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公司英语 II

(2010-12-25 21:56:05)


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1.我得記著帶很多名片 I’ll have to remember to bring a lot of business cards.


I can’t miss that train tomorrow morning.so I’m going to bed early tonight.

3.全部的目錄和文件都裝進去了 I’ve packed all the catalogues,and all the documents,too.


A business trip?Great.i won’t have to cook for at least three days.


Oh,no,There are no seats left on the FUXINGHAO.i was planning to look over the documents on the way.


Uh oh!There is nothing like the stress you get from having the boss riding along on a long trip.


I’ll take care of business nice and quick—then I’m gonna have some fun on the town.


What would be the best route to follow in order to visit as many plaes in the shortest possible time?

9.首先要做的是找間酒館 First thing I’ll do is look for a bar.

10.    他們緊張兮兮,把會面時間訂得這麼早,他們不知道到那里有多遠嗎?

They’ve got some nerve,scheduling the meeting so early.Don’t’t they realize how long it takes to get there?

11.    他們辦事處到底在哪里呢?  Where on earth is their office?

12.    他們為什麼不能準時到這里呢?他們不曉得我的日程安排有多緊嗎?

Why couldn’t they get here on time?Don’t they hnow how tight my schedule is?

13.    這小鎮太沉悶了!連一家可以消磨時間的咖啡店都找不到

What a depressing little town! I can’t even find a coffee shop to go kill some time in.

14.    喔,糟了,樣品用完了---一我得到最近的商店去買一些

Oh,no I’ve run out of samples I’ll have to go and buy some at the nearet store.

15.    我幾乎聽不懂他們的方言,一般來說至少在談事情時,他們應該講標準英語

I can hardly undrstand their dialect.You’d think at least they’d speak standard English for business!

16.    出差時日程不那麼緊湊多好,有時能出去看看市區就好了

I wish my schedule weren’t so tight on business trips.it’s would be nice to get out and see the own forachange.

17.    為什麼我得招待他們?這里是他們的地盤呀!

Whydo I have to play host to them?This is their home ground!

18.    我的襯衫被汗水濕透了,要是多帶一件來就好了

My shirt is drenched with sweat. I wish I’d brought an extra one along.

19.    腳好痛,如果不必穿這高跟鞋多好!

My feet are killing me.if only I didn’t have to keep wearing these high heelsl

20.    他們給我這麼多樣品和公司簡介,太多了,現在帶起來可真吃力

They gave me so many samples and company brochures.it’s heck of lot to lug around now.

21.    我正在休息時,他們為什麼要打電話到飯店找我

Why did they have to call me here at the hotel,just when I’m relaxing?

22.    什麼都沒有定下來,老遠跑來為的是什麼呢>?

Nothing at all has been decided.What was the point in coming all this way?

23.    也許我該帶起紀念品回去給公司同事

Maybe I should get some souvenirs for the folks back at the office.

24.    最能提神解勞的莫如在回程列車上喝杯冰嗥酒

For refreshment there’s just nothing that beats sipping down a cool one on the train headed home.

25.    太疲倦了,如果明天能不上班多好

I’m so tired.if only I could take the day off tomorrow.

26.    要人家出差到……當天回來,真是荒唐,我得5點起床,弄得現在困极了

it’s absurd to have to make a one-day trip to…and back.i had to get up at five,and now I’m so sleepy.

27.    這次我能放鬆了,是和一個老同事一起去

I can take it easy this time.i’m going with someome further up the ladder.

28.    到……的路上和經理談些什麼事好呢?

Now what can I talk about with the boss all the way to…?

29.    如果睡過了站,就得到……下車了,我最好把手表鬧鈴上好

I’ll end up in…if I sleep past my stop.i’d better set my watch alarm.

30.    出租寄物柜在哪里呢?  Now where are the coin lockers?

31.    要想在一個陌生的市鎮走動是件令人頭痛的事,為了省麻煩,就叫出租車吧

it’s a headache trying to get around in a strange,new town.i’ll just take a taxi and avoid all the trouble.

32.    嘿!現金就要不夠用了,不曉得附近是不是有a銀行分行

Hey!I’m running short on cash.i wonder if there’s a branch of Bank A around.

