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(2009-12-17 15:14:06)


2009 December 15
by rahat huq胡克的拉哈特
  • Tracy McGrady entered the game with 7:44 remaining in the 1st quarter.  Viewing the telecast, I didn't get the sense that there were many boos from the crowd.  It wasn't exactly a thunderous ovation, but the reaction appeared predominantly to be of applause.  This came as quite a surprise.麦蒂进入7时44分,在比赛剩下的第一季度。查看的转播,我没有得到的感觉有很多的观众的嘘声。这不完全是雷鸣般的欢呼,但反应似乎主要是为是的掌声。这是一次颇为令人感到惊讶。
  • In his 7+ minutes on the floor, McGrady was matched up almost exclusively against the Pistons' 6′10, 230 pound rookie forward, Jonas Jerebko.  While I have never seen Jerebko play before, my guess is that this favorable matchup played some role in Rick Adelman's decision to activate McGrady for tonight.在他7 +地上分钟,麦蒂对比了活塞队的6'10,二百三英镑新秀前锋,若Jerebko。虽然我从来没有见过Jerebko几乎完全发挥之前,我的猜测是,这种良好的对决中发挥一定作用在阿德尔曼的决定,启动今晚麦蒂。
  • The first thing that stood out was the defensive effort.  I can't remember the last time I saw Tracy fully extend and contest every shot put up by his opponent.  Naturally, he wanted to make a good impression in his debut.第一件事突出的是防守。我不记得我最后一次见到麦蒂充分扩展和每铅球比赛他的对手了。当然,他想在他的首次作出一个良好的印象。
  • McGrady was not even in the play in any of the Rockets' numerous fast break sequences in the 1st quarter.  While he tried, he simply couldn't keep up with his teammates.麦蒂甚至没有在火箭队的多次快攻序列任何游戏是在第一季度完成。虽然他想,他根本无法跟上他的队友。
  • With 2:45 remaining in the 1st, after a switch, Richard Hamilton was able to lose McGrady through a screen, hitting a jumper in the process.随着2时45分留在第一,一个开关后,汉密尔顿能够通过一个屏幕失去麦蒂,击中在这个过程中跳投。
  • These above two points illustrate why Rick Adelman may have been hesitant to activate McGrady.  While it could simply have been rust and the natural re-adjustment to the pace of the NBA game, it's possible that Tracy just still isn't physically at a level acceptable to Rick Adelman.  It may just be that, unbeknownst to those of us viewing from the outside, Tracy may not yet have fully recovered or may have just permanently regressed.这以上两点说明,为什么阿德尔曼可能已被激活麦蒂犹豫不决。虽然它可以简单地已生锈,自然重新调整到NBA的比赛节奏,这可能是麦蒂只是仍然没有实际的水平阿德尔曼接受的。这可能仅仅是因为,毫不知情的情况对我们这些从外观看,麦蒂可能还没有完全康复或可能刚刚永久倒退。
  • It looked incredibly odd watching Tracy McGrady catch the ball and almost immediately look to pass.  For Tracy McGrady, that's not quite the usage we fans are accustomed to seeing .看上去令人难以置信的多看麦蒂抓住球,几乎立即寻找传给麦蒂。,这并不完全是我们的球迷见惯使用。
  • With 3:19 remaining in the 1st, Tracy was unable to catch the pass off the curl while coming around the pick.  This won't work.  More on this later.随着3:19留在第一,麦蒂无法赶上关闭卷曲,而未来通过周围的选择。这是不行的。更多关于这方面。
  • The Rockets' broadcast of the game was presenting the straightaway '3′ hit by McGrady with 1:33 remaining in the 1st as the highlight and most significant play of his return.  It wasn't.  It had little significance.  I don't really care that he hit a wide open '3′ off the pass from his favorite spot on the court.  This play doesn't tell us whether McGrady can help this team or fit into this offense.  Statistically, Tracy is not a good 3pt shooter anyway, so this doesn't really have much predictive value.火箭队的比赛转播,出示麦蒂马上'3'击中1时33分在第一其余为突出和最重要的比赛他返回。事实并不是这样。它没有什么意义。我不真正关心,他击中敞开'3'关闭传给他在球场上最喜欢的位置。这个戏没有告诉我们是否可以帮助麦蒂这个球队的进攻或适合。据统计,麦蒂不是一个好3pt射手无论如何,因此这实际上并没有太多的预测价值。
  • With 1 minute remaining in the 1st, we saw McGrady catch the ball in the far post on the right elbow against Jerebko.  He turned, and then employed his signature jab step – left, driving towards the middle and getting fouled.随着剩下1分钟,在第一,我们看到麦蒂捕捉到关于打击Jerebko右肘远门柱球。他转过身来,然后聘请他的签名山一步-左,对中东驾驶和获得犯规。
  • As I said earlier , the above play is how I envision McGrady fitting into this offense.  If he is physically capable, I think he can be effective attacking from the high post elbow where he has the option to jab step towards his left.  On the other hand, while it may be that my perception is skewed by the awkwardness of the sight, I just can't see Tracy helping this team if used in coming off curls as seen at the 3:19 mark.  He is much more effective when he is shooting off of his own dribble.  I actually think he hurts this team if used coming off of screens, because a) he doesn't cut hard and b) he isn'ta very good shooter.  Most importantly, moving him without the ball takes away his greatest strength and only skill with potential value to this team – his passing.正如我在早些时候 ,上述比赛是我的想象麦蒂这个进攻配件。如果他身体能力,我认为他是有效的,从高肘部攻击后,他已对山对他的离开一步的选择。论另一方面,虽然这可能是因为我的感觉是由扭曲的景象别扭,我看不出麦蒂帮助这个球队,如果在未来关闭,截至3:19商标看到卷发使用。他是有效得多他的投篮命中率过自己的运球。其实,我觉得他伤害了这支球队的未来,如果使用过屏幕,因为)他不削减努力,b)他不是一个非常优秀的投手。最重要的是,他没有移动球拿走的潜在价值这支球队的最大力量,只有技巧-他的逝世。
  • If I had to make an absolute judgment on his performance, I thought he looked pretty bad.  Now obviously, an absolute judgment means nothing as we're talking about a guy playing in his first NBA game since last February.  It's only natural that he would look a bit out of sync and winded.  The difficulty is that we don't know whether his struggles stemmed from something related to his surgery and overall physical decline or if it was simply the rust and re-adjustment to the pace of the NBA game.  We will need to see how things develop for any type of assessment but overall, it was nice to see McGrady finally get back on the court.如果我不得不对他的表现绝对的判断,我认为他看起来非常糟糕。现在很明显,绝对的判断,没有任何意义就在我们在他的第一场NBA比赛自去年2月比赛的家伙说话。这很自然,他会研究的同步和冗长位了。困难的是,我们不知道他的奋斗源自与他的手术和整体体力下降的东西,或者这是不是锈并重新调整了NBA的步伐游戏。我们需要看看事情在任何课税,但整体型发展下去,很高兴看到麦蒂终于回到球场。
  • Final note: Chase Budinger is the real deal.最后一点:大通巴丁杰是真正的交易。


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