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(2009-08-09 18:45:47)



分类: 英语文学
I also harvested a piece of scenery.
A few days ago, a friend to call about my dinner, the phone call me sees their talents wasted, it is necessary to adjust adjustment. Upon hearing this, I laughed. Thank him for the invitation, but sees their talents wasted and I dare not accept such a high rating. This phrase sounds great, and it seems some tragic, and I This is not really rely on, if want to apply, is none other than lift-off, that is, fit of narcissism. I have said in one article, if taken from the street, I and vegetables, and no different from the spikes, I was a too common ordinary people too. Gu do not humble, they will want to let me get that out of self-confidence, that is, for many years, there has been some publicity fatal - in fact, is not conducive to progress and shortcomings, for example, has never been commended in the boss before the boss, but I heart bottom, a cavity their absolute sincerity.
Sees their talents wasted talent and learning the meaning of mind but is untimely, it is difficult to play, not to be appreciated by appointment, in other words blossom. Such as Li Bai, free and easy nature Haofang, sloppy and fit of narcissism, defiant. As a literary courtiers, the courage to "call the Son of Heaven had come on board", but also by allowing the right to get drunk off boots Huan; a proudly declared " out laughing, and I basil How generation" and a frustrated on the Scream "Road such as the sky, I may not be out alone." All these are incompatible with the foul of officialdom. Covered such a romantic manner and the famous poet, a politician with the necessary political, patience, calm and Yuantong it? If I met Li Bai, would simply said: Lee, you do not dry hair, as if such a person you reuse, the brain must be the emperor of ice binding; to climb, you put your so-called character, personality and even from out of your bones. Li Bai's words a right, maybe I will ask them to drink wine.
To tell the truth, I do not want to change to those of age, race relations, to send tickets to buy the same hat colleagues, of course, I am not a heart of stone, I will sympathize with those who run but unable to do so exhausted colleagues, they Huai-called "wealth" does not come across it. Therefore, "I am now more willing to turn back to join the light and spacious and joy of life."
Ten years ago, I put the body from the remote and backward like a small village to the county, even though roaming thinking, may sway in the wind, like clouds, but along the way, let me intoxicated with the scenery everywhere. I have intentions to make a basket, collection of smiling faces in good faith, to encourage the collection of pairs of eyes. Since the work has been adjusted every job, every job change, and I are in unknown circumstances have occurred. Send do not run, in vain to choose a job, where there is "no case" is. Every step the way, had both hands unforgettable people, so many hands or guidelines, or arm, or encourage. This is my life's most beautiful scenery on the road. I am only grateful!



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