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(2011-01-01 16:03:19)


分类: language

1I work out on a regular basis to keep fit. 我经常做锻炼以保持身体健康。

work out 可以指锻炼身体on a regular basis 定期地,经常地。

2Please find out all of the facts so you won’t leap to conclusions.


leap/jump to conclusions 仓促下结论,过早下结论,贸然断定。

3There is no hurry. Please take your time. 不着急,慢慢来吧。

4After the argument, the boys decide to forgive and forget.


5Never underestimate your power to change yourself ! 永远不要低估你改变自我的能力。

6I’m sure things will turn out all right in the end. 我相信事情最终会变好的。

turn out all right 也可以说work out all right,表示“成功,结果是好的”。turn out更注重一种结果,work out则强调制造这个结果的行为。

7Don’t waste your breath talking to her. She won’t listen.


8Sometimes watching TV really gets on my nerves because of all the commercials.

有些时候看电视会搅得我心烦,因为都是些广告。(get on one's nerves 触动某人的神经,也就是指“让某人心烦不安,心神不宁”。)

9I’m afraid all of my efforts were in vain. 我担心我的那里全白费了。

10It’s a hard job, but I hope he can make it. 逐渐差事不容易,但我希望他能做到。

11Are the ministers involved more interested in saving face than telling the truth?


save face 顾全面子,挽回面子;丢面子就叫lose face

12If you want to add an exclamation point to that sentence, please be my guest.


Be my guest 是口语,意思是“请便,我不介意”,用于礼貌地同意别人的请求。

13Her offensive remarks really turned me off.  她冒犯的话真让我感到厌恶。

turn sb. off 表示“使某人厌恶/讨厌,使某人失去兴趣”。

14We were expecting thirty people to come, but half of them never showed up.


show up 出席,露面。另外show sb. up则表示“令某人难堪,使某人丢脸”。

15If you’re having trouble getting through, you should try e-mailing him.


get through (to sb.)的意思是to communicate with someone by telephone,电话打通

16When it come to a family quarrel, Dean just buries his head in the sand.  

每当家里发生争吵时,迪恩只会逃避现实。(bury one's head in the sand 是鸵鸟的一个习惯动作,鸵鸟爱把头埋在沙堆里,这样就可以无视周围发生的一切了。所以这个短语的意思就是“自欺欺人,拒绝承认不想接受的客观现实”。)

17After playing together for twenty years, the band members have finally decided to call it a day.    call it a day 决定或同意暂时或永久停止(进行某事)

18 You will tear down my house over my dead body.  你休想拆我房子!

over my dead body 除非我死了,我死也不。表示强烈反对,竭尽全力来阻止一个计划。

19He thinks nothing of driving one hundred miles to see a new movie.


20I give you my word. I’ll quit smoking today. 我向你保证,今天就开始戒烟。

I give you my word. 意思是“我向你保证,一言为定”,泛指没有白纸黑字的口头承诺。要赢取对方信任,还有其它不同的说法,如:I promise. 我向你保证。/ I swear. 我发誓。/ Believe me. 相信我吧。

21He had the nerve to scold his boss in public. 他有胆量当众指责老板。

 have the nerve for/to do sth.,也可以说have a nerve或者have some nerve,有勇气做某事,有胆量做某事。

22Don’t disturb me unless it’s a matter of life and death. 除非事关生死,否则别打搅我。

a matter of life and death - something that is very important or serious

23Money will come and go but a good name will carry you far in life.


come and go 来来往往,转瞬即逝。Money will come and go. 也可以翻作“钱乃身外之物”)

24 He spent ten years behind bars after being convicted for armed robbery.

在被判持械抢劫罪后,他度过了十年牢狱生活。(behind bars 坐牢,在监狱服刑)

25There were street musicians all over the city playing Christmas tunes.

tune是“曲调,旋律”的意思,要表达“演奏合调”我们可以说play in tune,相反“不合调”就是play out of tune

26Honestly speaking, I couldn’t care less about the mid-term elections.


couldn't care less 用来表达对某事一点也不在乎,一点也没兴趣;相反,couldn't care more就表示很在乎,相当于care a lot

27One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music.

一个人总要走陌生的路,看陌生的风景,听陌生的歌。(watch the scenery 看风景)

28I believe that all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

我相信,只要有勇气去追求,我们所有人都可以实现梦想。(make one’s dream come true

29The colours of the evening sky slowly merged into blue.


30Every age has its own problem and every soul its particular aspiration.


这是用and连接的并列句式。在并列句中,如果主语不同,而谓语动词相同,则可以省略谓语动词。所以every soul has its particular aspiration中省略了has

31Disaster is unpredictable; we should treasure the present.



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