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(2009-11-08 16:56:02)




‘It is also a commercial secret. I will swap it with your secret.’ Sam seizes the chance to revenge.

Jack doesn’t ask more. He sends a hint with his eyes to Lily who hoists a cup of Maotai saying to Mr. Wan.

‘I heard that Lao Wan is a tippler. I make bold to challenge you.’ Lily quaffs.

‘I feel extremely flattered. Being a man I mustn’t be a loser to a woman. I promise I will drink two cups if you drink one.’ Mr. Wan doesn’t know it is a trick and begins to show off his capacity for liquor.

Jack loses no time to hoist his cup as soon as Mr. Wan finishes his drinking.

‘Lao Wan, I don’t think you’re a man who thinks highly of his girlfriends more than his boyfriends. Now let us toast for our coming partnership.’

‘Ha-ha-ha, you intend to fuddle me? This time I’ll let you know my strength to drink. Cheers.’ Mr. Wan drinks another cup of liquor.

‘Sam, why don’t you drink? Come on, have a toast with Lao Wan.’ Lily seizes the chance to urge Sam.

Sam understands tacitly. He hoists his cup saying.

‘Lao Wan, you should thank me for introducing such a beauty to you. Let’s have a toast.’

‘Lao Wan doesn’t refuse. He quaffs another two cups of liquor.












‘Lao Wan is really a tippler. I admire you very much. This time I drink a cup to respect you.’ Lily says charmingly.

Lao Wan feels very comfortable and tread on air.

‘To tell you the truth, I myself can drink two bottles of Maotai without intoxication. It is nothing to drink so little. Look at the half-empty bottle. Let me drink it up at one blow.’ Lao Wan hoists the bottle thrusting it into his mouth as if he were blowing a bugle. Jack leads the other two to applause Lao Wan’s superhuman feat, which makes Lao Wan more triumphant.

‘Lao Wan, now that you’re so capable to drink, why not drink like this? From now forth, we three drink one cup respectively, you drink three. We will drink two once respectively and you six. We will drink three at a heat if you drink nine. Let’s see who laugh best.’ Jack suddenly has the idea. Lao Wan will order another two bottles of Maotai if he agrees on the idea.

‘Wonderful! I like the idea.’ Lao Wan hurrahs. ‘Waiter, another two bottles of Maotai, please.’










Jack administrates the company like a duck to water. Supported by the local government policy and the finance from the local bank, the company’s first year production is up to one billion. Jack gets one million as the reward because of the achievement. He invests the money on the research of new type of generators. He finds a larger market. Jack’s former teacher in the university invents a high effective generator. Jack supplies his teacher with money. By and by the invention is finished and Jack buys the patent. He resigns and goes to Shenzhen again. He asks John and Pearl to do OEM for his products. The products are welcomed in the market. Jack invests to set up his own factory and expands the production scale. Three years later his company completes IPO successfully.


Finished on October 15, 2009


E-mail: clw9188@hotmail.com

My skype number is bobbob1526

QQ: 375233521



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