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(2011-02-19 20:02:33)


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     1901.        We should be able to sing in chains. 我们应该可以戴着镣铐歌唱。in chains 也是坐牢的意思。


Is this the tip of the iceberg or merely an isolated incident? 这只是冰山一角呢,还是一个孤立的个案?这是一个“大量”与“少量”的对比。


We are a close-knit team.  我们是一个密切合作的团队。也说tight-knit She does a good job and she is a team player. 她工作干得好,而且有团队精神。



1904  line 是最常见的词,能掌握好与此词有关的词组能帮助提高我们的表达力。关于line的用法与词组远远不止十几个,但我把这些用法都集中在十几条里。以下都是常见的一些用法。

a)       I am on the starting line now, waiting for your marching order. 我已经站在起跑线上了,只等你下进军的号令。长官说“March!(出发).

b)      the finish line, my first job is to get this bill across the finish line

c)       the first line 最初的,最好的。the first line of defense 第一道防线。There’s no denying that a healthy diet is the first line of defense against rising cholesterol. I feel it is difficult to write the first line.我觉得文章开头最难。This is the first line treatment. It will be followed by more treatments. 这只是第一疗程,接下来还会其他的疗程。

d)      the last line, 最后,最重要的The court is the last line of defense for justice. If judges are corrupt, there is no way to mend the system at all. 法院是正义的最后防线,如果连法官都腐败了,那就没得治了。behind the enemy's lines 深入到敌人的后方去。survivor of countless incursions behind enemy lines.

e)       the top line news 头条新闻;Their story made headlines. 他们的故事上了头条新闻。This is the top-of-the-line laptop. 这是这款手提电脑中质量最好的。

f)       the bottom line 底线,The bottom line is that the People’s Daily strictly follows the communist line.  It will never cross the line. All the Party members have to come into line with the Party policy.底线是人民日报严格走党报路线。它绝不会偏离这点。党员都必须与党的政策保持一致。这里三个句子用了四个关于line的习惯用法,都是常用的。

g)      You have crossed the line when you criticize your boss publicly. 你公开批评老板,这样做就有点不能为人接受了。I don't mean to cross the line. 直译是我不想越界。这句话的意思是,我并不是想管闲事呀,只是随便问问。“I don't mean to cross the line, is she your new girl friend?” 我并不想管闲事,只是随便问问,这是你新交的女友吗?

h)      cross the line相近的表达法有:out of line, Would it be out of line if I ask you this question? 问你这个问题会不会不妥呢?in line 则是“组织好、管好”:You really need to learn how to keep your staff in line. 你得学会如何管理你的职员。

i)        Line of fire

j)        step over the line, 也是“过线、过分”的意思。They are under constant pressures to step over the line.他们受到很大的压力,要违规作业。push the line,挑战容忍度(push the envelop也是这意思)

k)      He’s in the line of fire again   Your life will be on the line.  We have to draw a line in the sand. 我们必须作出清楚的界定。(我们必须表明清楚的立场。)

l)        Recession? I have so many customers waiting in line. 衰退?我的顾客都排成了长龙。to line up, 排队;cut in line, 插队。I don’t like anyone who cuts in front of me in line.

m)    I'm just the byline. The real heroes are the Navy, the Seals, those who have brought me home

n)      Hard line and soft line: They took a hard line on defense. 他们在国防上采取强硬立场。 Beijing's soft line on corruption will hurt the Party. 北京对腐败睁一只眼,闭一只眼只会让这个党受损。

o)      He is very strong-willed in his line of business. 他在业界是出了名的犟脾气。A policeman was wounded in the line of duty.一位警察在执行任务时受伤。

p)      the skyline 天际,天涯,beautiful skyline, 美丽的天空,一望无际。 the country line 国家边界线,the province line, 省界the coast line, 海岸线poverty line, 贫困线,the assembly line 流水线 the assembly line education, 指那种没有人性、机械性的教育,就像工厂的流水线一样。I was on the line when you called. 你给我电话时,我正在打电话。

q)      online education, 网上教育。the line of credit, 信用额度。airline, pipeline, life line, price line, economic baseline, hot line, walk on cloud line, Guidelines deadline: punch line 笑话里的包袱句子

r)       Don't forget to drop me a line when you visit a new place. 到了新地方,记得给我来封信!Drop me a line. 来封信

s)       Deadlines are closer than they appear.

t)        Somewhere further down the line, you will come across his name. 只要你往后留意,你总会碰到他的名字。

u)      I do TV as a sideline. I spend the bulk of time doing my main business. 作电视节目是我的副业,我大部分时间都在做我的主要业务。It is quite a lucrative little sideline. 这个副业油水足。  

v)      The fault lines are emerging in the upcoming battle over the reform. fault lines 是地质上岩石的断裂层。这里的意思是:改革即将面临一场激烈的纷争,分裂在所难免。fast line fast lane,一个意思。, 

w)     The first-line service people, the cover line make a beeline for,  pick-up line, line dancing,

x)      The shorter the hemline, the better the economy is. When hemlines fall, watch out! 摆裙线越短,经济就越好,摆裙线拉长时,就得小心(熊市)了。这不是很常用的表达法,可记可不记。

   1905.                                                It is a great honor for believers to follow the thorny, cross-bearing path of Christ. 背十字架、走荆棘路来跟随基督,对信徒来说是一种殊荣。

    1906 When you give your word, honor your obligation. 如果你作了保证,你就得兑现!I am beginning to get the sneaking suspicion that you might not be a man of your word. 我现在隐隐约约地感到,你这个人说话不算数。

    1907.                                                Gotcha. Got You.的口语。抓到你了。

    1908.                                                He is a child of the 1950s. 他是50年代的人(或者受教育成长的人)。注意,不一定是说,他是50年代出生的孩子,他或许是40年代就出生了。


    1909.                                                pumpkin boy 稚嫩的男孩,Look at this cute pumpkin boy! 瞧瞧这个好玩的胖娃娃!

    1910.    My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning. 我的心等候主,胜于守夜的,等候天亮,胜于守夜的,等候天亮。(诗130:6



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