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(2010-07-01 12:59:42)


分类: 现代物理学


…and what not to do ...和什么不该做

Due to volume of e-mail I have received (several thousand at last count) I cannot answer all requests, especially those from individuals who have a new proposal for completing Einstein's dream of a unified field theory, or a new theory of space and time.由于数量的电子邮件我收到(几个在最后数千元),我不能回答所有的请求,特别是个人谁拥有完成爱因斯坦的统一场论,或者是时间和空间的新理论的梦想新的设想。

However, I would like to give some guidelines for people who have thoughtfully pondered the question of the meaning of space-time.不过,我想谁也给予了周到的思考空间,时间的意义问题的人一些指导。

1) Try to summarize the main idea or theme in a single paragraph. 1)尝试总结在一个段落中的主要思想或主题。 As Einstein once said, unless a theory has a simple underlying picture that the layman can understand, the theory is probably worthless.正如爱因斯坦曾经说过,除非有一个简单的理论基础图片,一般人均能明白,这个理论可能是毫无价值的。 I will try to answer those proposals which are short and succinct, but I simply do not have time for proposals where the main idea is spread over many pages.我会尽量回答这些建议是短期和简洁,但我根本就没有对其中的主要思想是在许多网页传播时间的建议。

2) If you have a serious proposal for a new physical theory, submit it to a physics journal, just as Physical Review D or Nuclear Physics B. There, it will get the referee and serious attention that it deserves. 2)如果你有一个新的物理理论严肃的方案,提交给物理,就像物理评论D或核物理乙存在,便得到了裁判和严重关注,它值得。

3) Remember that your theory will receive more credibility if your theory builds on top of previous theories, rather than making claims like “Einstein was wrong! 3)请记住,你的理论会获得更多的可信度,如果你的理论对以往的理论,而非像索赔顶部建立爱因斯坦错了! ” For example, our current understanding of the quantum theory and relativity, although incomplete, still gives us a framework for which we have not seen any experimental deviation. 例如,我们目前的了解量子理论和相对论,虽然不完整,仍然给了我们一个,我们没有看到任何实验偏差框架。

Even Newtonian gravity works quite well within its domain (eg small velocities).即使是牛顿引力工程领域内的比较好(如小速度)。 Relativity is useful in its domain of velocities near the speed of light.相对论是在其速度接近光速的速度域有用。 However, even relativity breaks down for atomic distances, or gravitational fields found in the center of a black hole or the Big Bang.不过,即使相对分解为原子的距离,或在一个黑洞,宇宙大爆炸中心发现的引力场。 Similarly, the quantum theory works quite well at atomic distances, but has problems with gravity.同样,量子理论很好工作在原子的距离,但已与重力问题。 A crude combination of the quantum theory and relativity works quite well from sub-atomic distances (10^-15 cm.) to cosmological distances (10^10 km), so your theory must improve on this!阿粗的量子理论和相对论的结合很好的作品从亚原子距离(10 ^ -15厘米。)至(10 ^ 10公里)宇宙的距离,所以你的理论,必须改善这个!

4) Try not to use vague expressions that cannot be formulated precisely or mathematically, such as “time is quantized, ” “energy is space, ” or “space is twisted, ” or “energy is a new dimension,” etc. Instead, try to use mathematics to express your ideas. 4)尽量不要使用,不能制定准确或数学,如时间,模糊的表达是量子化能源空间空间扭曲能源是一个新的层面,等相反,尝试使用数学来表达你的想法。 Otherwise, it's hard to understand what you are saying in a precise manner.否则,很难理解你是在准确地说。 Many referees will throw out papers which are just a collection of words, equating one mysterious concept (eg time) with another (eg light).许多裁判会抛出这些文件只是一个词的收集,等同一个神秘的概念(如时间)与其他(如光)。 The language of nature is mathematics (eg tensor calculus and Lie group theory).自然的语言是数学(如张量微积分和李群理论)。 Try to formulate your ideas in mathematical form so that the referee has an idea of where you are coming from.尝试制订的数学形式的想法,裁判有一个你从哪里来,从创意构思等。

5) Once formulated mathematically, it's then relatively easy for a theoretical physicist to determine the precise nature of the theory. 5)一旦制定了数学,但当时的理论物理学家相对容易确定该理论的确切性质。 At the very least, your theory must contain the tensor equations of Einstein and the quantum theory of the Standard Model.至少,你的理论必须包含爱因斯坦张量方程和标准模型的量子理论。 If they lack these two ingredients, then your theory probably cannot describe nature as we know it.如果他们缺乏这两种成分,那么你的理论可能无法描述的性质,因为我们知道这一点。 The fundamental problem facing physicists is that General Relativity and the quantum theory, when combined into a single theory, is not “renormalizable, ” ie the theory blows up and becomes meaningless.物理学家面临的根本问题是,广义相对论和量子理论,当合并成一个单一的理论,是不是重整化,即理论的冲击和变得毫无意义。 Your proposal, therefore, has to give us a finite theory which combines these two formalisms.你的建议,因此,必须给我们一个有限的理论,结合这两个形式主义。 So far, only superstring theory can solve this key problem.到目前为止,只有超弦理论能解决这个关键问题。 Important: this means that, at the very minimum, your equations must contain the tensor equations of General Relativity and the Standard Model.重要提示:这意味着,在最起码,你的方程必须包含广义相对论和标准模型的张量方程。 If they do not include them, then your theory cannot qualify as a “theory of everything.”如果不包括它们,然后你的理论不能成为一个一切的理论。

6) Most important, try to formulate an experiment that can test your idea. 6)最重要的是,尝试制定一个实验,可以测试你的想法。 All science is based on reproducible results.一切科学的基础上再现的结果。 No matter how outlandish your idea is, it must be accepted if it holds up experimentally.无论多么古怪的想法是,我们必须接受,如果它拥有了实验。 So try to think up an experiment which will distinguish your result from others.因此,试图想出一个实验,将区分你从别人的结果。 But remember, your theory has to explain the experiments that have already been done, which vindicate General Relativity and the quantum theory.但请记住,你的理论来解释已经完成,其中平反广义相对论和量子理论的实验。

Good luck!祝你好运!



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