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[转]Eric 曼谷Fanmeeting 泰饭后记

(2011-05-23 00:22:09)


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Credit:Fern @ericmun-th.com

After completing his two years military service and with long awaited anticipation of fans, Eric Mun of Shinhwa held his first Fan Meeting in Thailand (2011 Eric Fanmeeting – Hello Again in Bangkok) on Saturday, 21 May.
在结束两年的兵役之后,在FANS的漫长等待和期望之下,神话Eric  5月21日星期六举办了他在泰国的第一次Fanmeeting(2011 Eric 曼谷 Fanmeeting – Hello Again)

Walking out in a cool white suit and greeting his fans with “Sawasdee krub,” Eric’s fan meeting opened up Mr. Sexy walking around the stage to greet his fans.
The first part of the show, called Scan Talk, asked Eric three questions on four topics:

1. Which role is most similar to you? (Eric’s answer in reverse order)
- Que Sera, Sera
The MC asked whether Eric is a bit of a bad boy in real life like his character in Que Sera, Sera.
Eric: Actually, I’m not a bad boy like in the drama. I guess the similarity is because both of us
(the character and I) have difficulties in expressing our love.

- Super Rookie – the video in the background shows Eric putting on make up in his role.
Eric: In the script I had to put on make up and I try to think of how my sisters put on their makeup. It also reminds me of when I was younger and how my two sisters would play dress up and put make up on me. Personally, I don’t like wearing make up.


Choi Kang Chil Woo (Strongest Chil Woo)
Eric: (acts and makes a whipping sound “zaaa” like in the drama)


2. Fans would love to see posed for three looks: cute, charismatic and silly.
Eric started with strong charismatic look and playfully whips like Zorro by saying ‘zaaaa’ garnering a scream from audiences. Eric next posed for cute and received a even louder gaggle of scream from fans.

3. Things Eric can’t do after he’s famous
3. Eric成名后不能做的事情

- Twitter – Eric: I use to have one but it was hacked.

- Cyworld – Eric: I had that one too but it was also hacked.
Eric:我也曾经有过CY,但是也被黑客攻击了(译者注:黑客真是太喜欢你了= =)

- Going to fitness clubs – Eric: I exercise at home because I make these weird sounds when I’m exercising. (Eric then shows his fans his weightlifting pose and make a throating sexy noise).

4. Eric’s reveals his weakness
4. Eric揭示他的弱点

- The ocean – Eric: I almost drowned when I was younger. Since then I would have nightmares about monster rising from the ocean to come eat me up. I’ve gotten better as I got older and swims regularly to overcome my fear.

- Giant grasshoppers – Eric: I once saw a female grasshopper delivering  babies and afterwhich the female grasshopper would swollen her mate. Very scary.
Eric:我曾经看到过一只雌蝗虫交配后吃掉雄蝗虫产卵,非常可怕。(查过百度百科,蝗虫好像没有这种特性= =,不过,螳螂、蜘蛛有这种特性)

   Strawberry seeds and insects’ eggs – Eric: I heard a story when I was young about a little boy who climbed a tree and got a stratch mark from the bark. The wound wouldn’t hear and got swollen so the doctor had to open up the wound to drain the sore but underneath were little insects’ eggs. And strawberry seeds just reminds me of those little insects’ eggs.

The MC playfully asked, “what would you do if you were at the ocen and saw a giant grasshopper monster holding a strawberry?”

Eric: I would whip them away (making his “zaaa” Zorro sound and drawing another gaggle of fan screams from the audience).

The second part of the show is questions from fan for Eric.

1. If you had a three day weekend, pick one member from Shinhwa that you would want to invite. Where would you go and why?

Eric: I would pick Shin Hye Sung (fans scream like crazy). I’d pick Hye Sung because we’re pretty close right now and he’s the only one in Shinhwa that can fish and play golf. The biggest fish I caught was around 1 meter.

2. If there was only one day left on earth, which member would you want to be with and what would you do?

Eric: (pondering) I would pick Andy. We would go to the hospital to ask the doctor for an injection so we can be knocked out.

