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上座部佛教和大乘佛教般若涅磐经的韵诗或颂偈 (五)

(2010-01-11 09:52:53)


The prince and queen of King Prasenajit were arrogant. To teach them, fear was appropriate. Especially to such

as the doctor a gatha such as this is delivered:

"All rivers have bends; - All forests have trees;

All women are flatterers; - All freedom surely gains one peace."

You have pity for beings, and to allow them to arrive at Wisdom you widely put such questions

to the Tathagata referring to the gatha."

Then, the Dharmarajaputra Manjushri said in a gatha before the Buddha:

"I follow what others say  - And do not speak against [them].

And I do not look at others [to see]  - If they do or do not do [according to Dharma];

I only look back upon the good - Or not-good of what I do (51).









      Devadatta had for innumerable ages past an evil intent and thought of following and harming the Tathagata. Why is it that you allowed him to become ordained?" Because of this, I delivered this gatha for that king:

"I follow what others say, - And do not speak against [them].

And I do not look at others [to see] - If they do or do not do;

I only look back upon the good - Or not-good of what I do."

"I, the Buddha, said to the great king: "You have now killed your father. The deadly sin has already been committed. It is the greatest of sins, the consequence of which is life in Avichi Hell. Confess and cleanse yourself. Why do you look to the ill of others. For this reason, I delivered this sermon in a gatha just for his sake. Also, next, I also deliver this sermon for those who strictly uphold the precepts, who do not transgress, who are perfect in deportment, and who see well what ill deeds others perform. Any person who is [rightly] guided by others, who keeps away from all evil deeds, and who teaches others and makes them keep away from evil is none other than my disciple."

Then, the World-Honoured One, for Manjushri's sake, spoke in a gatha:

"All fear the sword and staff;  - There is none who does not love life.

Put your own self into the parable [equation]. - Do not kill, do not use the staff."

Then, Manjushri spoke this gatha before the Buddha: - "It is not that all fear the staff.

Put your own self into the parable. - Try your best to devise the best expedients (52).











      There was in Rajagriha a great hunter. He killed a good number of stags and invited me to eat. I then accepted his invitation. But I have a compassionate feeling towards all beings, just as I have towards my own Rahula. I said in a gatha:

"Let yourself be blessed with long life, - And live long; uphold non-harming

And life will be as that of all Buddhas." - For this reason, I say in this gatha:

"All fear the sword and staff; - There is none who does not love life.

Put your own self into the parable. - Do not kill, do not use the staff."

For the sake of all Bodhisattva-mahasattvas, you put such questions regarding the undisclosed teaching of the Tathagata." Then Manjushri spoke in a gatha:

"How do we respect father and mother, - How are we obedient, and how do we pay homage?

How do we practise Dharma - And gain Avichi Hell?"  - Then the Tathagata answered in a gatha:

"Should one make greedy love [i.e. craving] one's mother,  - Ignorance one's father,

And follow and respect these, - One gains Avichi Hell." - Then the Tathagata said again to Manjushri in a gatha:

"All that belongs to others is suffering; - All that stands on one's own side - Is what is unmolested and peace;

The force of arrogance is extremely stormy and devilish; - One who is wise and good is loved by all(53).











      Then Manjushri said in a gatha:

"All beings live on food;  - All people with power have no jealousy [envy];

From all things eaten does one gain the cause of illness; - From good actions does one gain peace and bliss.

You now receive the food offered by Cunda. Do you, O Tathagata, have no fear in you or not?"

Then the World-Honoured One said in a gatha to Manjushri:

"It is not that all beings live on food only;  - It is not that all those who have power have no jealousy [envy] in their hearts;

It is not that all the food taken must call forth illness; - It is not that all pure actions necessarily give one peace and bliss(54).









      The world of the Buddha is inconceivable. And how much greater will it [i.e. virtue, merit] be if one possesses, recites, understands and copies it [this sutra]?"

Then all the devas and people of the world and asuras said in a gatha:

"The world of the Buddha is inconceivable. - So too are those of Dharma and Sangha.

