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(2011-01-05 02:48:45)




 Many wonder, would the 2012 stargate in Peru opened, and the gods will return through the gate? The Mayans believe that this year is the birth of a new era and the birth of Father Sun.



  Many speculate on what that date will entail. Is it a spiritual awakening? The gods will return to earth? Some students have researched the fact that UFOs are often visible and therefore invisible once again, Where did our alien creators out. The theory that we have been visited by aliens is often rejected by scientists. Mainly because they said that's impossible with an enormous speed could travel in time. And of course that's true, the human race is not so fast all the galaxies by crosses, but a race with advanced technology would be able to. We have no right to think that the human race as only one bit of technology ownership. That is the arrogance of man.



  Many prominent researchers are now beginning to believe in the idea of a parallel universe and wormholes. A spaceship could enter a wormhole and found herself at a time thousands of light years beyond earth. Look at the series Stargate. Using wormholes could be seen as windows of the universe you see in a short time away can bring. The worlds besides our universe can not yet understood, but they are no longer denied. A study of certain reports indicate that alien beings regularly to our show. This brings us to the mysterious world of star gates, where the gods began to travel along.






 There are places on earth where it is so mysterious and where the mysteries enough to find. There, you can feel the presence of the gods, our ancient masters. In Peru, a gateway to the Gods discovered. According to the legend of Native Americans, there is a certain inter-dimensional doorway, deep within the mountains of the Andes is hidden. Apparently, this is one of a number of strategic stargates around our planet. The opening is about 35 km from the city of Puno. At first glance, the Gate of the Gods (Puerta de Hayu Marca) cut a rock, but there's more.


  在地球上有一些神秘的地方。在那儿,你会感到神的足迹,我们古人崇拜的神。秘鲁,新发现了一个这样的地方,神的门。根據印第安人的傳說記載,在安第斯山脈的深處,存在著一個能夠跨越不同緯度的門。显然,这是我们星球上众多星门的一个。星门离Puno城35千米远。乍一看,Hayu Marca之門被岩石阻挡了,但远远不是这样。



  The stargate in Peru was a few years ago, first reported by Paul Daemon. Unfortunately, no new star gates added. Doubtless there are more hidden on Earth. It is difficult to gain access to the opening of the stargate and there are strangely few studies have been done, but it is believed that this is a door that leads to the gods.





  Strange things are set in the Stargate and the people who live in the area are afraid and do not come to the strange place. They would not even talk about it. And it is even stranger and unconsciously, it has been a great mystery. Witnesses have seen unusually tall people with light skin and light hair. These individuals were often seen with blue or orange light bulbs that floated around them. They came out of the gate and went back again ? 





  Who are they and where do they come? Locals are convinced that they go to the land of the Gods go. For certain events turned the creatures back to maybe the earth to inspect. Who knows. And then they disappeared as quickly as they came.





  It could be that they come from another dimension or another galaxy. History teaches us the ancient writings in America, Australia, Africa and Europe that there was a race with high intelligence who has visited us several times.





  According to ancient records and beliefs, are at least four wonderful worlds have already been destroyed in the past. Many think the gods came out of the gate and we have created. There is even a belief that the gods will return if we are going to destroy Earth. They would come and warn us. The people of Peru do not fear for the complete destruction because we still have to fulfill our mission. They have a deep faith in the gods. You can compare the same way that Christians worship Jesus and think that it will return to earth to save us.





  Not only are the long, white beings, the area is also well known for its many UFO sightings. Glowing disc-shaped objects are frequently seen around the port. As with Lake Titicaca and Marcahuasi, another powerful cosmic portal in Peru. The people who had the chance Gebben to the gate to investigate, describe a feeling of energy that flows through the body, while others have visions of brilliant stars and gas clouds had lit areas. A feeling of falling down, people have experienced.





  A legend tells that a key is in the form of a gold disc by the person who finds him will lead to the home of the gods and thereby gates open to the kingdom of our old teachers. Unfortunately the disk. Or as others say, the disk is used when a great catastrophe came, the gate was open? And the disk or carried or stored in a safe place? It is certainly clear that there must be a drive to open the gate. It is interesting to note that the archaeologists, the rock at Hayu Marca have examined a small circular depression next to the entrance discovered. It is believed that an attempt to open the door.


  有个传说说会有个人找到一张金制的磁盘从而会引领他到神的家园,因而星门将会对我们王国的先知开启。不幸的是,就像一些人说的,只有当大灾难来临时,磁盘才会被使用,是星门的开启吗?磁盘储存在一个安全的地方吗?清楚的一点是必须经过长途跋涉去打开星门。Hayu Marca的岩石在考古学家调查过后,在下一个入口地方发现有小的圆形的凹陷。可以确信有人曾试图打开这座门。



  Earlier I mentioned Marcahuasi, a place where Heaven and Earth meet. It is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable places you can visit. Marcahuasi seems to be a place beyond the veil of time. It is as mysterious as the cosmic doorway at Hayu Marca. There is a theory that there Marcahuasi a powerful stargate located. The local population has also seen strange creatures,

  both day s "night. Are these creatures of the earth or somewhere else. Unfortunately there is no clear answer to this question and the only thing we can do is speculate. It seems if you some time in the area spend you a higher state of consciousness gets and feels. You spiritual feeling increases enormously and you vloelt cosmic energy. Both Peruvian star gates are hidden and nobody gets a chance to find out how it is. But knowledge is not so much. Maybe the Gods did not think the secret would be known, it is a protection to our violent world.


  上文中有提到玛凯华锡湖,这是天地相汇的地方。这是你必须参观的地方之一。玛凯华锡湖似乎是人死后去的地方。它和Hayu Marca星门同样神秘。有人说玛凯华锡湖是大星门座落的地方。当地人在白天夜晚都曾见到过神奇的生物,这些物种是生活在地球上还是其他地方一直弄不清楚。我们只能凭主观意识去推测。在这片地方你会得到或感受到高频意识。你会迅速开启增长你的灵性意识,全身上下充满着宇宙能量。秘鲁的两个星门现在还没有人可以开启它们。但并不是知识缺乏,也许神想,在这个充满暴力的世界里,星门不被知道更合适。



  The Mayans say that the great Quetzalcoatl will return through a stargate in a kind of UFO in December 2012. If that happens, I am wondering whether we are ready for them to behold.






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