33.    多糟糕的謙價旅館!蓮蓬頭不能用嘛,公司不該在差旅費上這麼吝嗇的

What a terrible economy hotel!The shower doesn’t workThey shouldn’t be so cheap on the travel expenses.

34.    好啦,我們居然設法順利結束了會談,長途旅行還是值得的

Well,we actually managed to wind up our talks successfully.The long trip was well worth it.

35.    唉呀!他們把每一項都列在旅館收據上了,長途旅館還是值得的

Uh,oh…they’ve got all the details listed on the hotel receipt.Everybody will know I watched a video!

36.    我喜歡偶爾出個差調劑一下心情.

I like taking an occasional business trip for a change of pace.


1.我安排旅程表                          I make out an itinerary for the trip.

2.我買車<飛機>票                        I buy a ticket.

3.我訂旅館                              I make a hotel reservation.

4.我收拾行李                            I pack my luggage.

5.我在車站買盒飯                        I pick up a lunch at the station.

6.我上”子彈列車”                        I get on board the Bullet Train.

7.我抵達旅館                            I arrive at my botel.

8.我去拜訪一位客戶                      I go and call on a customer.

9.我們互相問候                          We exchange greetings.

10.    我們討論商務                        We discuss business maters.

11.    我參觀工廠                          I go on a plant tour.

12.    我買些禮品                          I buy some presents.

13.    我寫出差報告                        I write a report on the business trip.

14.    我打電話回家                        I call home.



I don’t hnow what to say at the morning staff assembly tomorrow.


Why the heck do we have to sing the company song in the morning?


Here we go again.The manager’s talk is as long as ever.


I’m all worn out.Doesn’t he hnow we’ve been standing here for more than 30 minutes?

5.明天是動運會的日了,下雨就好了  Tomorrow’s sports day.i hope it rains.


it’s been quite a while since I did callisthenics along with the exercise jingle on the radio.


He’s not much of a worker but he sure is an athlete.


Ha-ha!The manager fell down.Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!


If I beat my boss now,he’ll holda grudge against me later.

10.    什麼?那個小家夥是總經理的孫子呀?

What?That kid’s the general manager’s grandson?

11.    他們應該呆以提供好一些的午飯 They should be able to give us a better lunch.

12.    哎呀!明天我全身肌肉都會痛了

Gosh!My muscles are going to ache all over tomorrow.

13.    公司旅行,我不想去…但是情面上過不去

I don’t want to go on a company trip but duty calls.

14.    哦!不!不要一上車就放卡拉ok嘛

Oh,no!Don’t start in with that karaoke the instant we get on the bus.

15.    導游一直嘰嘰喳喳說個不停,我怎麼能合一下眼呢

The guide keeps jabbering on and on.How am I ever gonna be able to take a nap?

16.    為什麼我得和公司一幫人去過夜旅行,度過這麼寶貴的周末

Why do I have to spend such a valuable weekend on an overnight trip with the company bunch?

17.    好啦,在公司宴會開始前,我先去衝個澡吧

Well,I’ll take a quick bath before the company party starts.

18.    女士們卸了妝,我就分辨不出誰是誰

I can’t tell who’s when the women take off their make up.

19.    啊,糟了!我被安排和主管睡同一房間了

Oh,no!I’m stuck with having to share the same room with my section chief!

20.    主管對表演真有一套,實在出乎我的意料

The section chief is quite an enter---tailner.i never would have guessed.

21.    什麼!?他想要我替他斟酒?我不相信他連在公司宴會上都要把我差來遣去

What!?He expects me to serve him wine?I can’t believe he’s bossing me around even at the company party.

22.    最差勁了……裝著酒醉,四處騷擾女士

That’s the lowest…..pretending you’re drunk and going around touching the women.

23.    那是笑話嗎?有什麼好笑呢 It was a joke?What’s so funny about that?

24.    他們如果想打通宵麻將,應該到別的房間去

If they’re going to stay up all night playing mahjong,they ought to go to some other room.

25.    他整夜打鼾,我無法睡覺  He snored all night,and I couldn’t sleep.

26.    喔,那麼…..我該為家人買件紀念品

Oh,well,…guess I’d better buy a souvenif for my family.

27.    哪有這種事,這麼大鬧大吃,到頭來,明天還得上班

Don’t tell me we have to work tomorrow after all this partying.

