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(2009-07-27 14:05:19)


Rare rest days, I no longer need the alarm can be natural sleep wake up and enjoy "sleeping late spring  who arouse, Xiao out the window" of leisure.
  work may be too nervous this week because of it, the chirping sound of birds Orioles had not arouse me, to wake up my sound was melodious, song "Heaven Road" Let me hear, such as spring shower, could not help but also with the minds of silent song to sing, as if ears echoed with the resounding Han Hong passionate singing "Early in the morning, I was standing on green pastures, to see that Xiaguang under Condor ... ..." In this beautiful morning, my heart also with the sound of this wonderful romantic journey began. Blue sky, the long white clouds, Mercedes-Benz horse, flying eagle, flavor of butter tea, which was where my dream ah tourism. Flute morning this morning so I came to this wonderful artistic conception in the past to appreciate slowly, carefully to taste. This sound is not perfect, but smooth. Standing on the window and look , this sound is from the opposite side of the window from upstairs, listen to  and a few middle-aged man is like the first song. This is a the middle-aged man you have fun! Grateful to the sound travels took me far away one after another.
  years I am well aware that middle-aged normal stresses of life, rarely have such an easy day to the release of suppressed feelings. As free as the wind is only a dream only, in the Red Dust, who is not busy working to make a living, and who could want, all to one's liking it? Each of us is like a piece of board, can not be completely about their own destiny. Of life, and see that most of them unhappy, how can unhappy stay in all day, with knitted brows and locking it? Haizi talented, depression is like a flash in the pan of his life, the contrast between the ideal and the reality so that he fell into a despair. Sanmao romantic enthusiasm and kept the Rangers, for injured feelings. I still can not see their mental capacity, even went so far as the difference.
  In fact, happiness is just a read only between the see how you adjust it. Like tourism, to hang around in the landscape between the mountains so that your mind wide to allow clear water to the hearts of the bore scrubber; like fishing, then there is only one floating eyes, to enjoy, "Wengboat, fishing alone Snowy River Snow" realm; like music, let the beautiful music, heal the wounds of the soul and enhance their taste and quality; prefer to read, let Tang Feng Yun Song to enrich your mind, "Rain or shine, remain, free pre-trial to see the flowers bloom ; do not intend to stay, with the outer
Man. "
  A few days ago, a colleague's bag to see where there is a red velvet bag, I guess must be very valuable items and asked, "What, ah, still wrapped so fine?" "Flute" "Flute ? you will blow it? "" will not, but I like the teachers in this school! "" say 'people do not Gakugei 40', you are now learning, you do not think that night? "," no later than, you look at the palace of culture will know, there are many elderly people do in school! "a short span of a few words, I was touched by his spirit, live and learn, people can only enhance the taste, so that only the life more colorful, no regrets. Hopefully, some time off to see him again when he could hear the melodious sound.



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