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(2009-08-14 22:55:10)


Preacher as a noble person in the society



      Teaching or speaking to others in a very understandable and comprehensible way is really a difficult task.07, Man becomes a noble person according to his services rendered for the society.  A noble person does a great service for the intellectual, spiritual cognitive and ethical development of the society.  Preaching the doctrine of Buddha helps develop these aspects of a society.  Hence delivering sermons is absolutely necessary for social development.

     教导或者以一种能懂的可理解的方式告诉别人是一个非常困难的任务。07 ,人成为一个受尊敬的人是根据他对社会的服务。一个崇高的人对社会的智力的,精神认知和道德的发展做出了杰出贡献。宣扬佛的教义有助于改善社会的面貌。因此,布道对社会的发展是绝对必要的。

Spiritual qualities of a preacher



       Buddha explained to Ananda Thero five qualities of a preacher and a general analysis is made here on this aspect.08,

佛向阿难讲述了布道者的五个品质而这儿有一个对于这方面的基本分析.08 ,

      The preacher here should have a right concentration and mindfulness that he preaches to other, and should be able to continue this sermon with cohesion and relationship without being broken its order.09; This is the first important point in delivering a discourse.  Let’s consider here what this step-by-step method adopted in delivering a sermon.


Generosity, virtuosity, stories of heavenly pleasures, futility and barrenness in sensual pleasures and the good results of avoiding five sensual pleasures are examples for step-by-step sermons.10.


Continuing the story step by step and going from known to unknown catering to the common people are the special traits of this system.  The preacher should adjust the story according to situations and the mentality of the audience understand the reality gradually.


Generosity here means donation done with the idea aimed at attaining Nibbana and one has to annihilate craving and misery for this purpose.  Misery can cause sins and to eradicate this state, the state of generosity should be developed.  Generosity is to offer one’s belongings to others with no hope of its dividends.  This is the first step towards attaining Nibbana.  Various sermons are delivered with different objectives in mind and the preacher should apply the best possible methods or techniques to achieve his aims and objectives of a sermon.


The second step towards Nibbana is virtue i.e. spiritual development especially in physical actions and verbal actions.  A person with no moral and spiritual development has no sound and advanced mentality to annihilate these defilement.  Mental discipline and morality is the second stage to be developed to attain Nibbana.



Thereby the concept of divine or heavenly bodies or planes is considered important here.  People prefer comfort and luxury to suffering.  The retribution of good deeds like donation, generosity and spiritual development may lead a person to enjoy heavenly pleasures.  Knowledge of divine planes is important here to lead the man to the maximum level of worldly or mundane state.  When something is in plenty it is not admired, but admired in case of scarcity.


In the next stage the futility of heavenly pleasures, which is the highest level of worldly pleasures, is discussed here.  So long as one is attached to worldly or heavenly pleasures, Panna, meaning the development of highest and advanced level okf intelligence doesn’t take place in mind is focused on deliverance or redemption.  Hence the consequences of not being attached to these pleasures are discussed here.


Nekkamma means the contemplating of the temporary existence of sensual pleasures.  Avoiding all kinds of pleasures is also described as being Nekkamma.  Thinking in terms of reality without being attached to sensual pleasures is considered right throughout which leads to emancipation liberating from all sufferings.




Individual Attention


           A preacher should know well and pay special attention to hereditary behavior and properties of his followers.  On many occasions even the Lord Buddha and His disciples too have done this behavioral study of their followers individually and understood them clearly.  For this, a deep study of characteristic traits and individual properties of followers has to be done in a very resourceful and delicate manner for a long period of time.




     Every man is different in mental states to one an other and it is impossible to find two equal men in ideas, attitudes and behavior. Past lives led in previous birth has a close bearing to this inequality between two people.  It is contradictory and inconsistent with the doctrine of Buddhism to say that a person is found whose personality traits and behavioral pattern is built and developed only in this birth.  As a result of one’s good or bad deeds committed in one’s previous birth, differences and diversifications in metal states of people can be clearly understood and seen.


These specific mental and physical differences of persons have been classified under seven categories according to their characters.  Such a classification has not been made so far by any psychologists except Lord Buddha.



           The seven categories classified by Lord Buddha are as follows.



                 1.  Lustful behavior 贪欲的行为

                 2.  Hatred and prejudicial behavior 仇恨和偏见的行为

                 3.  Ignorant and delusive behavior 无知和虚妄的行为

                 4.  Pious and devout behavior虔诚和诚恳的行为

                 5.  Persevering behavior 坚韧的行为

                 6.  Reasoning behavior 理智的行为

                 7.  Intelligent behavior 智慧的行为


      Every man has one or more of these qualities more or less and a preacher should carefully understand what qualities do his hearers have.  According to their characteristic qualities there could be apparent differences in one’s physical and mental states and verbal actions and in their attitudes.  Catering to the different mental and physical faculties of persons, relevant sermons should be delivered in order to achieve the aims and objectives of delivering a sermon.  As a physician diagnoses the root cause or the history of a disease, preacher should identify these differences of man and help him to understand the truth and reality.  A preacher should appreciate one’s special traits like courage, cognitive powers and piety during the course of his sermons.



    The second salient quality of a preacher is his ability to deliver a sermon with similar stories with similar meaning or well versed and clever in his delivery to adduce similar stories in different ways with same connotations.11,  Similar words, similes or synonyms for the same word or similar statements or sentences in one’s delivery may greatly help the hearer to comprehend at least one of them and there by to understand the truth.  A preacher should also be able to make the hearer understand the truth using diverse techniques that may help achieve the final goal of what the preacher preaches.


     布道者的第二个显著的特点是他有能力通过一个类似的故事或类似的含义来讲道或者以不同的方式援引同样的故事来熟练和聪明的布道。11 在讲道之中,同类的话,明喻或相同的同义词或相同的陈述或句子可能会大大有助于听者理解至少是其中一部分,进而了解实相。布道者也应该能够使用不同的技术帮助听者理解实相,这有助于最终实现布道者讲道的最终目的。

     The other vital quality of a preacher is to deliver his sermons with the ultimate motive of making his hearers understand with great compassion being shown to them and the preacher should be completely be devoid of jealousy conceit and pride etc.12


     The next important trait of a preacher is he should not preach with great hopes of any perks and perquisites from his audience and if so he is not considered a preacher as the term implies.13

    布道者的另一个重要特征是他不应该希望从他的听众那里获取任何福利和小费,如果有,他并不认为是正规意义上的布道者。 13

    Being the final quality, a preacher must not abuse, disparage or insult others during his course of delivery and if so it cannot be considered a very successful sermon.14  A preacher should not give himself top priority or hold himself in high esteem when in the course of comparison during his delivery.  It should be left to the discretion of the listener to initiate them.



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