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(2009-04-25 11:25:29)


分类: 咏春拳
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In this issue ,I have chosen to discuss the mook jong and how both Wing Chun Gung Fu and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do practitioners make it an important part of their daily training.Although the approach to training on the mook jong is different, it is still an extremely effective training aid for both arts!

Bruce Lee spent many hours perfecting his simultaneous defense and attack movements,his trapping hand techniques and his entering skills(1) on the mook jong.Today,mook jong training is probably one of the most neglected areas in the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do practitioner's training regime.This is partially due to the cost of most dummies on the market today.Very few practitioners can actually afford to own one!Another reason is a lack of good instruction on how to train on the dummy.Very few Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do instructors actually know how to use the mook jong!

李小龙在木人桩上花费了很多时间去使得自己的同时发生的攻击与防守动作,搭桥手,还有他的entering skills变得更加完美。今天木人桩训练可能是振藩截拳道练习者在他们训练体系中最为忽略的一个环节。实际上这可能是由于市场上绝大多数的人体模型(人偶)的代价引起的,很少有练习者能真正的能够拥有一个。另外一个原因可能是缺少关于人偶训练的好的指导方法。很少有振藩截拳道练习者知道如何去使用木人桩。

The main value of mook jong training is the fact that it allows you to get a good workout when a partner is not available.You can pretty much go all out on the dummy! The only limits are those that you place on yourself !By implementing a training program where you gradually increase the speed and power with which you strike the dummy arms and trunk ,(2)you condition the forearms.,wrists and hands so that they can withstand tremendous impact! You also learn a lot real fast about proper positioning!In Wing Chun there is a set form for mook jong training.

Some Wing Chun instructors teach the form with 108 movements and others teach the form with 116 movements. Since most of you readers are probably Wing Chun practitioners, and Iam not a Wing Chun expert, I will assume that you already know the Wing Chun approach to training on the mook jong. Even if you don't know the form yet,you are probably in the process of learning it! I am just going to explain how the Jun Fan Jeet Do practitioner trains with the mook jong! If there are any ideas here that will help you with your training then the column has served it's purpose for this issue!
木人桩训练的主要作用就是使你得到在陪练伙伴无法取代的训练效果。你可以对人偶进行尽可能的攻击!唯一的限制就是你对自己的定位。通过这种对人偶胳膊以及躯干进行不断打击的器械训练,你将逐渐增加你的攻击速度和力量。你可以控制自己的手臂,腕关节,以及手指,因此它们能够承受着很大的冲击! 同样你可以学习到很多关于真实快速的身法!在咏春拳里有一套完整的木人桩训练体系。

Although I have spent much time watching prominent Wing Chun practitioner Randy Williams (who is ,by the way, a great friend of mine) work the 108 movement form on the dummy, I have never taken the time to learn the form myself.I know several first generation students of Bruce lee who do know and practice the form. I feel that this is a good thing to konw and I hope to devote the time to learning it myself one day!
The Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do practitioner prefers to use the dummy in more of a freestyle manner,not being restricted to any set way or pattern of movement. There are certain drills that are taught, but these drills are to hone the basic movements and condition the arms for impact using the dummy arms . When these drills become ingrained into the practitioner's neuromuscular system they are ready for freestyle training.
虽然我花费了很多时间去观察学习杰出的咏春练习者 Randy Williams (顺便说一下,他是我一个特别要好的朋友)在木人桩上完成了这套108个动作,但是我却花费了很少的时间去自己学习这些招式。我知道Bruce lee早期第一代弟子中有些人了解这些动作,并训练学习过。我觉得了解了的确是一个非常好的事情,我希望将来的某一天我会自己花费时间亲自学习训练。

To get the most out of mook jong training the practitioner needs an active imagination . You must be able to imagine certain defensive barriers being put in the way of your own attacks . The two upper arms of the dummy can be either attcaks or defensive movements on the highline .The lower arm can be either a low strike or downward defensive action . The leg of the dummy can either be the oppoent's lead leg in a stance or it can represent a lowline kick from the opponent.If you can imagine all of these things then you are well on your way to understanding the effectiveness of the mook jong for Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do training.
One advantage immediately apparent anyone attempting to train on the mook jong is the conditioning effect on the hands, wrists and forearms.After training on the mook jong for a period of time ,a live training partner feels extremely soft and yielding. It reminds me of the old saying,"like a hot knife through butter!"

One very important element of both Wing Chun and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do that can be trained on the mook jong is economy of motion. Beginning level practitioners tend to move more than necessary on offensive as well as defensive movements.Constant training on the mook jong patterns so that there is no wasted motion.Remenber,wasted motion is wasted energy!
One of the main uses of the mook jong in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do is to train trapping hand techniques.Both simple and compound trapping movements can be trained with maximum efficiency.Once again,all you need is a little bit of imagination!
Bridge punching is another exercise you can do on the mook jong.This exercise conditions the inner and outer forearm of the punching arm for impact.In this exercise,using the chung chuie,or vertical fist punch,you continuously punch toward the trunk of the dummy,allowing the inner or outer portion of the forearm to forcefully slide along the dummy arm.This helps to prepare you for any contact your arm may meet as you attack an opponent.If your arms are conditioned properly you can react with sensitivity instead of being overcome by pain!
Bridge punching 是你在木人桩上能够练习的另外一个动作。这些练习可以训练你前臂的内侧和外侧的打击力。在这个训练中使用冲拳和冲捶,当你不间断的击打向木人桩的躯干时,使你的前臂内侧和外侧部分有力的粘连人偶的手臂。这样有助于你在进攻对手时能够粘住对方。如果你的手臂得到了很好的训练,那么你可以很敏感的作出反映而不是被痛苦所充满。

The leg of the dummy is good for parcticing direct lowline kicks such as the side kick,stamping kick and pblique kick .It is also good for practicing leg checks as you move in for trapping hand techniques.You can also practice assuming a position behind the dummy leg as if to simulate a throw ,sweep or takedown. Using your imagination,you can imagine that the leg of the dummy is an incoming low kick from your opponent.In this case you can work your jeet tek,or stop kick ,as you enter on the dummy .The jeet tek will usually be a side ,straight or oblique kick.