28.    今年是”飛躍之年?他去年新年致詞時也這麼說的

This year is “The Year of Rapid Progress”?He said the same thing in his New Year’s speech last year.

29.    喔,原來老董事長的長相是這個樣子

Oh,so that’’s what the old president looks like!

30.    他唯一努力工作是在年終在大掃除的時候

The only time he works hard is at the year-end cleaning.

31.    我的桌子變得真正整潔的唯一時間是”歲末大掃除日”再來的時候

The one time my desk really gets nice and tidy is when”year-end cleanup time”rolls around.

32.    哦,那文件原來在這里呀…..害我找都找不到

So,that’s where the document was…I could never find it when I was looking for it.

33.    就算是經理也可以幫我們一下嘛

I know he’s the manager,but still,he could lend us a hand here.

34.    你看看倉庫內所有東西上的灰塵---這正表明我們沒有賣出商品

Will you take a look at all this dust on everything here in the warehouse---just goes to show we’re ont”selling our wares!”

35.    這麼多次年終聯歡會,會把我累垮的

All of these year-end parties are going to ruin my health.

36.    可別帶著公司微章,像醉鬼一樣四處胡鬧

Don’t go around carrying on like some drunken fool with company badge on!


1.我鞠躬                            I bow.

2.我立正                            I stand at attention.

3.我唱公司歌                        I sing the company song.

4.我浸泡在溫泉中                    I soak in a hot spring bath.

5.我換穿浴衣                        I change into a bathrobe.

6.我去參加公司聯歡宴                I go and join the company dinner bash.

7.我為同事斟酒                      I pour my colleagues wine.

8.我做熱身運動                      I warm up.

9.我以最快速度跑                    I run as fast as I can.

10.    我跳躍                            I jump.

11.    我跌倒                            I fall down.

12.    我掃地                            I sweep the floor.

13.    我擰干抹布                        I wring out the wash cloth.

14.    我搬運些貨物                      I carry some bundles around.

15.    我倒垃圾                          I take out the trash.

16.    我們聆聽上司的實例教訓            We listen to the boss telling an obiect lesson story.

17.    我打哈欠                          I yawn.

18.    我揉眼睛                          I rub my eyes.

19.    我穿木屐                          I put on clogs.

20.    我在街上四處閒逛                  I stroll around the streets.

21.    我打麻將                          I play mahjong.

22.    我做了一次表演                    I put on a performance.

23.    我綁頭佈                          I wear a headband.

24.    我做洗手宣誓                      I take’s “sportsman’s oath.”

25.    我跑得喘不過氣來                  I run of breath.

26.    我扭傷踝骨                        I sprain my ankle.

27.    我挫傷手指                        I sprain my finger.



I have to take Mr.Ouyang from Company x out drinking tonight.


I have a lot of people to take out this week.


This guy’s company is one of our most important clients:I’d better do a good job enter taining him.


Ah,so what the manager likes best is sake!


The manager is a heavy drinker.it’s going to be hard to heep up with him.

6.這地方的啎礪很可口This place has delicious oysters.


I wish they’d hurry up and serve us.i’m having a hard time keeping the conversation going.

8.唉喲,我的腳麻了Uh-oh,My feet have gone to sleep on me.


There are a lot of good-looking hos-tesses at this club.

10.    我最好找些有趣的話題來談

I’d better come up with something interesting to talk about.

11.    啊!如此說,來經理入迷的是高爾夫球

Aha!So it’s goif that turns the manager on.

12.    喲!會談開始有進展了!Whew!Now the conversation’s starting to roll!

13.    我很想現在就結束I’d like to wrap things up now.

14.    如果他還要去(喝)另一家<另一回合),我怎麼辦?

What should I do if he wants to go another round?

15.    我費力重新安排時間,他去連想都不去(喝)另一家

I took the trouble to rearrange my schedule,but he doesn’t even want to go another round.

16.    也許我不該連續唱這麼多;畢竟我是東道主

Maybe I shouldn’t keep on singing so much;after all,I’m the host.

17.    我最好開頭先唱第一首曲子I’d better go ahead and sing the first song.

18.    唷!他唱得真差勁Yech!He’s a terrible singer.

