order not to get possible criticisms or misinterpretations.

B.      To let the caller know that her employer is in the hospital.

C.      So as to let her employer sleep two hours more.

D.     Her employer can have time to have her hair done.

3.       What should a listener do when he is taking a message over the telephone?

A.      He should interrupt the caller in the middle of the conversation.

B.      He should put down the receiver immediately.

C.      He should call another caller then and there.

D.     He should utter occasional comments.

4.       The underlined phrase “get it over with” in the last paragraph of the text means ______.

A.      finish with it though it is unpleasant

B.      tide it over immediately

C.      give it to someone else

D.     get rid of it there and then



1. B    2. A    3. D    4. A


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