Several different designs for the mook jong have surfaced.Some of them are spring loaded where the trunk supports are mounted,so that the entire dummy is slightly movable while techniques are being performed on it .An example of this would be the dummy desegned and built by Sifu Jerry Poteet,one of Bruce lee's original students ,and one ofmy instructors.

Some dummies have spring loaded arms ,so that the arms give realistically to pressure.These dummies allow the practitioner to also work the energy /sensitivity aspect of their training.Then there is the half dummy ,which is only a portion of the trunk with the three upper arms .
人偶的腿对于练习低位直踢是很好的,比如侧踢,蹬腿,斜踢。同样它对于在为了做桥手技术而上步的腿位控制也是很有帮助的。你也可以训练假设在人偶腿后面模仿 a throw ,sweep or takedown.使用你的想象力,你可以想象人偶的腿是从你的对手进攻过来的低位踢腿。在这种情况下你可以使用截踢或者阻踢,去与人偶进行对抗。截踢通常可以为侧,直,和斜踢。

许多不同设计的木人桩都是表面刨光的。其中一些的人偶躯干是由弹性装置安装好的,这样整个人偶在被打击过程中可以有少许的移动。象这样一种的人偶将由我的一个指导老师,李小龙的亲传弟子Jerry Poteet师傅设计和制作出来。


An excellent dummy for use in an apartment,where you can't make holes in the wall and don't have room for a mounting frame, is the dummy shown in the pictures with this article .It can be used anywhere without damage to the walls or floors !

It is very easy to see how the late Bruce lee was able to spend countless hours practicing on the mook jong!The way I see it ,no Wing Chun or Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do practitioner can afford to be without a mook jong!Ipersonally own four different mook jongs,all unique in their own way !The benefits of mook jong training are priceless.So get yourself one and get to work !When your training partners notice the difference in you ,just tell that you've been training with some dummy that turned out to be pretty smart after all!Untli next time !

我们很容易明白为什么晚期的李小龙先生能够花费无数的时间去做木人桩训练!在我看来,他花费的这些精力不是任何一个咏春或者振藩截拳道练习者可以付得起,如果他缺少一个木人桩。我个人拥有四种不同的木人桩,每一种都有它们独自的功用!来自木人桩的训练所得的收获是价值连城的。因此为你自己准备一个,并且使用它!当你的训练对手注意到你的不同时,就告诉他,是你通过某种人偶的训练才使自己变得很干练!Untli next time !

Sifu Lamar M.Davis(3) bas been a practictioner of  (4)tbe martial arts for  thirty years.He has trained with over a dozen of Bruce lee's original students,and is considered to be one of the leading second generation Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do instructors in the entire world .He is the Executive  Director /Senior Instructor of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Trapping Association.He has been inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame twice.In 1991 as the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Instructor of the Year and in 1995 with the MasterInstructor Award.He has thirty -five instructional videotapes on Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do currently in release,with more to come .He has written articles for Inside Kung Fu ,Blcak Belt ,Wushu Kung Fu ,Inside Karate ,Jun Fan Journal ,M.A.Training,Karate International, Fighter ,Combat and several other magazines.He travels all over the world teaching seminars on Bruce lee's original methods.His school, the Jun Fan Gung Fu Academy ,is located just outside of Birmingbam.Alabama.tO contact him for membership ,instructional video or seminar information ,write to :Jun Fan  Jeet Kune Do .267 West Valley Avenue,Suite#223,Birmingbam,Alabama 35209.

Lamar M.Davis师傅是一个有30年武术学习经历的练习者。他已经在12个李小龙亲传弟子那里训练学习过,被认为是振藩截拳道第二代导师。他是振藩截拳道桥手联合会(Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Trapping Association)的高级教练,行政主管.他两次入选世界无数名人堂。1991年担任振藩截拳道导师,并与1995获得武术导师称号。他现在有35部关于振藩截拳道指导光盘正在发行,还有更多正在预出。他在Inside Kung Fu ,Blcak Belt 《黑带》,Wushu Kung Fu《武术*功夫》 ,Inside Karate ,Jun Fan Journal《振藩杂志》 ,M.A.Training,Karate International《跆拳道国际》, Fighter《斗士》 ,Combat 等多家著名杂志期刊上发表过文章。他遍行世界各地开展研讨会,讲授关于李小龙原始武术。他的学校,振藩功夫学院,坐落于阿拉巴马州伯明翰城。如果要联系他去取得会员资格,教学光盘或者研讨会信息,可以写信给这里:Jun Fan  Jeet Kune Do .267 West Valley Avenue,Suite#223,Birmingbam,Alabama 35209.


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