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(2011-05-08 15:25:23)


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1-6 My School Life 我的学校生活
I love school.我爱学校。
I think school is really cool. 我感觉学校真的很棒。
Let me tell you about my school life.
I go to school five days a week. 我一星期有五天要上课。   
attend: three times the week一星期三次
I'm there eight hours each day. 我在那里每天要呆八个小时。
School is a big part of my life. 学校占了我生活的大部分。
My school day is long.我的上课时间很长。
My schedule is so full.我的课程表很满。
There is always something going on.总是有事情会发生。

My teachers are excellent. 我的老师都很优秀。
They help me to improve. 他们帮助我来改进。进步
They are very patient and kind.他们很有耐心而且很亲切。
My classmates are good friends.我的同班同学都是我的好朋友。
We often study together. 我们经常在一起学习。
We always help each other out. 我们总是互相帮助。
We are like a team.我们就象是一个团队。
We play games and enjoy activities. 我们玩游戏而且喜欢做
We laugh and have fun when we can. 我们有机会就会玩的很开心。

My schoolwork keeps me busy. 我的学业使我很忙。
I have homework every day.我每天都有家庭作业。
I have quizzes and tests all the time. 我经常有小考和测验。
all the time:经常
I like learning new things.我喜欢学习新的事物。
I know knowledge is power.我知道知识就是力量。
I'm preparing for the future.我正在为未来做准备。
My school is like a family.我的学校就象是一个大家庭。
It's like a home away from home. 他就象是我的另一个家。
我在那里感觉好舒服。                       away from:远离
I hope you feel the same way about your school.
the same way:一样 、 有相同的感受。


1-7 My Favorite Teacher 我最喜欢的老师
I have a favorite teacher.我有一个最喜欢的老师 。
Her name is Miss Lee. 她的名字叫李小姐。
She is so wonderful to me.她对我非常好。
She has a sweet personality.她的个性温柔。
She's very patient and kind.她很有耐心而且很亲切。
She never gets angry or yells.她从来不会生气或大叫。
She encourages me. 她会经常鼓励我。
She compliments my efforts. 她会夸奖我的努力。
She makes me feel special all the time.她总是让我觉得自己很特别.

Her class is interesting. 她的课很有趣。
We do many different things.我们会做许多不同的事情。
We never feel tired or bored.我们从来不会觉得累和无聊。
She's charming and bright. 他既迷人又开朗。
She's an expert for sure. 她一定是个专家。
She answers every question we ask. 她会回答我们提的每个问题。
She demands a lot. 她的要求很多。
She gives lots of homework. 她会出很多家庭作业。。
But we always work hard to please her.但我总是会用努力用功来取悦她。

The little things make her great. 一些小事情使她变的了不起。(很高兴)
Her smile warms my heart. 她的微笑温暖我的心。
Her simple praise is music to my ears. 她简单的赞美非常悦耳。
She's a good listener. 她是一个好的听众.
She's very understanding.她非常的体贴。
She's fair to everyone.她公平对待每个人.
She brightens up my day.她使我的日子过得很快乐.
I'll never forget her.我绝不会忘记她。
I'll remember her forever.我会永远记住她的。


1-8 My Favorite Places 我特别喜欢的地方
I like many places.我喜欢许多地方。
I enjoy many spots. 我喜欢很多场所.
Here are three of my favorites. 以下是我最喜欢的三个地方.
I'll start with the zoo..我先从动物园开始说起.
The animals are amazing. 那些动物真是不可思义.
Some are cute and some are ugly. 他们有些很可爱,有些很丑。
Some are very strange. 有些动物非常奇怪.
I like to pet and feed them. 我喜欢摸他们还有喂他们吃东西。
I enjoy seeing them perform.我喜欢看他们表演。

Museums are cool,too. 博物馆也很棒。
The exhibits are terrific。那些展品很棒。
The displays are fascinating. 那些很吸引人
I like famous things. 我喜欢有名的作品。
I enjoy works of art.我喜欢艺术品。
Maybe someday my work will be there.也许有一天我的作品会放在哪里。
History (历史)tells me about the past.历史告诉我过去的事情。
Science(科学) shows me the future.科学告诉我未来的情况。
From dinosaurs (恐龙)to robots(机器人), I love it all.
Finally,(最后) amusement parks are a blast.(很好玩)
I'm crazy about wild rides. 我很喜欢疯狂的
Roller coasters are the best. 过山车是最棒的。
It's fun to scream. 尖叫很有趣.
It's fun to be scared. 被吓到最好玩.
I don't care if I get dizzy.我不在意自已会不会头晕.
Hey, I'm curious about you.我对你们很好奇。
Where do you like to go?你喜欢去哪里?
What's your favorite place?你们最喜欢的地方是哪里?



