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(2009-11-08 16:38:11)



‘How do you do, Mr. Sam. Let me introduce our leader Mr. Henry. Mr. Henry, this is Mr. Sam. He is the leader of the delegation on China side.’

‘Mr. Henry, welcome you to our city. Let’s go this way. We have cars over there taking you to our city.’ This is the first time for Sam to receive a foreign delegation. He intends to make it simple.

‘Thank you, Mr. Sam. I am honored to visit your city. I hope we will have an opportunity to cooperate.’ Mr. Henry answers warmly.

‘I hope so, too.’ Sam says.






Sam asks Henry and Lily to be with him in his car. He drives by himself. Jack sits on the copilot seat. Sam’s officemates and Henry’s assistants ride the other car. Sam wants Jack to talk with Henry. He prefers to listen to them. He intends to know Henry’s nature so that he will deal with him easier.

‘Mr. Henry, this is Mr. Jack. He was my colleague before. He is good at generator marketing. This time he is the interpreter of the local delegation.’ Lily introduces Jack to Henry.

‘How do you do, Mr. Jack, nice to know you,’ Henry greets Jack forwardly.

‘How do you do, Mr. Henry, you can call me Jack. It’s my pleasure to receive you. Is it your first visit to China?’ Jack intends to make conversation.

‘It is the first time for me to visit your city. I have visited China many times on business.’

‘Then you must be familiar with this country. Do you speak Chinese?’ Jack asks gropingly.







‘No, I can’t speak Chinese. It is difficult to learn it. I think you speak English well, Jack. Was is your major?’ Henry begins to be interested in Jack.

‘Thank you, Mr. Henry. I majored in mechanics. I was interested in generators when I was in the university, particularly pneumatic generators because there are many places in the country which are full of pneumatic energy. Our city is one of the places. Unfortunately, pneumatic generator manufacture is not our most important strength. ’ Jack enjoys the topic like this, Henry too.



‘Then we come here to offer you timely help. How do you think of our arrival?’ Henry intends to know what the local government has in the hands.

‘I think it is the high time for you to come. To tell you the truth, there will be several delegations coming to visit the city next month. The whole globe knows that there is a huge market here. Everyone intends to capture some market share in the market. It depends on who comes earlier and acts promptly.’ Jack begins to whet the latter’s appetite.



‘I think our products are the best in the field. Furthermore, we are the leader in the industry and own sufficient finds to support any projects.’ Henry immediately shows his trump.

‘Yes, I think so. But your rivals are not far from you. As you know, the generators we need are not high-tech ones. I know that the products from Simons are as good as yours. The price is not higher than yours. I know another American company called GE which also produces the same products, isn’t it?’ Jack is very familiar with the sector apparently, which makes the latter feel knotty.

‘Yes, you’re right, Jack. You’re creditably an expert in the field. Would you mind giving us some advice? I know you’re not the civil servants of the government, are you?’

‘Thank you for your praising, Mr. Henry. Mr. Sam is my bosom friend. I come here to help him specially. I hope that we may reach a win-win result through our joint efforts. As a matter of fact, it is feasible, isn’t it? Before that I think it is a good idea for you to inspect the investment climate here first. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. As the saying goes, lookers-on see more than players. Being a looker-on, I have more right to offer my opinion.’






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