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(2009-07-10 09:20:09)


At everyone's emotional world, from the initial chaos of the world the kind of childhood cognitive misty, feel that the most primitive, that can not escape a sense of knowledge and personnel of the complex, which constitute the lives of each individual consciousness The details. It is this source of stream length, life and life does not own the "initial" attachment, only the people, to a and wealth to go to understand the soul of the face of the earth's bustling and campers of all mortal beings at dull in taste perception Hanjing infinite life.

Reality, we are hypocritical and despicable deceit and scars, because scars the soul has become extremely hard, so cold and tightly wrapped in good faith since. Fortunately, we have never discouraged, never lost the confidence of life and enthusiasm, but in a generous and understanding heart to look at real life. Realm of life that really is not rushing headlong into mass action in the frenetic years, eliminate some of the impetuous, the purity of the iceberg left unattended, so that the most true in this side of the world where clean stop, wait and see, introspection and avoid following the secular drift.

Solitude and the cold night, I stood at the window city, lost in the earth of the soul should also come with the return to fall back on. All day happy or unhappy story in detail, together with the dispersed cigarettes. Staring at the deep night sky, the desire to realize all its profound meaning. Star at me and dialogue and their own inner dialogue, the idea to bring a wandering soul, let me ask this study celecoxib in moving what understanding what, faint and distant, long ... ...

Tired when the need is spiritual release Tatsu freely. Let all kinds of feelings, thoughts continuously and ileum hundred strong sun to serve as the natural flow of emotion, so that the soul entered a transcendent realm; or standing on the window, into sad night wind a thousand years of music, so that the Music long diffuse in mind the occasion, and despite the tidal tenderness heart filling the whole, they are allowed to slowly fall into the arms continuously breeze, pent-up feelings for thousands of cigarettes is also deeply entrenched.

In this world, there are so many dream about to bear fruit, there are so many sound helpless sigh. Repeatedly around in dust, and repeated exposure to the whirlpool of life, so lonely, so haggard. Faced with the complex world, we could not help but be filled with emotion: the world so much, where have their own place?

Thus, non-stop at the floating struggling refused knees in a tidal wave, which refused to bow to the winds, was located at the Qingming lose rational to re-establish the value and meaning of life. In fact, no matter whether rich, brilliant worth mentioning are the short-lived, such as a flash in the pan, of whom the world is no more than vulgar For . World bumpy road, the World Road remote distance, the never-ending searching, the visit to look for rain clouds hiking, many Meanchey Meanchey footprints deeply covered with shallow vicissitudes of the journey. Long time, long life, the Amoy profane Lek noisy and phone through the years, as long as we fought so hard to fight, and will be no regrets.

Life is short, go date many hardships. At a stage in life, struggling to fight after all the open their hearts, the recovery of the most authentic self. The pursuit of the pursuit, the participation of the participation of the upset ... upset ... Living divergent connotations fan complex, who is not a period of bitter behind the story? With its own tightly wrapped inside, might as well such as Chinese rose despite ups and downs like the wind and rain! Even if there is no harvest sweet fruit, even an instant into the dust, nor did I ?

True or the life of the elusive, with a total mystery has some people thinking repeatedly speculated repeatedly until one day suddenly. Along the way, although the footprints behind the staggered delivery mistake, casual casual long, but such as a piece of white paper written on the notes, the music has become solidified. In fact, the sun and the moon also has sad there is also joy, the passion people have since time immemorial endless. Vicissitudes of life is like a , each line crystallization time and the pain and emotional frustration. Although the loss of the remarks should not copy the pure, but we can always across time to some kind of truth, excellence, human to the United States.

Short life Ho Ho! Note from today, watch the world beauty, glance to be a good Value. I just want to quietly go through the journey of life without vanity adorned with flowers and the need for gorgeous exterior decoration, so start off on a journey, I do not hate no regrets. Long journey, the endless, lonely trek in, I stand on the threshold of spring and winter line, was pleased to usher in enrichment. Fate will not be missed, although he did not consider the profound and demand, but "the matter referred to the ordinary, the Dow feeling usual" mentality to a small big and good at , my heart balance .

Evanescent summer to autumn and winter to spring. Looking back quietly in the footsteps of spring, has quietly entered. Road, also a long desire in a way first two lines in a solid, picking over the little ripe, deep on the road feel and think, to trace the years covered by the traces of years of looking pale and gorgeous and colorful.

Even those living in cities, living in a hectic, life in turmoil with the wind rain and snow in either, I easily passed lone towards loneliness and rich life, look at the spring has been extremely anxious want to stage the play their roles, are eager to replace the loneliness and winter. That thick layer of snow was faintly surging forward to the spring under the river, as repeated cycle of life every day of the week. Not-too-distant day, the spring will awaken the sleepy winter, it would be wakened up all the shows a little bit of green landscape picture ... ...













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