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第4期 颜色的学问Color Commentary

(2010-04-15 13:40:37)


分类: 自家广告&活动
Color Commentary
by Ahmed Mokhtar
    It was the first new car Mary Kay and I could afford after six years of marriage, so we did our careful shopping. There, on the lot, under the nighttime amber lights, was the prettiest silver Oldsmobile I ever saw. I couldn’t wait for the next morning to find a salesman. I had to have that very car.
    It didn’t take long. “Mike” wore slicked-back hair and a three-piece suit, and had enough deal pads on his desk to put a new car in every garage in Texas.
    He was quick to point out the options on the car, the features that were new to this year’s model, and the changes in the warranty. That was important, but the silver color had already sold me. I told Mike about my earlier visit to the lot.
     “That silver paint shined back at me like a fashion mirror,” I said. “Under your lights, I knew that I had found the secret of the origin of pearls1.” I had carelessly tipped my hand2 to a waiting predator.
    Mike noted my strong enthusiasm for it, and my lack of interest in the other cars on the lot. He began a pitch3 about the luminescence4, the lifetime wax-free overcoat, and most of all, the newness of the color for the Oldsmobile line. It was poetically called Aztec5 Silver. Aztec Silver! The name spoke volumes6. I closed my eyes and imagined the awe that would surround us at valet parking7 – maybe at the Ritz8. We would arrive to shiny moonglow pavement – in tux9 and flowing gown with a decadent10 neckline. Mary would step lightly onto the red carpet – her breasts looking like the filled sails of a brigantine11.
    We drove away in a cloud of happiness.
    We moved to Oklahoma, and three years later, with a growing family in tow12, decided to look up Mike again and trade for a new car. I was pleased to find him at his old desk, in a gray sharkskin suit with a red tie, and that ream13 of deal sheets at his side.
    Mary picked out a blue station wagon with enough room for us all, and Mike and I a got started with the haggling14. Unlike before, absent were the motions of a Maestro15 schmoozing16 his debut. He was dealing on a station wagon, not a romantic coupe.
     “I can allow you $1100 on your car,” he said apologetically. I was shocked. My Olds was worth so much less than what I paid for it. It was still so bright and shiny! I had kept it waxed, kept it serviced, and it had low miles.
    Mike leaned over close to my ear as if to share a secret or a for-men-only joke. “See, the trouble is, it’s the color”, he said. I was puzzled. I recalled his original pitch – and my glee over the Aztec Silver. I told him I didn’t understand.
    He leaned over again, this time closer – ”You know,” he said, “Nobody likes Coffin Gray.” 

第4期 <wbr>颜色的学问Color <wbr>Commentary


第4期 <wbr>颜色的学问Color <wbr>Commentary
1. 关于珍珠的由来有许多传说,最流行的一种说法是:珍珠是天堂的水滴滴到海里形成的。
2. tip one’s hand:(无意地或偶然地)表明自己的真实想法(或目的、立场等)。
3. pitch n. <美口> 竭力推销的广告语;商品推销员的行话。
4. luminescence n. [物]冷光。
5. Aztec n. 阿兹特克人。阿兹特克是14世纪~16世纪的墨西哥古文明。
6. speak volumes: 意义深远;充分说明。
7. valet n. 贴身男仆;仆从。valet parking:(饭店、旅馆等提供的)侍者为主顾停车的服务。
8. 丽兹酒店(Ritz-Carlton)是世界上最奢华的酒店品牌之一。
9. tux n. <美口>(男士无尾半正式)晚礼服。
10. decadent a.(文学、艺术等)颓废派的。颓废风格的服装与波希米亚风格近似,多会出现重重叠叠的大小褶皱。
11. brigantine n. 一种双桅帆船。
12. in tow: 拖着;随着;陪伴着。
13. ream n. 大量。
14. haggle v. 争论;讨价还价。
15. maestro n. 艺术大师;大指挥家。
16. schmooze v. <美俚>闲谈,闲扯。


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