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分类: 我在菩提树下(网络长篇小说)..
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[推荐}:感觉 (网络长篇小说)..

近来每回上网,常在眼前出现这样的一行字~page load error...烦,烦,真烦..,有着吐不出,又 嚥不下的烦.
点击www.trendsecure.com/的 Do a system scan and save a logfile..,之后复制了logfile内容,载去 http://hijackthis.de去分析,找不到病毒和恶意程式..,烦,烦,真烦.好想打开拉链,让衭裆去吹吹风,但是我知道,我的 全身细胞都不在状态,因为昨晚沒睡好.昨晚没睡好,那是先在热身,为了要应战今早的会员大会.
想起会员大会..,我站起身,离开了电脑,踏出办事処,走到会议厅去,会议桌 上满是楚汉相争后,留着零乱的纸张狼籍.我是应该去把这斑斑的战迹,整顿一下的,而心却这么的说,留待明天才去理会吧,当下急需的是整顿烦乱的心情...
我百无聊赖的打开网页..,就这样的开着网页,一动也不动的开着,已知道今次 写不出好的东西来..,在会议上,我一直被多人围攻,我默不着声的,処于恶劣下风地坐着.世间最险毒的动物就是人类.因人懂得很多巩固势 力的法术,法术在其他的动物间少有这一套.而人懂得攻心,其他的 动物対这种摸不着看不見的功力,少能领会.再有,人懂得用语言,在远程中去发射暗箭,其他的动物,以语言在短距离上,用来温和地叫春求爱.唉,人类...
会员大会一般上都会挤上百多人的,有的是来拥护,有的是来踩台,各式各 类..,我只是个文员,不搞幫派,只求两餐而己,所以性子都较耿直,懒于去奉承讨好.天天只求 安心,事事只求无愧.然而上层却对着我来施压,问每个月的电话费怎用得这么的凶?怎每个月里都要在电话上,花上百多元?马的,这是财政在搞鬼,全部的单据 和支票,都是由财政个人查核和签发的,身为财政的他应该懂得个中原因呀,我只是把每月里的账项整理整理后,呈上给理事们去通过而已,那是我的份外事,怎又 会牵连到我的头上来了..,上个月,他已为了电话费的事而没有开出支票去缴纳,已害得我要先从自己的零用现金中,挪去补锅...,他一直在闹,在百多人的大会上大秀口 技,展示着他无敌的实力,我感到那咄咄迫人的风雨欲来.今时今日,各行各业都処処在面对着金融危机,留着空楼租不去的,比比皆是,而我処事的机构,当然也 没有例外,正在想尽办法在瘦身..,他明里暗里都在针对着,我是个应该被裁的人~我在盗用机 构的电话,而狡滑的我,做贼心虚的在把每月的拨电清单深藏着,常在利用机构的电脑在语聊,上网..,我站立了起来,我不清楚怎会站立起来的,用手示意我要 发言,我说在我进入这机构时,电话费的每月开支就已超出百多元的,当时我也迷惑.因为在我没有叩过电话的月里,费用还是如此的高企.在我去电电讯処查询 时,才弄了个明白,原来是我三楼的每月电话租费是49元,而二楼是电脑室,上网费是每个月要另加99,也必需要有一个电话机(因不是无线),才能作为上网 的用具,而其每月租费49元,全一并计入三楼的电话清单里..,我骂得劲起..,我进来这机构已近4年,你们这些高层的,那一个不是要人服侍得像皇帝般那 样,又有那一个曾在这4年里,有到来问过会务上的事,财务上的事...
看着会议桌上满是楚汉相争后,留着零乱的纸张狼籍,想着多派人马在为个饭碗而争凶斗 狠,被我辱骂的那方,其乱象,实非一日之寒.显然的...未到沙场已溃不成军,大势已去...眼前又再出现这样的一行字~page load error...

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The following is the English translation of machine Qi:
Not under the bodhi tree ...
Every time the Internet has often happened in front of the line ~ page load error ... annoying, annoying, really annoying .., has not spit, they swallow more than the trouble.
Click www.trendsecure.com/ the Do a system scan and save a logfile .., after copying the contents of the logfile, set out to analyze http://hijackthis.de, viruses and malicious programs can not find .., trouble, trouble , really annoying.好想open the zipper, so that to吹吹风crotch pants, but I know that I am not in the body cells, because a good night last night. good night last night, it was the first in the warm-up, in order to cool members of the General Assembly this morning.
Reminds members of the General Assembly .., I got up and left the computer, take the office, go to the Chamber, a conference table full of competing Chuhan, the retention of paper messy mess. I should go to this stained battle tracks, tinkering, and the heart so that should wait until tomorrow before trying to ignore it, is in urgent need of immediate rectification upset mood ...
I am bored to death .. the open page on this web page open, a move the open, we already knew how to write good things to come this time .., At the meeting, I have been besieged by people, I am silent sound could not, in the worst of the wind sat. the most dangerous drug in the world is the human animal. because a lot of people know how to consolidate the forces of magic, magic in the other set of rare animals. and understand the hearts and minds of people, other animals対such intangible skills invisible and less able to comprehend. Again, people know how to use language, to launch long-range stab in the back of other animals, to the language in the short distance to gently叫春courtship. Alas, the human ...
Members of the General Assembly will be the general squeeze on hundreds of people, some to support, to step on some units, all kinds .., I am just a clerk, not gangs, and has only two meals, so temper than upright, lazy to go to curry favor with flattery. just peace of mind every day, everything just a well-deserved. But at the top but I have to put pressure on the monthly telephone charges asked how such a use of the death? How to be on the phone in a month on, to spend more than a hundred-odd? horse, which is finance in the attacks, all of the documents and checks, personal checks from the financial and issued, as he should know how to finance the reason for it, I just put in a month After finishing finishing accounts, presented to the directors to adopt it, it is I am involved in foreign affairs, what will be involved in to my head to the .., Last month, he had to telephone bills without opening things to pay the check, I have to have害得petty cash from its own, the move to fill pot ..., he has been in trouble, more than 100 people in a big show of the General Assembly口技, showing the strength of his invincible, I that aggressive people are the signs of an imminent storm. Today, all walks of life are everywhere in the face of financial crisis, do not keep the rental of floor space, there are numerous, and I am a person's body, of course, is no exception is being tried every means in thin .., he is overtly or covertly, against, and I am a person who should be the CD-I's phone number in the theft, and how cunning of me, a guilty conscience in the monthly list of call deep hidden, often in the use of body language chat in the computer, Internet .., I stood up, I do not know how to stand up and hand signal I have to speak, I said that I entered this body, and telephone charges monthly expenditure was in excess of hundred dollars, I was also confused. because I did not call on the telephone, the cost is so high. I went to power in the Office of the Telecommunications Service Inquiry, the only 弄了个understand that I the third floor of the monthly telephone rental is 49 yuan, while the second floor computer room, Internet access fees are per month plus 99, also must have a telephone (because of not wireless), Internet appliances, as can be, and 49元monthly rental, all be included in the list of the third floor of the phone .., I cursed strong effect .., I come in this body for almost 4 years, you have these high-level, that is not serving VIP as like as the emperor, and which has been in this 4 years, the arrival of the conference asked, and financial matters ...
Looked at a conference table full of competing Chuhan, the retention of paper messy mess, think of horses sent for more than a fierce fight for their jobs and hard, that was insulting to me, the chaos, is not a cold day. ... not yet clear that the battlefield has been routed, lost again ... before such a line ~ page load error ...


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