19.    在這個地方,我得自掏腰包了

At this place,I have to pay the bill out of my own pocket.

20.    我在招待吃喝方面花費太多錢

I’m spending away too much money on wining and dining.

21.    差不多該替他叫輛出租車了it’s about time I called him a taxi.

22.    這個家夥真會拍馬屁,他不停的綦維真惹我心煩

This guy really lays it on thick;his non-stop flattery is getting on my nerves.

23.    我不曉得他是不是真高興I wonder if he really liked it.

24.    唷!真高興辦完了事Whew!I’m glad that’s over with!

25.    啊,糟了,我又得凌晨回家了Oh,no.i’ll get home after midnight again.

26.    這家夥就是不會喝酒This guy just can’t hold his liquor.

27.    好了!洽談就要成功了!我知道的!

OK!The negotiations are goig to be a success!I know it!

28.    下次酒菜招待要更大方一些

Next time,I’ll be a little more generous with my wining and dining.

29.    如果所有這酒菜招待沒能達到目的,我可應麻煩了

if all this wining and dining doesn’t do the trick,I’m in trouble.

30.    因為我得陪客戶去打高爾夫球,整個星期天都報銷了

My entire Sunday was shot because I had to take some clients out golfing.

31.    我不想為那種事情浪費我的休假日.

I don’t want to waste my day off on something like that.

32.    他怎麼會想打高爾夫球?他是很蹩腳的

Why does he even try to play goif?He’s terrible!

33.    哦,糟糕,要送他回家,真令人討厭

Oh,no!Taking him home’s going to be a real drag!

34.    這麼個小氣鬼,他們還期望我們和他們做生意呀?

How can they expect us to do business with them after being such cheapskates?

35.    他對客人的招待不很周到He’s not very attentive to his guests.

36.    下一次希望有人接待我Next time,I want someone to take me out.


1.我查看以確下我們的日程沒有沖突      I check to make sure our schedules don’t conflict.

2.我向餐廳訂一桌席位                  I reserve a table at a restaurant.

3.我去接賓館                          I go and pick up the guests.

4.我脫掉上衣                          I take off my jacket.

5.我跪著坐                            I sit down on my heels.

6.我盤腿坐                            I sit cross-legged.

7.我向服務員叫茶                      I give the waiter our order.

8.我拿起玻璃杯                        I pick up my glass.

9.我倒些嗥酒                          I pour some beer.

10.    我在手中拿雙筷子                  I hold a pair of chopsticks in my hand.

11.    我點一去香煙                      I light up a cigarette.

12.    我唱卡拉ok                       I sing to a karaoke back up.

13.    我和某人唱二重唱                  I sing with someome in duet .

14.    我鼓掌叫好                        I applaud.

15.    我付帳單                          I pay the tab.

16.    我打開公司車的車門                I open the door of the company car.

17.    我告訴公司要去的地方              I tell the driver where I want to go.

18.    我把外衣挂在衣架上                I hang my coat up on a hanger.

19.    我喝醉了                          I get drunk.

20.    我那一刻突然振作起來              I snap out of it for a moment.

21.    我說恭維話                        I pay a compliment.

22.    我去洗手間                        I go to the rest room.

23.    我洗手                            I wash my hands.

24.    我擦手                            I wipe my hands.

25.    我接著去下一家酒館                I go on to the next bar.

26.    我拿出打火機                      I take out a lighter.

27.    我手拿麥克風                      I hold the mike.



I’d like to talk with you.Can we have lunch together?

2.我不想給別人聽到I don’t want anybody to hear us.


Have you heard anything about who’s getting transferred to where this time?


This time it looks like I’ll be the one transferred.


I want to leave the company because!don’t get along with Mr.Tian.


What do you think of my decision to take an examination for a new job at Company A?

7.歐陽先生要辭職是真的嗎?Is it true that Mr.Ouyang is going to resign?

8.聽說鍬先生要升職I heard that Mr.Di is going to be promoted.


Miss White is going to quit and get married?She got a job quaranteed with meals and an afternoon nap,didn’t she?Boy,women are lucky!

10.    你知道翁先生被A公司挖走了嗎?

Did you know Mr.Weng has been scouted out by Company A?