This being the case, we beg that you will stay somewhat longer. - The venerable Mahakasyapa and Ananda,

The two of the Sangha, will soon be here. - Also, the great king Ajatasatru, king of Magadha,

Who very much respects the Buddha, the World-Honoured One, is not here.  - Have a little pity and stay awhile

And be with us, the great congregation, and clear away our doubts." –

Then, the Tathagata, for the benefit of the great crowd, spoke in a gatha:

"The eldest of my sons is Mahakasyapa. - Ananda well makes effort and can well clear away your doubts.

Be satisfied with that. Ananda is one who has heard much. - He will understand in a natural way

The eternal and the non-eternal. - Because of this, do not be much aggrieved(55).













      Why should you recline on your right-hand side and cause all heaven and humankind to sink into sorrow and worry?"

Then Kasyapa said in a gatha before the Buddha:

"O Great Holy One of the Gautama clan! - Get up, I pray you, and speak to us about All-Wonderful Dharma!

Do not recline on the bed like some child, - Or one who is sick. The Trainer,

The Teacher of gods and humans, - Lies between the sal trees. The lowly

And the ignorant may say that he will assuredly enter Nirvana. - They know nothing of the vaipulya

Or what the Buddha does. - Like the blind, they do not see

The hidden store of the Tathagata. - Only all the Bodhisattvas and Manjushri well know

The depths, like a good archer. - All Buddhas of the Three Times [past, present and future]

Rest upon Great Compassion. - What is now the worth of such Great Compassion?

With no compassion, the Buddha is no name [no one of any great pre-eminence]. - If the Buddha definitely enters Nirvana,

This is not the eternal, O Unsurpassed One! - Take pity on us, answer our prayers, bestow

Benefit upon beings, and subdue all tirthikas(56).













这里就没有永恒,和无量的人!-怜悯我们,回答我们的祈祷,克服所有的外道。 (56)。

      Sangha and all beings participate to see Buddha enter prinibbana, Also, all manner of incense was strewn about, such as agaru, tagara, sandalwood, saffron, various types of mixed incense and that from the seaside. Also, the Buddha was given offerings of hanging ensigns, banners which had heavenly gems stitched into them, parasols, all kinds of music by the heavenly ones [playing on the] , flute, reed-organ, she and harp.

And they also said in a gatha:

"I now bow to you, the Great Effort, the Unsurpassed, - The Right-Enlightened, the Two-footed Honoured One!

Devas and humans do not know, but Gautama well knows. - The World-Honoured One practised penances for us

In days gone by, innumerable kalpas past. - How comes it that you forsake what you once vowed

And now desire to enter Nirvana? - All beings cannot now see the undisclosed store

Of the All-Buddha-World-Honoured One. - Because of this, it will be difficult to get out of this world

And we shall repeat birth and death and fall into the evil realms. - As the Buddha says, all arhats enter Nirvana.

But how do lowly-born common mortals know well - What the Buddha does with his deepest mind?

He rains down  [ambrosia] on all beings, - To extract all defilements. If this amrta is partaken of,

One will never again repeat birth, ageing, illness and death. - The Tathagata-World-Honoured One cures the diseases

Of 100 thousand innumerable beings - And extracts serious diseases

And so contrives that none then remains. - It is long since the World-Honoured One

Left behind all the pains of illness. - That is why he can be called the Seventh Buddha.

We pray that the Buddha will rain down - The rain of Dharma and give moisture

To our seeds of virtue. All the great congregation, - Humans and gods, sit silently, as you see (57).

      僧人和所有的生命加入到佛并且进入了涅磐,当然,所有的香气四溢,例如沉香,多贺罗,檀香木,藏红花,不同混合类型的香气以及从海边来的。此外,供奉佛陀的是hanging ensigns,,横幅上镶满天上的宝石 ,遮阳伞,各种天空的音乐(在演奏),长笛,簧风琴,她和竖琴。  
“我现在向你们鞠躬,非常努力,无与伦比的  - 正确的的启迪,两足尊!

天神和人不知道,但是 瞿昙清楚的知道。 - 释尊为我们忏悔













      Buddha said that in good realms one gains six blisses of touch. The eye sees beautiful things. This is bliss. The same with the ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind which feels pleasure. The Buddha said in a gatha:

"To accord with the precepts is bliss. - One's body does not suffer from sorrow.

