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(2010-04-25 18:05:54)


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Phrases and sentences

tidy up sth. 收拾东西

have got a wonderful collection有很棒的收藏

have a collection of sth. 收集---的藏品

collect stamps集邮

you know 你知道的

all the time 一直;总是

make sb. interested in sth. 使某人对---感兴趣

listen to sb. play the violin听某人拉小提琴

at the end of this term 本学期末

take up the least room 占据最小的空间

Sorry, its a bit untidy. 对不起有点乱

Whats happening on Friday? 周五怎么啦?

Im giving an interview on Starsearch. 我要在搜星节目上做访问。

such as诸如(列举)

grow vegetables 种菜

look after animals照看动物

Some hobbies ---- and others ---一些爱好---,另一些---

make sb. grow as a person使某人全面发展

develop ones interests 培养某人的兴趣

learn new skills 学习新的技能

during the summer of 2000 2000的夏季期间

spend --- on sth. 在某方面花费(时间、金钱)

as well as连同

ask sb. to do sth. 让某人做某事

write about sth. 写关于---

come out出版

become a successful young writer 成为一个年轻有为的作家

bring sb. enjoyment and success 带给某人愉悦和成功

be interested in many other things 在很多其它方面感兴趣

in ones free time 在某人空余时间

as a result 结果

some other countries 其他一些国家

groups of people 成群的人们

find out about the past搞清楚过去(的生活状况)

dress in 身着

ask sb. some personal questions  ---问某人一些个人问题

record ones answers 把某人的回答录下来

here goes 开始吧

in fact 实际上

in a couple of months 两三个月之后

miss my relations 想念我的家人

find sth. different from sth. 发现------不同

their own countries他们自己的国家

What does it feel like? 对它(中国)感觉如何?

A very exciting place一个非常令人兴奋地地方

My visit here is all about making friends. 我来这里全都是为了交朋友

Good luck with the concert. 祝音乐会顺利(好运气)

be part of the program(m)e作为节目的一部分

by the way顺便提一句

visit n. 参观某地

a visit to sp.

Maybe sometime next week. 或许下周的某个时间

Do you know if ---?你知道是否---

我能问你是否---Can I ask you if ---?

Can you tell me ---?您能告诉我---

Ive heard that ---. 我曾经听说过---

I know that ---我知道---

I dont know who will come. 我不知道谁回来?

我问过你的秘书她是否能进来。I asked your secretary whether she could come or not.

给某人一份重要的礼物give sb. an important gift

初秋the early autumn

遥远be far away

结果as a result

孤独be lonely

恐惧交友be afraid to make friends with sb.

每次every time

感到某人的心都碎了feel ones heart break

和某人谈关于---的问题talk to sb. about ones problem

和某人高兴地聊着talk happily with sb.

坐在某人的课桌旁sit at ones desk

像往常一样as usual

在那时at that moment

扭过身turn back

一言未发without a word

某种明亮友善的东西something bright and friendly

使某人感到快乐,生机与温暖make sb. feel happy, lively and warm

日渐day by day

和某人变得更亲近become closer to sb.

记得曾经做过某事remember doing sth.

所有黑暗的日子都已经过去了。All the dark days have gone.

带某人四处参观take/show sb around

停止做某事stop doing sth

走这边come this way

需要做某事need to do sth

体育新闻sports news

足球比赛结果the football results

一个体育记者a sports reporter

出差旅行travel on business

获得信息get information

给家发信send a message home

打败某人beat sb

为某人而自豪be proud of sb

把某人送走send sb away

拒绝做某refuse to do sth

真遗憾such a pity

有另一次机会have another chance

留住我的好朋友keep my best friend

从电脑里卸载take it off the computer

非常确定make quite sure

注意到某事notice something

有一个病毒have a virus

...而用...use... for...

出毛病go wrong

拷到电脑上copy it onto the computer

主动提出做...offer to do sth

犯一个错误make a mistake

告诉他真相tell him the truth

...生气be angry with...

至少at least

证明你多有诚实prove how honest you are

毕竟after all

非常抱歉(be) truly/terribly sorry

痛苦大妈an agony aunt

给建议作为一个杂志或报纸常规内容give advice as part of a magazine or newspapers regular features

在过去in the past

醒来be awake

昨天傍晚yesterday evening

太困了be too sleepy

她太强了!She was fantastic/excellent!

谈论talk about

想念她的父母miss her parents

有一些亲密的朋友have some close friends

有关于交友事宜be about making friends

放录音play the recording

拍巴掌喝彩clap and cheer

在朋友们中间among friends

担心be worried about

不高兴be unhappy

今天的文化报告culture report for today

一个很棒的冒险片a fantastic adventure film

两个都既流行又有名both very popular and famous

使他们的角色可信make their characters believable

在加勒比海岛周围航行sail around the Caribbean islands

设法去做try to do sth.

找到一些失去的金子find some lost gold

处于面对面的状态come face to face with

和某人交锋(干仗)fight sb.

反映真实生活be true to life

在我看来in my opinion

要不是由于except for

建议某人做某事advise sb. to do sth.

首次上映first come out

一整周all week

---感到骄傲be proud of

一个出色的音乐家an excellent musician

竞争为了compete to do sth.

呆在一起stay together

成功be successful

通过写信交友make friends by writing letters

加入俱乐部join a club

为了;以便so that



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