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(2009-07-26 15:02:18)



Students wanted me with him to write a good inspirational inspire their motto. I has not come up with a very satisfactory. Would like to come out if not, that is, space, and finally had to put this matter down.
Recent language teaching students to do topic, occasionally come into contact with two words.
An ancient story: Three of this behavior, one bold, brave and scared one and a half years, a person becomes nervous. There are even with the Pro-Yuan Gu, and to announce and said: "The more this jump, it means that Yong; not that scared." Shame brave and scared he will jump and more behavior; their brave and timid and scared half while can not. Also told said: "the more jumping and daughter, or is not." Yong He scared off half of those profits, and more will jump Yan; its timid, and has not yet been finalized to also. Moment, Gu see Tigers, violence ran forcibly imposed, it scared those who will not wait for dancing, and more, such as  Culture.
Come to the conclusion that: people really scared Weizai Yong? To those of the ear to potential flooding. It is precisely the situation that will be driven with the distinction between courage and scared.
A modern story: a young man of Napoleon, first to the outskirts of hunting, suddenly heard people shouting for help, he quickly looked up the river, see a man who is struggling in the water, this river is not wide, Napoleon Bao hunting on the water who yelled: "You can no longer travel up their own, I had killed you in this water!" that help people see not only useless, but even more dangerous one, had no choice but to strive to save themselves, and finally swim ashore to.
Inspired by the story is: there will be an impasse is often a powerful force for self-help.
Thought of here. I suddenly understand something: the story of two characters are due to external forces of oppression and inspired by the surprise of their own forces are not only extraordinary courage, but also saved his own life. This brings me to the point: human potential is enormous, and this potential is needed to stimulate the forces.
In fact, in practical work and learning, we can be such a special situation when the opportunity is small enough to be the external pressure is very little opportunity, so it is easy for some people relax lethargy, can not allow ourselves to maximize the potential of the play.
For example, some of my students is the case. Because it is in high school, the teachers of their management is much more extensive than the junior high school to be often conscious of their own need to learn. A number of self-consciousness was not very strong it is easy for students to relax their own: not talking about a small school, this would be a desertion; class can not take the initiative before the preview, after the review can not take the initiative; operations to drag on the trailer, can not drag on plagiarism just click. Students in this situation, results are often not seen progress, and even plummeted, resulting in very weariness.
This time they often ask teachers to make themselves a panacea for rapid progress in the top that I wanted to write inspirational motto of the students think it is. This time, I wanted to tell him that learning is no panacea, if there is, then there is only one, that is sufficient to exert their own pressure: When desertion when they want to immediately said to myself: stop, you the knowledge that so many did not digest! Because the cold when their homework do not want to study, they immediately remind ourselves: Do you even forget the original title of the last exam so the tragedy would not it? When their wish morning, he loudly said to myself: how much time you have available for their own waste!
Yes, a person can not always be so many external forces of oppression, many times, we need the pressure of their own, so that we can maximize the potential of the play. And our human potential, according to research there are still many have not been developed.
Thought here, saying all of a sudden run on the heart, which is: hard for their points!
Yes, hard to our own point! Only then can we have enough pressure to motivate themselves. In that case, timid person will change into a brave, self-destruction also can be rescued themselves.
Immediately sent to the dictum that a student who, one hopes that he will understand the true meaning.


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