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What is thekey psychological difference between billionaire and regularpeople?


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A 1) very different and strong mindset and 2) the power to havevisions that most humans don’t have.

A 1)非常与众不同、强大的心态2)能看到大多数人看不到的东西

Here’s what Elon Musk did:


1.The envisioned that we will be running on electric-based,sustainable transportation means (starting with cars). Peoplecalled him crazy. Tesla is now a astonishingly beautiful, fast andcool car. They said he would not be able to manufacture in largescale and bring the price to a common sedan. Model 3 will provethose bobos wrong. Tesla stock sore in the last years, originatinga 6000% gain in 6 years.


2.The envisioned that rockets could be reusable and brought theprice down so much Space X is now manufacturing forNasa.


You know what Jeff Bezos did? He said future Amazon deliverieswould be conducted through drones. Well, Amazon just startedshipping product with drones in the UK.


获得2.4k好评回答@Vaskar Maharjan:

The only difference is Mindset.


Mastering your money has a lot more to do with psychology andmindset than we might think. That's what Napoleon Hill preached inhis bestselling 1937 book "Think and Grow Rich," the culmination ofhis intensive study of more than 500 self-mademillionaires.


Self-made millionaire Steve Siebold, who has interviewed 1,200 ofthe world's wealthiest people during the past three decades,agrees.Getting rich often has less to do with the money than thementality, he writes in his book "How Rich PeopleThink."


获得181.2k好评的回答@Ali AlShamsi:

Allow me to draw an image.



If regular people are these beautiful horses.



Then billionaires would be donkeys.


They are stubborn and won't get tired easily going in same circlesover and over and over again. They don't mind working day and nightor on weekends.


People lack the same stubborn motivation becausethey don't see results quick enough and they work for others sothey get tired of it. With billionares it's like a donkey on amill. Motivation is a constant it never goes down. Which keeps themdoing what they do to accumulate wealth.


Now you could have the same motivation as a billionare but youmight not be a risk taker which doesn't qualify you as abusinessman. Another factor could be the lack of skill that's makesyou a billionare. Facebook, Google and other Tech startupsbillionares have innovation in their respective technology fieldthat allowed them to come up with these ideas. Another factor issimply you have the skills but not the scale.


There is a lot of factors to account for to be a billionare. So ifyou have the consistant motivation quality you are a billionarematerial. You just need to complete the other factors.






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