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(2010-01-11 18:50:10)


Flowers bloom, inexorably, GongZhuang meat wrapped in winter to meet. The footprints of the time, listen tapering off the TuoLingSheng, still fail WanLiXue enjoyed the scenery, floating in the spring breeze, smell flavor. Ah, HanXiang dense, ZiQi dongsheng, is a spring come early!
In the space in the corridor of independence, smoke billowing, MoMo sky, Moon circle, high-resolution yo-yo. Every window overlooking the qing dynasty, the spark of light young locusts dusk, between heaven and earth, sound, a boundless, wind whistling in the wilderness along the way, through bare and shining. Then the Milky Way galaxy, the deep concealed, lingtai suddenly chooses pure, clear like audible sound like ghost summon troops, like streams, static drum brahmanical! At this moment, for months, CaoQin dauphine, hidden in the heart of a touching!
I desire that you understand! In our days, with the most precious friendship had, When we are young, once the most sincere friend, The most worthy of fate, we cherish! In our life, we Labour in the future, when we for stray loss from a friend, with sadness, care and comfort, not a lucky?
You, you are my friends, no matter how busy work, not how many disappointments in life, as long as you love someone, remember people love you, you won't feel lonely and disappointed.
Do you listen to! You listen to! The wind roar, scooped up the wheezing frozen soil, despite the old news. The glorious past, has only by frost tonight! Don't look back, just go straight ahead. Dim shore of rain, sail, she read far, have a mountain, but also can't hide, harder to block. Don't dwell on gentle township tunes, don't spend wallowing in west window when the candle feast. If you listen to it, you will fully masterpiece, to offset the poetic arrives at an inter pretation!
You and your! Whether a job is busy, not how many disappointments in life, as long as you love someone, remember people love you, you won't feel lonely and disappointed. Time is a long road, engraved with the expectations and have moved. Love is a cup of wine tasting, different person, will have different flavors. To maintain love, withsentiment repay, widlife and seek that belongs to oneself love!
Don't sigh of ruthless, see heaven smiled, passion, vigorous and colorful seasons that life is full of love, deducing the inevitable still is permanent. Want to be comfortable in the old dream hidden illusion, boundless in starcraft, suantiankula only self-knowledge. At this time, the dream is to tears, has run dry. Fuzzy Asked whether the boundless love truth, know? Lonely journey, perhaps is casual transmigration, and this was born, wish you had enough!
As time will rain and regret and lonely, such as in the sky, the wind began to resist unable to choose. We have no reason to bemoan the future of loneliness, no reason to destruction, let youth slowly away. Even without passion, nor the melody of TaoZhi deaths, the posture of deaths from the garden of Eden, the promise of wings, caught the dream in cold months at the empty, meteors flash. At midnight MengYi deep, with the tick of a clock, open the door, melancholy, who constantly expand the untold lonely hearts, tackled the wings of the wind, flying, lonely, leave a scud across clusters alone. Distant mountains, reflection, photo, old trees HanYa, sweet sadness and majesty of beauty!!!!! I am glad that, as a rock!
Wine is not drunk everybody from drunk! You! How ChouChang dark eyebrows, kiss xiu, even at the back and cut, and helpless and long? For months, had asked the wine of self-pity, extend the dust, let sunshine and laughter and tears moisten our love and sorrow! Let us hope, as the touchstone, every tear drop points into glittering jewels 




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