Sleep gives one peace. - Awake, the mind is glad. - When one receives clothing and food,

Recites, walks about, and lives alone - In mountains and forests, - This is the greatest bliss.

To beings, day and night, - One is compassionate, and this - Gives one unending bliss.

Because this does not cause suffering to others. - It is bliss to seek little and be satisfied;

It is bliss to hear much [of the Dharma] - And to disseminate it; arhathood - With no clinging in one's mind

Is also the experience of bliss. - The Bodhisattva-mahasattva finally - Reaches the yonder shore.

Whatever is done gains one an end. - This is the greatest of bliss (58).






要获得祝福是要听很多(法)-并且要传播arhathood -在心灵中没有任何牵挂。




Bodhisattva Kasyapa said to the Buddha: All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas speak [thus] in order to acord with the ways of the world. Is this not false? The Buddha said:

"One who does good harvests bliss; - One who upholds the precepts and abides in peace

Does not harvest suffering. - All others are likewise. - This is the greatest of bliss(59).




      I thus practised the Way through all difficulties, and Sakrodevanam and all the devas wondered at my practising of the Way. They all gathered together and spoke to each other, saying in a gatha:

"Each of us points and says - That in this pure quarter of the Himalayas - There lives a master, alone

And parted from all greed, - The king of all virtues.- Removed is he already - From greed, anger, and arrogance;

Long since has he done away with - Flattery and ignorance. - His mouth does not speak

What is rough or evil."  - "At that time, there was a deva among those present whose name was "Joy", and who also said in a gatha:

"One like this who is apart from greed - Is pure and makes effort. Is not such a person

One who looks up to Shakra [chief of gods] or the devas? - If such a person is one who seeks the Way,

Such a one will undergo penance. - Such a person will desire to gain - The place where Shakra sits."  

"At that time, there was a rishi who spoke to Shakra in a gatha: - master of heaven! Do not conceive things this way.

The tirthikas undergo penance. - Why do they need necessarily - To seek the place where Shakra lives (60).






一个人他仰望Shakra (神之首领)或者天神吗?-如果那样一个人他正在求道。

那样一个人经历了苦修-这样一个人将要获得-“ – Shakra获得的位置



      "Then Shakrodevanamindra transformed himself into a rakshasa [flesh-eating demon] who was very fearful to behold. He came down to the Himalayas. And he stood there, not far away. At that time, the rakshasa had no fear in his mind; he looked brave, with none to compare to him. His oratory was in order, with his voice clear. He spoke half of a gatha from the Buddhas of days past:

"All things change. - This is the law of birth and death (61).


       The Buddha to be taught Dharma. He asked others: "What did the Tathagata speak about before?" The Tathagata, seeing this, said in a gatha, basing himself on the sutras:

"I, like you, did not see the Four Truths - And as a result floundered long in the sea

Of suffering of birth and death. - By seeing the Four Truths, - One well severs birth and death.

Birth and death done away with, - One no more gains any existence."

"Do not do any evil; - Do all that is good. - Purify your mind.

This is the teaching of all Buddhas."  - This is "gatha"?

"Do not belittle small evil acts, - And do not say that there is no evil that arises.

Small is a drop of water, - But [by accumulation] it fills a great vessel 62).

      佛陀也学习佛法。他问其它的人:“如来在此之前谈到了什么呢?”如来看到这一点,根据他的经典,说偈子道 :







      The Buddha said: You are, indeed, brave and fear nothing." And for Kasyapa's sake, he spoke in a gatha:

"If one does not feel anger - Even towards a single being - And prays to give bliss to such a being,

This is loving-kindness. - If one has compassion - For all beings, - This is the holy seed.

Endless is the recompense. - Even if the five-powered rishis filled this earth

And gave to Mahesvara elephants, horses - And their various possessions,

The reward gained would not equal - One sixteenth of one [impulse of] loving-kindness

That is practiced(63).








      Bodhisattva Kasyapa said to the Buddha: "O World-Honoured One! You said before in a gatha, for Cunda's sake:

"What originally was is now no longer; - What originally was not, now is.

There can be no such thing as "is" pertaining - In the Three Times (64).





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