11.    我希望他們能做到人得其位

I wish they’d get the right people for the right job.

12.    你不認為他們互相在打情罵俏嗎?你為什麼這樣想?

Don’t you think they’re flirting with each other?What makes you think so?

13.    我聽到消息說,參孫先生和肯涅利小姐要結婚,哦,真的嗎?

I heard the news that Mr.Samson and Miss Kennelly are getting married.Oh,realy?

14.    我佩服他們好會保密,哦,真的?我從一開始就知道的/.

I admire the way they’re kept it secret.Oh,really?I knew about it all along.

15.    誰告訴你那件事的Who told you that?

16.    嗯,我從內幕消息聽到的.Well,I heard it through the grapevine.

17.    你在猶豫什麼呢?說出來吧.Why are you hesitating?Come out with it.

18.    這個……,我不能告訴你.Well,I can’t tell you.

19.    你講到一半就停下來不講,太沒意思了

it’s not nice of you to stop in the middle of what you’re saying.

20.    你讓我這樣懸著(知道一半),我今晚會睡不著的.

I won’t be able to sleep tonight if you leave me hanging like this.

21.    太令人失望了!不如我想像的那麼有趣

What a letdown!That wasn’t as juicy as I thouthet.

22.    一位聲音性感的小姐打電話給經理,她是誰呢?

A lady with a sexy voice called for the boss. Who is she?

23.    塞爾登先生要請我吃飯,你認為怎樣?

Mr.Salten asked me out to dinner.What do you think of that?

24.    我聽說蓋奇先生有女朋友,哦,真的?那真可惜.

I heard Mr.Gage has a girlfriend.Oh,really?That’s too had.

25.    你看馬歇爾先生最近是不是發福了

Don’t you think Mr.Marshell has been putting on weight ltely?

26.    是,我也那樣想,他初進公司時是很修長的

Yes,I think so,too.He was so slim when he firstjoined the company.

27.    他怎麼了?最近這幾天看來很沮喪

What’s the atter with him?The last few days he’s been looking so blue.

28.    那新人工作怎樣?他能勝任嗎?

How’s the new man working out in his job?Is the competent?

29.    剛才你們兩個有什麼爭執?What was the trouble between you two a while ago?

30.    那只不過是一些無聊事.It was just something stupid.

31.    他們兩個人的舉動都像孩子一樣,不是嗎?Both of them are acting like children,aren’t they?

32.    下一個假期你準備做什麼?What are you going to do over the next holiday period?

33.    我想找個地方旅行去.I figure I’ll take a trip somewhere.

34.    你買到車票了嗎?Have you gotten a ticket yet?

35.    你最近有沒有聽到什麼有趣的事情?Have you heard anything good lately?

36.    沒有,近來沒有什麼.No,nothing’s going on these days.


1.我在那邊站著和某人聊天              I stand around chatting with someone.

2.我對著某人耳朵悄聲說話              I whisper into someone’s ear.

3.我加入談話                          I join the conversation.

4.我聆聽並隨著點頭                    I listen and nod along.

5.我雙手交叉抱在胸前                  I fold my arms on my chest.

6.我抓頭                              I scratch my head.

7.我呸得叫出來                        I cry out in surprise.

8.我疑惑地把頭歪向一邊                I doubtfully cock my head to one side.

9.我用肘輕推某人.                      I give someone a nudge.

10.    我傾身向前,以便能聽清楚些.           I lean forward to listen better.

11.    我皺眉頭                            I frown..

12.    我悄所說<耳語>                      I whisper.

13.    我用手指梳攏頭發                    I run my fingers throuth my hair.

14.    我坐著生悶氣                        I sit and sulk.



We have to predict what fashion will be like at least one year ahead.

2.我們實在搞不清楚什麼東西會流行We never know what will be”in.”


Is that true?Company M will be putting video 8 on the market?


Price-wise,we can’t beat NIES,but our quality is definitely better.


What?! Company K has come out with the same product?There must be an information leak out in our company.


It’s really hard to get research volunteers for our hair tonic.


The life of any hit product will come to an end someday.


It might be that we are spending too much money on development.


We had no idea that the product would sell so well.

10.    我們得準備好那商品以備圣延節銷售旺季.

We have to have the merchandise ready for the Christmas sales blitz.