1-8 My Favorite Places 我最喜欢的地方
I like many places.我喜欢很多地方。
I enjoy many spots. 我喜欢很多场所。
Here are three of my favorites. 以下是我最喜欢的三个地方。
I'll start with the zoo.我先从动物园开始说起。
The animals are amazing. 那些动物真是不可思义
Some are cute and some are ugly.他们有些很可爱,有些很丑。
Some are very strange. 有些动物非常奇怪。
I like to pet and feed them.我喜欢摸他们还有喂他们吃东西。
I enjoy seeing them perform.我喜欢看它们表演。

注:no pets allowed 
Dogs and cats are the most popular pets.猫和狗是最受欢迎的宠物。

★Museums are cool,too.博物院也很棒。
The exhibits are terrific. 那些展览品很棒
The displays are fascinating. 那些展品很吸引人。
I like famous things. 我喜欢有名的作品。
I enjoy works of art. 我喜欢艺术品。
Maybe someday my work will be there. 也许有一天我的作品会放在那里。
History tells me about the past. 历史告诉我过去的事情。
Science shows me the future. 科学告诉我未来的情况。
From dinosaurs to robots, I love it all.从恐龙到机器人我全部都爱。

注:artwork 艺术品  shakespeare沙士比亚  van gogh梵高
Van Gogh painted over 800 works of art in just two years.
Museums in Paris have the most famous works of art.

★Finally, amusement parks are a blast.
I'm crazy about wild rides. 我非常喜欢疯狂的游乐设施。
Roller coasters are the best. 过山车是最棒的。
It's fun to scream. 尖叫最有趣。
It's fun to be scared. 被吓到最好玩。
I don't care if I get dizzy.  我不在意自已会不会头晕
Hey, I'm curious about you.嘿
Where do you like to go?你们喜欢去哪里?
What's your favorite place?你们最喜欢的地方是哪里。

注:wonderful time  美好时光  exciting刺激
Our school graduation trip was a blast
New Year's Eve除夕夜
I had a blast on New Year's Eve with my cousins.
video games电动玩具
We had a blast playing video games last weekend
scary 吓人 
I'm crazy about the fast and scary rides。
他很喜欢功夫片。He is crazy about kung fu movies。
Jennifer is crazy about shopping。詹尼弗很喜欢购物。



1-9 My Motto 我的座右铭
I have a super motto. 我有一个很棒的座右铭.
It works like magic. 她就象魔法一样有效.
It's "just do your best."它就是说“只要尽力就好.”
I say it all the time. 我总是(经常)会说这句话.
It guides me every day. 他引导我过每一天.
It's helpful in many ways. 他在很多方面都有帮助.
It helps me face challenges. 他帮助我面对挑战.
It takes away my worries.他   它能使我消除忧虑。
It makes me feel stronger, too.他使我感觉很坚强.它也使我更坚强。

One day I was sick. 有一天我有病了.
I had an important test. 我有一场重要的考试.
I was very nervous and afraid. 我非常紧张害怕.
I told myself, "Just do your best. 我告诉自己只要尽力就好.
Give your best effort. 尽我最大的努力.
Give one hundred percent." 要百分之百付出”。
Then I had courage. 然后我有了勇气.
I became confident. 我变得很自信.
As a result, I did a wonderful job.结果,我考的很好.

Please follow this motto. 请遵循这个座右铭.
Say it every day.每天都说这句话.
You can benefit, too. 你也会从中获利.
Don't worry about the outcome. 不要担心结果.
Don't compare yourself with others. 不要把别人和自己比较.
Just do your best. 只要尽力就好.
I believe anything is possible. 我相信任何事都有可能.
Where there's a will, there's a way.有志者事尽成.
So please do your best every day. 所以请你们每天都要尽力.


1-10 My Future Plan 我未来的计划
I'm excited about my future.(未来) 我对自己的未来感到很兴奋.
I have big hopes and dreams.我有远大的希望和梦想.
Here's what I want to do. 以下就是我想做的事.
I'll study hard. 我要用功念书.
I'll get excellent grades. 我会拿到很好的成绩.
I'll be the best I can be.我会尽力.(我会尽我所能.)
I want to study overseas.(在国外) 我想要出国念书.
I want to learn a lot. 我想要学好多东西.
My dream school is Harvard(美国哈佛大学) University.
I might be a teacher.我可能会当老师.
I might be a doctor. 我可能当医生.
I might be a scientist. 我可能会当科学家.
I want to help people out.我想要帮助别人.
I want to be useful to society.(社会)我想成为对社会有用的人.
No matter what,(无论如何) I'll be an expert (专家)at what I do.
I want to be rich, too. 我还想要有钱.
I want to make a lot of money.我想要赚很多钱.
I want to make my family proud. 我想要让我的家人以我为荣.
I'd like to travel. 我想要去旅行.
I want to see the world. 我想要看看世界.
I want to visit every country.我想要到每个国家游览.
I hope to meet many people. 我希望认识许多人.
I hope to make many friends. 我希望接交好多朋友.
I want to experience different cultures. 我想要体验不同的文化.
Now I wish you good luck. 现在我(希望)你好运.
Have a wonderful future. 祝你们有美好的未来.
May all your dreams come true. 但愿你们的梦想全都成真.


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