3. Where do you want to go in Thailand and what souvenir would you bring back for people in Korea?

Eric: I would definitely bring back Thai restaurants. I wasn’t accustomed to Thai food on my first visit but now I like Thai food. I love ‘Tom Yom Kung’.
Eric:我一定要带回泰国饭店。我第一次来泰国的时候不习惯泰国的食物,但是现在我很喜欢。我喜欢‘Tom Yom Kung’(估计是泰国名菜‘Tom Yam Kung’也就是“泰式酸辣虾汤”)

The MC recommends that next time Eric orders ‘Tum Pra Ra’ (fermented fish) and asked if Eric and say ‘Tum Pra Ra’ and ‘Zaap Eii Lee’ (satoori dialect for delicious).
MC推荐Eric下次可以叫‘Tum Pra Ra’(泰国特有的鱼),而且问eric是否会说‘Tum Pra Ra’和‘Zaap Eii Lee’(一种地方美食)(译者注:这一句翻译的很混乱= =)

4. Did you know fans in Thailand are waiting for a Shinhwa reunion concert?

Eric: Yes, I know.

5. When did you start playing golf? Are there other sports that you like?

Eric: I only started playing golf about a year ago. I’m not that good yet. My other sports would be swimming.

The MC then jabs in to say that at first Eric said he swims to overcome his fear. Eric (deadpan): yes,
that too.
Eric(面无表情):是的。(译者注:文晸赫是不是又想到那令他害怕的东西了= =)

The next part of the show presents Eric in his next role as producer. Eric is currently producing a new 4-member girl group named “Stella” that will debuted sometime in June of this year. The background video that shows Eric in action as the producer. For the fan meeting, Eric brought the lead vocal from Stella, Hee Chil, to talk about what Eric is like as producer. Hee Chil says, “Eric is a prefectionist and will wait until everything is perfect and complete. He would work night and day to make sure everything goes according to plan.” Hee Chil also performed one song.
下一部分是介绍Eric的另一个角色——制作人。Eric目前正担任一个新的4人女子组合Stellar的制作人,Stellar将在今年的六月出道。背景视频正在展示Eric作为制片人的画面。在Fanmeeting中,Eric带来了Stellar的主唱艺瑟,谈论Eric作为制作人的事情。艺瑟说,Eric 是个完美主义者,而且会一直等待直到一切事情都完美的完成。他会整日整夜的工作,确保所有的事情能够跟上计划。艺瑟也表演了一首歌曲。

The next part of the show (while Eric is changing backstaged) is a video so fans know a little more about his life such as everytime Eric sees the color orange he thinks of his fans (Shinhwa Chanjo), wants to invite fans to go fishing with him, wants to get married everytime he sees children because he loves kids, and even asking everyone to take good care of themselves by eating good food and don’t go on yo-yo diet since that’s bad for your health.

Eric returned on stage in his rocking a black blazer, see through shirt and jeans. This time the video in the background introduces Eric’s two little kittens: Jamong and Yakult.
Eric followed up with “Return of the Rapper” portion of the show.
Eric回到舞台,穿着一件黑色的西装外套,里面穿汗衫,穿着牛仔裤。这次背景视频里介绍Eric的两只小猫:Jamong 和Yakult。

With 10 Shinhwa songs on the video screen, Eric had to pick a number and dance/rap to the songs.

Eric picked Only One, Brand New and Wild Eyes number and perfected every routine on stage.
Eric选择了号码,在舞台上表演了Only One, Brand New 和 Wild Eyes。

In the much anticipated “Game with Fans” portion, audiences were asked to stand up and hold out “Yes” or “No” paper to answer five questions. Those who answered all questions correctly gets to go up on stage with Eric.


1. I like being ‘sexy’ more than ‘handsome’
- No

2. I like women who can cook more than those who are beautiful

- Yes

3. The last member I talked to was Minwoo

 Yes (Eric looking surprised at fans who answered correctly since he just talked to Minwoo before going on stage)

4. First thing I do after waking up is go to the bathroom

- Yes

5. My mom dreamed of a peacock before she conceived me

- Yes

Six lucky fans who answered all questions correctly were invited to go on stage and draw a paper that says what Eric has to do for them, such as posing for Polaroid pictures, back hug and saying fan’s name, and the ultimate prize was walking around stage hand in hand with Eric on a ‘Love Date’ where Eric also walked her down the stage to show fans.

Eric walked off the stage with a simple Thai phrase, “Phom Ruk Khun” (I love you).

The background video rolls up with Eric’s voice over:
Thank you for spending two precious hours with me and for the love and dedication in the past 13 years that you have shown.  There are not enough words to express my feelings of ‘Thank you’ or ‘Love you.’ I can only say that ‘You are my everything’ and with this I have a special gift for Thai fans. I will sing my new song for the first time in Thailand.

Hee Chil appeared on stage featuring Eric to sing his new song.

Eric walked off the stage only to surprise his fans at the back of audiences, walking slowly to greet everyone as he walks back up on stage causing quite a scurry as fans rushed to greet him. Eric ended his first Thailand fan meeting in Thai with, “I will return as Shinhwa again and I love you.”


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