11.    也許這商品的價格訂得過高.Maybe this item is priced too high.

12.    我奇怪為什麼S公司能把他們的價格訂得那麼低.

I wonder how Company S can keep their prices so low.

13.    因為這些試驗是無說服力的,所以我擔心.

I’m concerned because these tests are inconclusive.

14.    我懷疑這些資料是不是真有幫助.I am wondering if these data are really helpful.

15.    不知道那事有沒有更好的做法.I wonder if there’s a better way to go about it.

16.    研究工作確實耗費很多時間和精力.Research really takes up lots of time and energy.

17.    在我們知道研究發展結果以前,我倒希望他們延緩行銷計劃的實施.

I wish they would hold off their market strategy planning until after we’ve seen the results of research and development.

18.    我們確信這次我開發了暢銷品,所以如果賣得不好那是銷售部門的責任.

We’re confident we’ve come up with a big seller this time,so if it doesn’t do well,it will be the sales department’s fault.

19.    遺憾的是消費者對於一種流行不久就厭膩,所以我們常常赶不上他們的需要

Unfortunately,consumers don’t stick to one trend very long,so we find ourselves falling behind trying to keep up with what they want.

20.    這麼多產品充斥市場,已經沒有什麼我們可創新的了.

The market is flooded with so many products.There is nothing in the world left for us to create.

21.    徹底了解後,你會知道外觀比質量更重要.

When you get right down to it,appearance is more important than quality.

22.    我們比不過M公司,他們(的投資)完全不能比擬.

We can’t beat Company M。They’re in another league altogether.

23.    每天和這種危險化學品為伍是慢性自殺.

Working with dangerous chemicals like this everyday is slow-motion suicide.

24.    花了這麼多錢開發這產品,如果賣不出去,誰要負責.

With all the money you’ve put into developing this product,who’s going to take the blame if it doesn’t sell?

25.    什麼?!又有消費者來抱怨呀?我們最好在大眾風聞之前趕快處理.

What?!We’ve been getting consumer complaints again?We’d better do something fast before the public gets wind of it.

26.    唉呀!我們竟又制造了難賣的東西了.Aahh!We’ve gone and turned out a poor seller again!

27.    我認為要使一般客戶了解使用方法是太難了.

I think that it’s too hard for the average customer to understand the directions.

28.    我相信這商品一定暢銷.I am positive that this merchandise will sell!

29.    做些和高中化學實驗差不了多少的事情,我真受夠了.

I’m getting fed up doing what amounts to little more than high school chemistry experiments.

30.    老天爺!因為我討厭英文才先攻理科,而現在我得讀所有這些英文的專門刊物!

Good Heavens! I majored in science because I hated English and now I have to read all these technical journals in English!

31.    喔,糟了!我想來不及在截止日期前交貨了.

Oh,no!I don’t think I can make delivery before the dead line.

32.    我希望那東西能夠通過檢驗.I hope that it will pass the test.

33.    我想這有一點不對頭-----試驗檢查不慶當是這個樣子的.

I think something is wrong with it----the test results shouldn’t look like this.

34.    延緩交貨日期的理由,我該說什麼呢?

What will I say was the reason we postponed the delivery date?

35.    不管做多少次樣品,我們都無法獲得滿意的.

No,matter how many prototypes we make,we just can’t get it right.

36.    我很困,不過那是當然的----我昨晚整夜沒睡.

I am so sleepy but that figures---I didn’t sleep at all last night.


1.我穿上工作服                            I put on my work uniform.

2.我戴上帽子                              I put on my cap.

3.我操作機器                              I operate a machine.

4.我讀一本專門書稿                        I read a technical volume.

5.我開動腦筋                              I do some brainstorming.

6.我草擬計劃書                            I draw up a project proposal.

7.我做說明示演                            I give a presentation.

8.我劃設計圖                              I draw up a blueprint.

9.我制造生產原型                          I make a production prototype.

10.    我進行產品試驗                       I conduct a product test.

11.    我提出完成品                         I come up with the final product.

12.    我手拿一支試管                       I hold a test tube in my hand.

13.    我陷入沉思中                         I’m deep in thought.

14.    我開夜車<整夜沒睡>                   I stay up all right.


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