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(2010-06-16 17:25:10)


And so Imagineering a couple of years later was working on a virtual reality project. This was top secret. They were denying the existence of a virtual reality attraction after the time that the publicity department was running the TV commercials. So Imagineering really had nailed this one tight. And it was the Aladdin attraction where you would fly a magic carpet, and the head mounted display, sometimes known as gator vision. And so I had an in. As soon as the project had just, you know they start running the TV commercials, and I had been asked to brief the Secretary of Defense on the state of virtual reality. OK, Fred Brooks and I had been asked to brief the Secretary of Defense, and that gave me an excuse. So I called them. I called Imagineering and I said, look, I'm briefing the Secretary of Defense. I'd like some materials on what you have because it's one of the best VR systems in the world. And they kind of pushed back. And I said, look, is all this patriotism stuff in the parks a farce? And they're like, hmm, ok.




But they said this is so new the PR department doesnt have any footage for you, so Im going to have to connect you straight through to the team who did the work. Jackpot! So I find myself on the phone with a guy named Jon Snoddy who is one of the most impressive guys I have ever met, and he was the guy running this team, and its not surprising they had done impressive things. And so he sent me some stuff, we talked briefly and he sent me some stuff, and I said, hey, I'm going to be out in the area for a conference shortly, would you like to get together and have lunch? Translation: Im going to lie to you and say that I have an excuse to be in the area so I dont look to anxious, but I would go to Neptune to have lunch with you! [laughter] And so Jon said sure, and I spent something like 80 hours talking with all the VR experts in the world, saying if you had access to this one unbelievable project, what would you ask? And then I compiled all of that and I had to memorize it, which anybody that knows me knows that I have no memory at all, because I couldn't go in looking like a dweeb with, you know, [in dweeby voice] Hi, Question 72.

但他们说这项目很新,公关处没有任何视频给你,所以我必须要直接和做这个系统的部门直接联系。中大奖!所以,我就跟一个叫乔恩史诺地的人通电话,他是我曾见过人中最令人印象深刻的家伙,也是这个部门的头,难怪他们做出的活也让人印象深刻。所以他送我一些东西,我们短暂交谈,他送我一些东西,我就说,嘿,我不久要到你那里参加一个会议,你想不想在一起吃午餐?翻译:我会撒谎找个借口说我要到你那里,这样显得我不是上赶着见你,但即使你在海王星我也会去和你吃午饭! [] 乔恩说,好啊。然后我花了大约80个小时跟世界上所有虚拟现实的专家交谈,说如果你有机会访问这个令人难以置信的项目,您会问什么问题?然后,我把他们所说的整理好,背熟。熟悉我的人都知道我记不住事。因为我不能去像个呆子,你知道, [傻傻声音]嘿,第72个问题。



So, I went in, and this was like a two hour lunch, and Jon must have thought he was talking to some phenomenal person, because all I was doing was channeling Fred Brooks and Ivan Sutherland and Andy Van Dam and people like that. And Henry Fuchs. So it's pretty easy to be smart when you're parroting smart people. And at the end of the lunch with Jon, I sort of, as we say in the business, made the ask.And I said, you know, I have a sabbatical coming up. And he said, what's that? [laughter] The beginnings of the culture clash. And so I talked with him about the possibility of coming there and working with him. And he said, well that's really good except, you know, you're in the business of telling people stuff and we're in the business of keeping secrets. And then what made Jon Snoddy Jon Snoddy was he said, but we'll work it out, which I really loved.


所以,我去了,这是个约两小时的午餐,乔恩一定以为我是个非比寻常的人,因为我所做的就是当弗雷德布鲁克斯,伊凡.萨瑟兰,安迪.凡丹和亨利.福克斯等人的传声筒。所以你要跟聪明人学舌就非常容易显得聪明。在午餐结束时,我就,像我们在商业界说的“投石问路” 。我说,你知道,我要有一个学术假。他说,那是什么? []文化冲突的开端。所以,我跟他谈到能否到他那里与他一道工作。他说,很好,只是,你知道,你这一行的工作是告诉别人的东西,而我们这一行是保守机密。但乔恩史诺地就是乔恩史诺地,他接着说“但我们会想办法解决”,我听了很高兴。


The other thing that I learned from Jon Snoddy I could do easily an hour long talk just on what have I learned from Jon Snoddy. One of the things he told me was that wait long enough and people will surprise and impress you. He said, when you're pissed off at somebody and you're angry at them, you just haven't given them enough time. Just give them a little more time and they'll almost always impress you. And that really stuck with me. I think he's absolutely right on that one. So to make a long story short, we negotiated a legal contract. It was going to be the first some people referred to it as the first and last paper ever published by Imagineering.

另一点我从乔恩史诺地那里学到的 --我可以很容易地花一个小时谈我从乔恩史诺地那里学到东西—是他告诉我,等足够长的时间,人们会让你惊讶,让你叹服。他说,当你对别人怨恼愤怒时,你只是还没有给他们足够的时间。给他们多一点时间,他们将几乎总能让你叹服。我觉得他说得真对。长话短说,我们达成了一项法律合同。迪士尼幻想工程将发表第一篇——有些人说是第一篇和最后一篇—学术文章。



That the deal was I go, I provide my own funding, I go for six months, I work with a project, we publish a paper. And then we meet our villain. [shows slide of a picture of a former dean of Randy's] I can't be all sweetness and light, because I have no credibility. Somebody's head's going to go on a stick. Turns out that the person who gets his head on a stick is a dean back at the University of Virginia. His name is not important. Let's call him Dean Wermer.


协议是是我去哪里,自己提供资金,干六个月,做个课题,发表一篇论文。然后我们上了坏人。 [放兰迪的前院长的照片],我不能全都和风细雨,那样我就没有信用了。要拿个人的首级示众。这个人是我在维吉尼亚大学的院长。他的名字并不重要。让我们称他为沃莫院长。(沃莫院长为电影动物屋角色 ,译者注)


And Dean Wermer has a meeting with me where I say I want to do this sabbatical thing and I've actually got the Imagineering guys to let an academic in, which is insane. I mean if Jon hadn't gone nuts, this would never have been a possibility. This is a very secretive organization. And Dean Wermer looks at the paperwork and he says, well it says they're going to own your intellectual property. And I said, yeah, we go the agreement to publish the paper. There is no other IP. I don't do patentable stuff. And says, yeah, but you might. And so deal's off. Just go and get them to change that little clause there and then come back to me.




 I'm like, excuse me? And then I said to him, I want you to understand how important this is. If we can't work this out, I'm going to take an unpaid leave of absence and I'm just going to go there and I'm going to do this thing. And he said, hey, I might not even let you do that. I mean you've got the IP in your head already and maybe they're going to suck it out of you, so that's not going to fly either. It's very important to know when you're in a pissing match. And its very important to get out of it as quickly as possible.
So I said ......


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